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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL f .1 A r ALUMNI PAGE Subscribe For KERNEL THE And Help the Association DEATH COMES TO A. L. JENKINS, '04 G. DAVIS SARAH Known Engineering Authority and Professor at Cincinnati University Succumbs After Long Illness. Widely PRESIDENT BUCKNER, '08 BLANDING, 23 L. KIRK, '24 RAYMOND SECRETARY-TREASURE- Alexander Lewis Jenkins, who was graduated from the College of Engineering of the University of Kentucky with the class of 1904, died at his home in Cincinnati, Friday, March 8, after a prolonged illness. Mr. Jenkins had been a professor at ithe University of Cincinnati for more than 20 years, and at the time of his death was head of the mechanical engineering department of the University of Cincinnati. was known Professor Jenkins throughout America and Europe for his research on machine tools and the designing of heavy machinery. His publication on the analysis of combined stresses and their application to the practical design of machine tools, hydraulic presses, punching and shearing machinery are widely quoted in textbooks and engineering literature. Dr. Herman Schneider, former dean of the College of Engineering and now acting president of the University of Cincinnati said: "The death of Professor Jenkins is a great loss to the University be cause of his fine personality and his wide knowledge of theory and practice in the field of mechanical en gineering. He is known internationally as an expert in the finer and more intricate phases of machine design. "Professor Jenkins was a man who had a most extensive grasp of all departments of mechanical engineering. His advice frequently was sought by engineering experts. His standing In the profession was indicated by the fact that he was president of the Engineers' Club of Cincinnati and in recent years has been a member of an important committee of the A. S. M. E." He was buried in Springfield, Ky., the place where he was born. R EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Wayland Rhoades, '15 W. C. Wilson, '13 Dr. George H. Wilson, Mrs. E. T. Troctor, '16 Dr. E. C. Elliott, 02 Walter Hlllenmeyer, 04 04 ATTENTION, CLASS OF 1904 Reunion Quarter-Centenni- al Our Class of 1904 is called to assemble on Commencement Week in June, at the University, in Lexington. I respectfully urge all members to put aside their anniversary. tasks and attend this, our twenty.-fift- h The specific date will be announced later. Let us us make this the greatest reunion in the history of the class. HEBER H. RICE, Class President They Tell Me -- o ' Railway Company. He Is located in Altoona, Pa., where his address is 212 Twelfth avenue. Julietta Stau tion. 1909 Wallace Altee Gastineau, LL. B., ro Cecil Clement Garvin, B. C. E., is is owner and manager of the an engineer with the Hercules PowPharmacy of Middlesboro, der Company of Wilmington, Del. Ky. His address is 115 Ironwood He lives in Holly Oak, Del. road. Rhoda Virginia Glass, A. B., is James Henry Hall, B. M. E., is teaching in the Lexington Senior secretary and treasurer of the high school. Her address is 114 Uni- Whitesburg Coal Company. He has versity avenue, Lexington, Ky. in Lexington and his resi offices dence address is 225 South HanLizzie Belle Hardesty, B. S., is over avenue. Veterans' Pension Bureau with the in Washington, D. C, where her Thomas H. Hayes, B. M. E., is a address is Government Building, A. sales engineer with the Westing-hou- se and B. Electric and Manufacturing David William Harp, B. C. E., is Company. He is located in Indianapolis where he has offices on the a farmer and lives near Lexington in Fayette county, Ky. His address seventh floor of the Traction buildis Russell Cave Pike, Lexington, Ky. ing. Jessie Fithian Hibler, B. S., now is Mrs. Otta Herrenkohl, and lives in Bridal Vail, Ore. Charles Byron Gnadinger, B. S., is a chemist with the McLaughlin-Gormley-KiCompany of Minne- j apolis, Minn. His address is 4941 avenue, South. j Upton Frank Withrow Haff, 1915: 1 1; Alumni Assn. Secy.-Trca- s. Chrysler or New Ford We cater to the University trade ALUMNI GET JOBS ANNOUNCEMENTS University of Kentucky Clab of Greater Cincinnati: Dinner on the first Tscsday evening of each month at the Industrial Club In Covington, located at Pike and Madison streets. The time Is 0:30 in the evening. University of Kentucky Clab of Chicago: Luncheon third Monday In each month at 12:30 p. m., In the grill room of Marshall Field's Men's store. Louisville Alumni Club of the University of Kentucky: Luncheon first Wednesday In each month In the GrlU Room of the Brown hotel, at 12:30 p. m. , The Buffalo Alumni Club: Luncheon on the second Saturday In each month at the Chamber of Commerce building in Buffalo. The time Is 1:30 p. m. Note Will the officers of other Atumnl Clubs please send us the dates and places of their regular meetings? DR. BUCKNER TO SPEAK TO ASHLAND ALUMNI today, Friday March 22, Dr. O. Davis Buckner, president of the Alumni Association, will go to Ashland, Ky., to be the speaker at the banquet given by the newly organized University of Kentucky Club of Ashland. This club began its organization just a few days ago and so interested are the members of the club that they already have almost perfected an organization which will be one of the largest on the roll of alumni clubs. There will be approximately 100 active members and an ambitious program of activities has been planned. At the meeting tonight permanent officers will be elected and the organization completed. Dr. Buckner will outline the policies of the Alumni Association and its aims in organizing alumni clubs all over Kentucky. A full account of the organization of this club will be given in the next issue of The Kernel. FOR ENGINEERS Commercial Thornton Lewis and William G. Hillen, Visit Campus to Engage Engineers for Work After Graduation. J Clothes Do Help You Win Keep Them Cleaned and Repaired SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS Applegate, Graves Co. CLEANERS and DYERS Phones 288 Two Locations - 6276 COME IN AND SEE OUR LINE of BANNERS PENNANTS and K MEMORY BOOKS THE GRID "A GOOD CLEAN PLACE TO EAT" ALL MAKES Campus Book Store TYPEWRITERS McVEY HALL I STANDARD Special Rental Rates to Students Phone 1792 WEST SHORT ST. Gifts That Lasl Opp. Courthouse You can purchase Watches, Diamonds, B. B. SMITH & CO. Jewelry, etc., of the better grade on Corredt Apparel for the deferred payment plan. WOMEN and MISSES SKULLER'S 264 W. MAIN ST. EAT AT BENTON'S William Bruce Hager, B. M. E., is manager and part owner of the Owensboro Inquirer of Owensboro, Ky. LUNCHES Famous for Our Chocolate Fudge Cakes Lexington's Leading Jewelers Home Made Candies PHONE 344 127 W. MAIN ST. DAINTY 1913 Samuel Gaines, A. B., is Mrs. Arthur Bryson and in,AlJtn' .KS:,.wnere her JJIIIIIIIUIICaillllllllllltaillllllHIIK3llllllllllllCJIIWIIIWIIC3llllllllllltCJIIIIIIIIIIIItaillllliWIHC3 Juliette now Melvin.Hays Judd, 1915: hs ALUMNI DUES ARE NOW PAYABLE Philip Garman, B. S is an engineer with the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. His address is in care of the station, New Haven, Conn. Fill out this blank and return it to the Alumni Office with your check for $3.00. For the year 1929-3- Name (If a married woman give married and single naraei fcetb) Clasi Degree Bbsumm Address James Freeman Gilbert, B. 8., is an instructor in the Anderson County high school in Lawrenceburg, Ky. Occupation umI further inform tie n 141 S. LIME Hni)iiniiitttnniinnnnnuiiiirri "BEST BY TEST" Hempel's Edwin Joseph Gott, B. S., is a bacteriologist with the Public Service Laboratories of the Kentucky Experiment Agricultural Station. His address is in care of the Experiment Station, Lexington, Ky. Southern Dye Works Box 386. Residence AMress (Please indicate by cross which you want used) Benton's Sweet Shoppe Inis Gillis, B. S., M. S. 1914, now is Mrs. Arthur W. Huckle and lives in Rock Hill, S. C, where her address is 301 College avenue. Evelyn Graff, A. B., is Viola teaching in the Central School at Somerset, Ky. Her address is P. O. Robert Graham, B. S., is professor of animal husbandry and animal pathology at the University of Illinois, Urbana. His address is 1010 South Burey street. William Keadrick Gregory, B. M. E., is a mechanical engineer with the Reed Air Filter Company of Louisville, Ky. He lives In Anchorage, Ky. ' Spruce Up! When you patronize "The Grid" that you are patronizing an alumnus of the University of Kentucky. Also, you are helping some worthy student make his way through school "The Grid" employs one or more U. K. students. James Stephen Golden, LLB., is attorney-at-laand is located in Barbourville, Ky., where his address is P. O. Box 72 Alfred Holbrook Johnson, 1915: PHONE 3145 4 an Chester D. Ihrig, 1915: Co. Rent-A-C- ar 133 E. SHORT Two alumni of the University of Kentucky, representing two large engineering concerns, were recent visitors on the campus of the University, interviewing senior engineering students with the view of obtaining the services of several after graduation in the spring. by the Both firms represented alumni employ several members of the graduating class each year. Alexander Thornton Lewis, a life member of the Alumni Association, graduated from the College of Engineering with the class of 1906, and is president of the York Heating Corporation of and Ventilating Philadelphia, was one of the visiting alumni. Each year his company employes several graduates of the College of Engineering and today his force of engineers and sales j engineers is made up mainiy oi graduates of the University of Kentucky. This year he selected five men who will enter his employ as soon as they have received their degrees from the University. William O. Hilren, who was graduated from the College of Engineering, now is a representative of the Carrier Engineering Corporation of Newark, N. J. The Carrier Engineering Corporation is another large engineering concern that takes a number of outstanding graduates from the University each year. The men selected by this corporation, receiving additional training in the specific work of that organization, receiving a salary at the same time. The College of Engineering of the University of Kentucky, is known throughout the whole United States and graduates from this college always are in demand by the outstanding engineering and manufacturing concerns each year. j Zechariah Pierce Hamilton, 1915: No deposits required from students. DO YOU KNOW? Cleveland, Ohio. His business address is 4500 Euclid avenue. His residence is in Avon Lake, Ohio. Frances Cleveland Hushes, B. S., now is Mrs. A. T. Ramsey and lives Halcomb Hudson, A. B., is with in Louisville, Ky., where her adErbie Lee Harrison, A. B., is state president of the Farmers' Union. the Frederick A. Schmidt Company dress is Winton avenue, R. F. D. 1. He lives in Lexington, Ky., and has of Cincinnati, Ohio and his address is in care of the company at offices in the Security Trust buildMarion Gilbert Johnson, B. S., 134 East Fourth. ing. now is Mrs. Lee Kirkpatrick and lives in Paris, Ky. Elizabeth Hayden, A. B., M. A. Ernest England Horine, B. M. E., s. M. E. 1912, is an electrical engineer 1911, now is Mrs. Benamin H. 1912 Both she and Mr. Collings with the National Carbon Company Howard Cleveland Galloway, B. of Cleveland, Ohio. He is stationed are connected with the Andrews in New York City and his address Asphalt Paving Company and their M. E., 1912, is an engineer with the building, Viscose Company, of Nitro, W. Va. is in care of the above company. address is His residence address is Long Is- Louisville, Ky. land City1, N. Y. John Otha Gill, LL. B is an at-- I 1911 torney-at-laand is located in Walter Andrew Harn, B C. E., C. Kansas City, Mo., where his address 1910 Frederick Garman, B. S., is a E. 1914, is general manager of the is 501, 510 Gloyd building. chemist with the Pennsylvania Drummond - Miller Company ot Cleo Gillis, B. S., M. S., 1913, now is Mrs. Byron Hester. She is registrar for the Murray State Normal MISSING MEN School at Murray, Ky. office will appreciate It if you will send in to this The' Alumni Eloise Elizabeth Ginn, A. B., is addresses of any of the Alumni who are listed below: office the living in Los Angeles, Calif. Her adAleene Bradford Edwards, 1915: dress is Room 302, Hall of Records. Elizabeth Fearn Eldridge, 1915: When You Need a Car for Business or Social Affairs, Rent a KIRK RAYMOND Published By and For University Alumni ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY nil. Edited by I The right thing at the right time A BOX OF DELICIOUS Miss Holladay's Candies The Appropriate Gift for EASTER DRY CLEANERS Make your selections from our varied assortments 3 PIECE SUITS Cleaned and Pressed $1.25 2 PIECE SUITS Cleaned and Pressed 380 E. MAIN $1.00 PHONE Y Lexington Drug Co. "First Big Stop Downtown" )IIMIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIMIIUIIIIHIWinilllllllll