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[9] > Image [9] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1974-04-apr2.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 4 - 10. LAW ENFORCEMENT SERVICE TESTING TELECOPIER FOR SIX WEEKS The Kentucky Criminal Law Information Service, housed in the Law Library, has expanded its service to the law enforcement and legal professions, on an experimental basis, to make criminal law materials instantly available to selected justice officials around the state. Utilizing a Xerox Telecopier, which transmits and receives copies of documents over a regular telephone line, direct connection is made to more than a dozen similar units in Frankfort, Richmond, Harrodsburg, Danville, Winchester and Lexington. All offices in the project are maintaining a log to determine how often the Telecopiers are used, and an assessment will be made after the trial period of about six weeks. The service is an ex- tension of services already provided by KCLIS, a project of the Kentucky Crime Commission and currently in the second year of operation. The ready-reference service has a staff of two attor- neys, a librarian, a secretary and part-time student researchers. They provide information to attorneys, judges and law enforcement officials. 11. COMMUNITY COLLEGES INVOLVED IN COOPERATIVE COAL INDUSTRY PROJECTS Civil engineering students at Somerset Community College are in- volved in a research project, conducted in Letcher county on the effects of shoit-wall mining, under the direction of the College of Engineering. The students are supervised by Danny Jasper, instruc- tor in civil engineering at Somerset. Short-wall mining is the process of purposely caving in the mine shaft, allowing for the removal of a higher percentage of coal. The students are observing above ground changes. A cooperative program with Hazard field coal companies has initiated a continuing education course in surveying at Hazard Com- munity College. Presently, 23 employed men are taking the course in an effort to upgrade their skills and increase their chances for job advancement. 12. MAYSVILLE CC FRESHMAN CANDIDATE FOR DECA NATIONAL OFFICE Myra Barker, freshman at Maysville Community College, will re- present Kentucky at the National Career Development Conference to be held in Chicago April 28-May 4. She is a candidate for national president of DECA, Distributive Educational Clubs of America, which she serves as vice-president of her local chapter. Miss Barker scored highest in Kentucky in a test given to aid in the selection of the national president of DECA.