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Part of The Kentucky Kernel

r Available Tuesday, Aprli 28, THE KENTUCKY 1931 11.11 limillll II iim wi i Mxxxxxixxxxixxxxxxxxxxxixxixxxxxxxxxxixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxuxmmmf 'Mrnf gflfc SMITH EMILY HARDIN ELEANOR f :ih!ts!!!!!!!i!it!!iM!!!!:j:::i:::t:t:::::t::::m:j:::::::u::u:::t:t SMOKE RINGS CALENDAR Tuesday, April 28: Baseball game with JVanderbllt at Nashville. Art exhibit continued. They broke on your silken hair Y. M. C. A. Installation of offiLike childhood bubbles. cers, 7:15 p. m. Law school faculty luncheon, your sombre blue eyes; You raised 12:20 p. m., University Commons. Relinquished a smile SuKy meeting, 5 p. m., men's That said you understood that gymnasium. The circles of smoke University of Kentucky Woman's Were kisses of high tow'ring club, University Training school, 3 Castles of dreams now broken. o'clock. DIANA DEININQEkT Mr. Edward Ranncll's lecture, Art Center, 7:30 p. m. Graduate Club Banquet Wednesday, April 29: ' The Graduate Club Banquet will Baseball game with Alabama, be held April 29 at 0:30 o'clock in Tuscaloosa. the ball room of the Phoenix hoteL President and Mrs. Frank L. Dr. James A. James, dean of the afternoon tea, 4 o'clock, MaxOraduatc School at Northwestern well Place. University, will be the speaker, and Y. W. C. A. freshman cabinet his subject will be "Fundamental meeting, 7 p. m., reading room of American Ideals." Patterson hall. Golf match, Athens, there. Out of town visitors at the Alpha Thursday, April 30: bamma Rho dance were: Mr. Troll Mississippi Valley Historical AsYoung, Bardstown; Mr. and Mrs. sociation begins 24th annual conMr. Leon vention, all day, campus and Reynolds Bell, Paris; Todd, Lafayette, Ind.; Mr. Harry Training school. Y. M. C. A. dormitory meeting, Smith, Campbellsville; Mr. J. L. Qulsenbcrry, Winchester; Mr. Joe 7 p. m., Bradley hall. Twilight band concert, 7:15 p. m., Thompson, Owlngsyille, J(and Mr. amphitheater of Memorial building. Joseph Terry, Frankfort. Sigma Upsilon meeting, 8 p. m., Colony Book Shop. Kappa Alpha Theta lunchjeon, Phoenix hotel. Friday, May 1: May Day. Baseball game with Mississippi A. & M., Sfarkville. Tennis match with Georgia Tech, BLACK and White Atlanta. continued, Golf , tournament BROWN and White Athens. University council meeting, 4 p. m., president's office. As wc sipped our tea I wafted circles of smoke Across the table SPECTATOR SPORT SHOES Mrs. James McFarland of New York and Miss Lucille Bywater of Louisville and Miss Grace Ross of Somerset spent the week end at the Kappa Delta house. Kappa Delta entertained with an open house for Phi Delta Theta last Friday afternoon. Kappa Delta held installation of Officers officers Wednesday night. are president, Virginia Voung; secretary, Mary Griffith; Hortense Carter; treasurer, Ayleene Razor; assistant treasurer, Hazel Nollau; and editor, Justine Cook. Fraternity Dance' Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity entertained with a formal dance in the gold troom of the Lafayette hotel Saturday evening from 9 until 12 o'clock. Chaperones were President and Mrs. Frank L. McVey. Dean and Mrs. Thomas P. Cooper, Capt. and Mrs. Clyde Grady, Lieut, and Mrs. James Rees, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Foster, Mr. and Mrs. N. R. Elliott, Dean Sarah Blanding, Mrs. E. F. Farquhar,. Mrs. P. W. Holmes, and Mr. and Mrs. Reed Meecham. Decorations were In the fraternThe ity colors, green and gold. lighted 6hleld of the fraternity was hung over the orchestra pavilion. Three hundred and fifty guests were present. , STRAPS OXFORDS 6001 ERIE "Beautiful Shoes' 1 39 West Main d Florence Lewis spent the at the Delta Delta Delta. house Mr Connie Gaines of La Grange was a week-en- d guest at the Kappa Alpha house. Miss Mary Francis Young went QOGIETVI v SEMI-WEEKL- PAGE THREE Y FRATERNITY ROW Miss week-en- ', KERNEL, Brief Biographies 3 1 Nelson. NOW PLAYING I it regular ' ad- - mission. )ffi gf' FINGER POINTS . Gwnuity Bank ButhHf STUDENT POSITION SEEKERS Jack Howard "Why do you close SHOULD SEE II. BEAUMONT your eyes when you kiss Mary Lac-kyProf. Henry Beaumont, head of Kavanaugh "They say It's bad lilt; x"ei&uiiut;i uuicuu ui me uwvu - , to focus on close objects for hours slty, has recently received offers for gttttt at a time." employment for students desirous of work during the summer. One tlonal organization; Dean L J. Hor- - of the largest publishing houses has lacher. Dudley smttn presiaea as offered to take a few high type men i toastmaster. on their summer sales force who We Initiates were Edward Baute. are interested In advertising of pubProfes-sSommerset; Malcolm Lion, Owens-bor- lishing as their life work. John Ewlng, Louisville; Bu- Beaumont has been requested to ford Cobb, Owenton; Kooert ween. recommend a student of sales abll-- ) Covington. ity to organize a crew of salesmen, Sev- for an eastern manufacturer. ' Zeta Tau Alpha Notes eral other offers for summer work Zeta Tau Al'pho sorority alumnae have come Into his hands and stuentertained with a benefit bridge dents wishintc aid for summer em party Friday night at the chapter ployment are requested to apply to , house on East Maxwell street. him. About 40 guests were present. Delicious refreshments were served at the close of the evening. Friday afternoon, the chapter with an informal party in honor of the girls who will enter the university next rau. me nuuac was decorated with spring blossoms, played during the evening LUNCH at BENTON'S serve hot chicken, croquettes, soups, chilli, delicious salads and dainty sandwiches. Unusually Grie home-mad- e pies and cakes FOUNTAIN DRINKS Benton's Sweet Shoppe FAMOUS FOB CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKES Always Favor The Dealer Who Sells Drs.Slaton&Slaton Have Luncheon modern Last Times Today FOUNTAIN LUNCHEONETTE A sandwich, soda and a walk is a health dp that is guaranteed to work, light foods arc healthful and prevent that after noon drowsiness that conies from over eating. For luncheon today, or any other time stop at our modern fountain and try a sandwich, salad or any of our delicious fountain foods. Consolidated Drug Stores Incorporated CURRY'S CORNER JOHN'S CORNER 301 E. Main St. 6 'The Front Page' with Adolphe Menjou Pat O'Hrien Starts Wed. BBflEZflBZitttr' ICE CREAM Sbs Made from EE Pure Fresh Blue Grass Cream with Lowell Sherman Irene Dunne Mae Murray 9 10 10 2 Kentucky Batteries: Barlow and Arnold. Meyers, Slmone, DeMolsey and Hill, Bawheimej DENTISTS W. Mala St. M. M. he knows? Or quiet? to Can they a reporter? to Golfers Southern M4-- 7 11 The University of Kentucky freshman baseball team defeated the Millcrsburg Military ball tosscrs 10 to 2, on Stoll field yesterday afternoon. Eleven of the players of Coach GUb's frosh squad were found to bo Ineligible yesterday owing to their failure to make a standing and were barred from further participation in the diamond sport. Several bulwarks of the frosh team were among those that were ruled out, Core, Mattlngly, catchers; Bach, an outfielder, and Cloyd at Infield; McCormack, Pate, Shoop-maBlair and three others. This Is the second victory for the Green team, who defeated the Frosh Normal last of Eastern State Thursday, 4 to 1. Another good pitcher showed up In the yearling camp yesterday In DcMolscy, lanky center of the frosh basketball team. This afternoon at 1:30 o'clock the freshmen will meet the Athens high school team of Fayette county on Stoll field. Coach Glib announced that Broadbent will hurl, with Nel son behind tne bat. Tne Atnens battery will be Boots and Tuttle. E R II print Alpha Zeta, honorary agriculture fraternity, held an initiation and banquet Friday night at the Phoe nix hotel. Talks were given by Mr. T. R. Bryant, Dean Thomas P. Cooper, vice president of the na- - PHOENIX STORE IN E. Mala St. Freshman Baseball Nine Defeats M.M.I. In Slugfest, 10-- 2 Martin Prof. J. Serves as Witness tained the club with an Informal party at her home In Warren court Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock. During the 'afternoon Eleanor Dawson, Nelle Mahan, Dorothy and Susan Jane Turner were pledged to Fleur de Lis, honorary French organization. The program which was under the charge of Nelle Mahan and Mary Elizabeth Price, consisted of play ing bridge in French. LI April April 1 April Fool's Day. April 2 Construction of the first railroad in U. S. began In fencing The second "semi-annutournament will be held Tuesday 1820. evening, May 12, at eight o'clock April 3 Washington Irving, to Fo't Thomas, Kentucky for the The Kentucky Wildcats tangled lntcad of May 8 as was reported 1783. week-enwith the Tennessee Volunteers In a in the Tuesday edition of The KerApril 4 United States Flag MUs Eunice Jane Denton spent dual track meet at the McLean nel. The tournament Is being held adopted In Congress, 1818. the week-en- d with Miss Betty Matz stadium, last Saturday under the direction of M. Applo-bauApril 5 Washington elected at her homo In Newport. Instructor In fencing, and C. H. W. Baker, 19, Is a sophomore. April C United States entered MLj Henrietta Sherwood spent He has been throwing cinders in W. Hackcnsmlth, Intramural directhe World War, 1917. tiic week-en- d nt her home In Ewlng. others' faces pretty regularly on tor. president, 1789. history Tau Beta Pi, honorary engineer- his one and two mile Jaunts and For the first time lh the April 7 William Wordswortlu ing fratirnlty announces the pledg turning in good time. Baker comes of the university, the women will 1770. enter into the competition. During ing of Messrs. William Allen Hunt- April 12 Henry Clay, 1777. I er, Covington; Osborne Kcnnethl the past semester a class in fencing Ed Milllkcn. 21, Is a member 0f April 13 Thomas Jefferson, Shnrpc, Buffalo; NcwYork; William the soDhomore class. E is aifcr 8i?Is .has bc,cnwr,"B,,u!i?JS.r 1743. Mr. Applebaum, Butler Carrington, Mt. Sterling; ismau man nnd gets around the the direction April 14 President Lincoln shot William Lclnnd Husk, Paducah; and track in double time on his quarter-mil- e and they arc now quite capable or by J. Wilkes Booth, 1805. putting up nn excellent exhibition. Thompson Klscr Bonzo, Olive Ml. and relay runs. He Injured Fencing among women is by no April 15 Tltantlc sank with an ankle a week or so ago and has means a novel stunt, for classes 1C0O persons, 1012. Dinner Dance been hampered, but he is expected for girls arc being given throughout April 18 Paul Rcvere's ride, Kappa Alpha .fraternity enter- to keep KentucKy in front In his 1775. tained their friends with a dinner events Saturday. "Ed" comes from the North. April 19 Battlo of Lexington, Fifty students of fencing will pardance Saturday night nt the chap Louisville. ticipate In this event, which will be 1775. ter house, chaperoned by Mrs. E. S. Shipley, 24, is n senior. He has run on a straight elimination basis. April 21 Spanish - American F. Farquhar, Mr, and Mrs. Harold two "Ks" for his work on the track The honor system will be employed War opened, 1898. Williamson, Mr. and Mrs. Enoch for the past two seasons. Shipley In scoring touches. April 27 U. S. Grant, 1822. Grchan and Mr, and Mrs. James docs the hurdles in :16 Using the last tournament as a April 28 James Monroe, 1758. Wilder. He lives basis for Judging the tournout, Mr. 10 which is traveling. April 30 Louisiana Purchase, L. C. Hel- Members are Messrs. in Sturgls. Applebaum expects a much larger 1803. venston, R. C. Rogers, Kirk Mober-l- y, Don Williams, 23, Is a senior. Don turnout. Fencing Is rapidly gaining Rupeh Wllholt, R. F. Baughman, now has two "Ks to show the folk popularity at the university, and Joe Harlonymous, Claude Barnett, back in California that he has done those who are present for the exMiss Anderson Here, your story Albln Parrls, J. A. Eglchart, J. D. something rare in low hurdles. Don hibition may expect an excellent is too long. Rewrite it so that the Magulre, Joe Goodson, Paul Plercy, comes from Oakland, Calif. display of fencing. most ignorant boob will understand Robert Scott, Richard Crutcher, Cups and medals will be awarded what, you mean. nillv Hubble. 21. Is a Junior. Last James Allen, Robert Goodman, Tom season he received his numerals for to the winners of the boys' and Marlon Brown What was there Posey, Warren Dennlston, W. S. his work up in the air and this year girls' groups. The Intramural deWorthington, William Phelps, Jack he Is still striving to meet St. Peter partments will donate the trophies you didn't understand. Rogers, John Baughman, H. V. in his pole vaulting. Billy lives in for the men, and the women's will present Bastln, Archie Huddleston, M. S. Carmi, 111. athletic department Stanley, Perry Rogers, Frank Ware, G. F. Wlemann, 21, is a senior medals for the girls Hay3, Wil Henry Bowman, James who, still runs around in short pants liam Klelser, Coleman Callaway, skimming over the low hurdles. He W. John Crutcher, Harold Williamson, has a "K" to his credit for last and William Hays. seasons work, wiemann lives in The guests were Misses Jane Cate, Dayton. Ohio. Martha Holman, Mary Moore Nash, Webber Hicks, 20, is a Junior. He , Millie Nelson, Kitty Mercer, Mary is making valiant efforts to keep Prof. James W. Martin, Director Miller Humphries, Julia W. Webb, up with "Horse" Seale In throwing of tne Bureau oi business iwjmhuuu .... ..- vcu Elizabeth Brent, Emmy Lou Ford, the discus and putting tne snot, oi tne university, Price Fisher, Frances McCandless, Webber comes from Morganfleld. pert witness last week in tne case Stoll, Jane Glvens, Eddie Bradley Sam Tuttle, 27, sophomore pro- - j involving tne question oi conaemiw Betty Powell Rodes, Carolyn Ray, vldes material for the throwing tlon of Great Onyx Cave as a naVirginia Young, Jane Vaughan, Lou- events. He received frosh numerals tional park. Mr. Martin was at the ise Johnson, Ida Mary Shearer, Pegcourt sessions In Brownsville, year. Sam Is from Irvine. Dorothy last m county, from Monday until gy Smith, Floy Bowling, Henry Baker, 18, is a sophomore. Watkson, Eleanor Dawson, Ada He is working on the quarter and Friday morning. Lewis, Mary Elizabeth Botts, Anne low hurdles at present. He comes The case arose over the amount Cox Hlnkle, Julia Belle Yarring-fo- n, from Providence. to be paid by the state to the ownLear Thomson, Betty Board, Johnny Epps, 22, is a junior. He ers of Great Onyx Cave. This is Virginia Bosworth. Betty King, has been on the sidelines with a the second cave to be bought by Ellen Goode and Mrs. John Baugn- - broken hand for several weeks but the state In connection with Its plan man. will show up well In putting the for a great national park In the shot when he works out again. Mammoth Cave region, Mammoth Cave Itself having been the first. Founders' Day Banquet Johnny lives in Dayton, Ohio. Celebrating their Founder's Day George "Husky" Skinner, 19, is a One of the owners of the cave is banquet, the Alpha XI Delta soror sophomore. He received numerals a student of the university, Harry ity entertained ;wun a Banquet for work on the frosh squad last Bush, sophomore In the College of Saturday evening at 6:30 o'clock year and Is planning to repeat with Arts and Sciences. The special in the red room of the Lafayette a letter this year for his efforts In judge called in to try the case is event. Husky lives also a Lexington man, Judge Bailey. hotel. The sorority colors, blue and the quarter-mil- e what Professor Martin, although apTo gold, were used In the table bou in the community. snap quet, of yellow and blue M. T. "Bud" Cavana. 21, is a pearing for the state, served as a witness in investigat dragons, and in the place cards. junior who Is throwing the javelin He will ing the claims of both parties and Miss Elizabeth Poole, president or with considerable art. keep the sorority presided as toastmls- - boost Kentucky's score Saturday. sucBestlnc a fair price to be oaid for the purchase. tress. The theme of the program Bud lives In Iowa Falls, Iowa. kill was "An Alpha XI Delta Bridge." Kenneth "Phllbert" Andrews, 21, Shuffle Kellena Cole. Is a Junior. He has been tossing Go Cut Louise Mitchell. the discus to varied parts of the Deal Juliet Galloway. practice field for the past few days M Bid Frances Mauzy. so he will surely throw It away Grand Slam Catherine Forsythe. tomorrow. Phllbert is a Lexington Louise Wheeler. The university golf team will go product. Members of the active chapter F. E. "Horse" Seale, 20, Is a to Athens, Georgia next Thursday were present. Active "sophomore shot putter," as he ex- where It will compete with other and alumnae chapter members are Misses Mar-Jor- le presses It and he feels that he is Southern Conference teams in the Boggess, Kitty Drury, Emily up and coming. We quite agree annual tournament which will start 77k Hayes, Mary Vivian Haines, Hallle with him after the way he played April 30 and continue to May 2. The team composed of Kenneth Howard, Kellena Cole, Mary Lynn with the plllet last Saturday. He Margaret plans to eat more breakfast this Larmee, Hogan Watson, John Bus- - j Hudson. Anna Martin. Motch, Juliet Galloway, Frances time and perhaps throw the shot a Kie UI1U Wllliuui iiua just, ic- with Mauzy. Martha Fowler Given, Jo hundred yards. Anyhow he lives turned from a trip to Ohio where Fay Wray Regit Toomey Ellen 'Maxon Whltlock Fennell, In Big Stone, Gap, Va., where he It met Ohio State University and lUb't Elliott- - Clarlc Gable Dayton University. In these teams Elizabeth Poole, Louise Mitchell, threw boulders as a child. , TOt n Anna May, Mildred Greene, Sidney John Sims "Shipwreck" Kelly, 21, the Big Blue quartette found stiff Mm Maak SaaaJm (Avtk.. ( of opposition and were defeated in Redmand, Pauline Woodburn, Dor- is a Junior and Is "THI DAWN PATROL") m4 team othy Root, Sorls Smith, Eleanor the thlnlies. Kelly stil stands In both contests. The Ohio State (Auth.r J "lITtll CtlSAI") Brlggs, and Louise Wheeler. as he did last fall. Included a state amateur champion the llme-ligCbxWj Vt JOHN FRANCIS DIUON and a Big Ten Pledges are Misses Betty Lyons, He has not lost a race to anybody and the runner-u- p n A Rnl MrtUad VU,.. King, Lucille Howerton, and nnri win nmbablv keeD his record champion. Ruth The golfers meet Dayton Univer- Mrs. Stella Glib. Guests were Mrs. in his 100 and 220 yard dashes. He Now Playing sity here In a return match May 5. Helen Fowler and several alumnae. sends his laundry to Springfield. Tea for Le Cercle Francals Miss Margaret Horsefield, patroness of Le Cercle Francals, enter- at our Fencing Tourney Will Be Held, Tuesday, May 12 THERE'S A DIXIE DEALER NEAR YOU