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GENIUS LOCI. I. W ITHATr deity for dozing laziness VV \1Devised the lounging coziness of this Enchanteri nook -and how !-did I distress His musing ease that fled but now, or his Laughed Frolic with some forest-sister, fair As those wild hill-carnations are and rare Too true, alas !-Feel! the wild moss is warm And moist with late reclining, as the palm Of what hot Hamadryad, who, a-nap, Props her hale cheek upon it, while her arm Weak wind-flowers bury; in her hair the balm Of a whole Spring of blossoms and of sap II. See, how the dented moss, that pads the hump Of these distorted roots, elastic springs From that god's late departure; lump by lump, Pale tufts impressed twitch loose in nervous rings, As crowding stars qualm thro' gray evening skies. Indulgence grant thou my profane surprise,