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7 > Image 7 of Union County, past and present

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

P R E F A C E Representative of western Kentuckys counties is Union, the subject of this volume in the American Guide Series. It is typical for its location on a large, navigable river, typical also for its devotion to agriculture pursuits. It shares with several other counties of this section of the State the possession of a thriving coal-mining industry. I Its history, except during the Civil War period and when floods or other natural disasters have struck, is uneventful. Its people have worked hard, enjoyed simple pleasures, built their agrarian society without receiving, or seeking, fame or notoriety in the world outside. Because of Union Countys very adherence to the normal, its story may be a richer contribution to the whole body of knowl- edge of American folkways than if that story were a recital of spectacular events, studded with the exploits of celebrated men and Women. The Kentucky Writers Project wishes to acknowledge with gratitude the cooperation of the sponsor of Union County Past and Present, Judge Earle C. Clements of the Union County Fiscal Court. We wish to acknowledge also our appreciation of the helpfulness of Mrs. B. G. Waller, Jr., and Miss Lila Holt, presidents respectively of the Morganfield and Sturgis Womans I Clubs, and the members of their advisory boards: Mrs. John Reburn, Mrs. Margaret Briscoe, Mrs. W. H. Waggener, and Mrs. J. Waller Taylor in Morganfield; Mrs. H. C. Dedman, Mrs. Dud- ley Peyton, and Mrs. Edd ONan in Sturgis. A list of the many residents of Union County on whose stores of recollection and information the Writers' Project drew in as- sembling data may be found in the chapter of Acknowledgements. Other important sources of material were the old History of Union County, published in 1886 by the Evansville, Indiana, Courier; L. and R. H. Collins' History of Kentucky, George Hus- tons Memories of Eighty Years, Fortescue Cumings A Toultg the Western C county rec`oH 5r_files. _TlEmanuscript ofwnion County Past and Present was pre- pared under the direction of LaMar Hamilton, formerly of the Louisville staff of the Writers' Project. The research staff in Union County was headed by Sarah D. Young, Sturgis. Her ix