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[8] > Image [8] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1974-04-apr2.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 3 6. UNIVJERSITY LISTED AMONG TOP 59 U.S. INSTITUTIONS The University has been listed by the Academy for Educational Development, a Washington-based educational consulting firm, as one of the nation's 59 leading research universities. Criteria for citation in the current ranking are the awarding of more than 50 doctorate degrees and receipt of more than $10 million in federal funds for academic science research in 1970-71. A spokesman for the Washington firm said the University was listed in the top category because it awarded 135 doctorate degrees and received $14 million in federal funds for 1970-71. 7. MINORITY STUDENTS, PROGRAMS ON CAMPUS TO BE STUDIED Victor P. Gaines has been named to conduct a study of the minority student situation on campus. The director of special student programs in the College of Medicine will serve as special assistant to President Singletary, and will have three areas of responsibility. He will assess minority student programs, guage attitudes on the campus that affect minority students, and begin to establish priorities to improve services and programs in these areas. Gaines expects his job to be completed by the end of the sum- mer, at which time he will return to his duties at the College of Medicine. The study to be conducted by Mr. Gaines has beEmin the planning stage for several months. 8. FIRE-DAMAGED ROOMS AT SPINDLETOP ARE RE-OPENED TO MEMBERS Second floor areas of Spindletop Hall which were damaged by a fire in December, 1972, have been restored and the facility's entire public area again is open to members and their guests. A sterling silver chandelier in the upstairs room where most of the fire was concentrated has been re-built by a Cincinnati firm, even though the solder holding the slender arms was melted by the intense heat. An $80,000 smoke and fire detection system currently is being installed on all three floors of the building. 9. BUSINESS STUDENTS TAKE HONORS IN PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURES CONTEST Phi Beta Lambda, an organization for business students, took top honors in the parliamentary procedures contest recently conducted at the group's state convention. The team will represent the University at the national convention in June in San Francisco. Team members are Steve Hamilton, chairman; Patty Hamilton, vice-chairman; Glenn Larson, secretary; John Duggins, parliamentarian, and Bob Goderwis, participating member.