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6 > Page 6 of Accolon of Gaul : with other poems / by Madison J. Cawein.

ACCOLON OF GAUL. " He, coming th ther in that haunted place, Stoops low to qe aff cool waters, when his face Meets gurgling fairy faces in a ring That jostle upward babbling; beckoning Him deep to won'ders secret built of old By some dim witch: 'A city walled with gold, With beryl battlements and paved with pearls, Slim, lambent towers wrought of foamy swirls Of alabaster, and that witch to love, More beautiful to love than queens above.'- He pauses troubled, but a wizard power, In all his bronzer harness that mad hour Plunges him-wiither what if he should miss Those cloudy beauties and that creature's kiss Ah, Morgane, that same power Accolon Saw potent in thine eyes and it hath drawn Him deep to plunge-and to what breathless fate - Bliss -which, tco true, he hath well quaffed of late! But, there!--may come what stealthy-footed Death With bony claws to clutch away his breath ! And make him loveless to those eyes, alas!- Fain must I speak that vision; thus it was: " In sleep one plucked me some warm fleurs-de-lis, Larger than thos- of earth; and I might see Their woolly golcl, loose, webby woven thro',- 6