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156 > Page 156 of Accolon of Gaul : with other poems / by Madison J. Cawein.

CHORDS. Swoon down, 0 shadowy hosts, 0 multitude ghosts, Of the moonlight and starlight begotten !-Then swept Whispers that sighed to me, sorrows that stealthily hov- ered, Laughters with lips that were mist. And murmurings crept On toward me ftet that were glow; and faces uncovered, Radiar t and crystalline clear, In tortuous, sinuous swirl of vapory pearl, Waned near and more near. Flashed faster a spiral of shapes and of shadows still faster, On in a whirl of unutterable beauties by music expired, That lived and desired,- Born births of the brain of a rhapsody-reveling master; /And mine eyes, with their beauties infired, Smiled scorn on dark Death and Disaster. z56