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Image 8 of Union County, past and present

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

assistants were Katherine F. Berry, Morganfield; George T. · Brown, Clay; Virgil Cartwright, Morganfield; Beulah Hancock, Sturgis; Kate L. Hart, Uniontown; Nora F. Jackson, Caseyville; , Allyne M. Omer, Morganfield; Nannie G. Reynolds, DeKoven; Mary L. Smith, Uniontown; and Ruth K. Steward, Caseyville. The frontispiece map was re—drafted by H. Don Unland, of the Tennessee Writers’ Project, from a map originally prepared by the Kentucky State Planning Board. We wish to thank William R. McDaniel, state supervisor of the Tennessee Writers’ Project, for this contribution to the book. WILLIAM R. BREYER, State Supervisor, Kentucky Writers’ Project . li ci i Q ti %