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5 > Page 5 of Accolon of Gaul : with other poems / by Madison J. Cawein.

ACCOLON OF GAUL. Troubled thou askest, Morgane, and the mood, Unfathomed in thine eyes, glows rash and deep As that in some wild-woman's found on sleep By some lost knight upon a precipice, XWhom he hath wakened with a laughing kiss. As that of some frail, elfin lady white As if of watery moonbeams, filmy dight, Who waves diaphanous beauty on some cliff That drowsing purrs with moon-drenched pines; but if The lone knight follow, foul fiends rise and drag Him crashing down, while she, tall on the crag, Triumphant mocks him with glad sorcery Till all the wildwood echoes shout with glee. As that bewildering mystery of a tarn, Some mountain water, which the mornings scorn To anadem with fire and leave gray; To which some champion cometh when the Day THath tired of breding on his proud, young head Flame-furry blooms and, golden chapleted, Sits rosy, trembling with full love for Night, Who cometh sandaled; dark in crape; the light Of her good eyes a marvel; her vast hair Tortuous with stars,- as in some shadowy lair The eyes of hunted wild things burn with rage,- And on large bosoms doth his love assuage. 5