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ACCOLON OF GAUL. IitA trith mphs la:' o/ old r'mance'.-1K F.v\ . PRELUDE. rTHY, dreams from dreams in dreams renmembered! Yiv 'naugh-t S ix e this, alas ! that once it seemed I thought I wandered dim w'ith someone, but I knew Not who ; most beautiful and good and true, Yet sad through suffering; with curl-crowned brow, Soft eyes and voice ; so white she haunts me now:- And when, and wxhere -At night in dreamtland. She Led me athwart a flower-showered lea Where trammeled puckered pansy and the pea; Spread stains of pale-red poppies rinced of rain, So gorged with sun their hurt hearts aclhcd with pain 1-leaped honeysuckles ; roses lavishing beams, Wherein I knexv were huddled little dreams WVhich laughed coy, hidden merriment and there Blew quick gay kisses fragrancing the air.