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160 > Page 160 of Accolon of Gaul : with other poems / by Madison J. Cawein.

A MABINOGI. A-d never wist he that a witch Clad bcund him with her wily hair, Eke with dark art had ta'en his heart Do slay him there. And all his soul did wax amort To stars, to hills, to slades, to streams, Arid it but held that sorceress fair As one of dreams. And now he kens some castle gray Wild tuirrets ivied, in the moon, Old. where through woodlands foaming on A torrent shone... In irs high hall full twenty knights With visors barred all sternly stand; The following of some gracious brave, Lord of the land. And lo! when that dim damosel Moved down the hall, they louted low; And she vas queen of all that band, That dame of snow. Now on that knight she stared eftsoons, And cried on high unto her crew, "Behold! Sir Knights, the dastard brave Your king that slew." 50o