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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 76, no. 1, Spring 2005

Part of Kentucky alumnus

C at i YI ,;. _. . -_ ;. , a J . A Q A if i ,; tQ t a i; * K .,., r a ; - . .2 -` . - L} J ~ S Qi. T i ,; 2 i A < A ; e. -. - 4& T P 2 l . nie . sk Y xiii F 4 1 T? 5 L 1 - ` = . ` I 2 h; .. `f < ;2- T E3 if ;?i;Z: . { ; T =?. . A { Yi -1; ` i E . Q l l `{ #.tiZ?i 1. e V i s. vit? ae .:A.A ez; =V; .?>;i;&.&; .A ~ .V= er? .>r V ; A , 1** P s he J . tr- /1 at . l 2; at 1 A.V it n . .- _~1, e , , .. e rw". -. - -;:1,; ______ . Z': - . if r Jg;_,__i i i UK 8 Fayette Schools Partner Harassment UK and the Fayette County Public Schools announced a new partnership to prevention Training l raise student achievement. _ , "Thanks to the University of Kentucky, more of our kids will have access UK`S WW 01*11}*9 Sexual haYa$Smm to learning enhancers like music, foreign language and health care services," PYGYGHUOU Uammg Ploglm ls said Stu Silberman, Fayette County Public Schools superintendent. avallablc to Small compamcs lime Of UK President Lee T. Todd Jr., at a news conference at The Academy at chaY:f_LPYVt*ng Sexual Ha"?S$ Lexington, said that UK was excited to be playing a key role in this impor- mem _1S a PY9dCl Of New Media tant partnership. "Inside the walls of schools such as The Academy lies the Lrme,W1<=h Serves buSmSS future of this community, this state and this country. We will raise student duC?UO Wd S9Vm}m n}P_lOY achievement in Fayette County one child, one life at a time." Us Wlth Olm lmeracuvc trammg The first phase of the program will focus on two schools, The Academy at COuY$S _ _ _ Lexington and Booker T. Washington Elementary School. AS 3_PubhC Scwlceg UK alunim _ _ _ worldwide employed in or owning G|*|ff|th TQPS |n Awards . businesses with up to 50 employees Dr. Charles H. Griffith, associate professor, JMS ig - g _i_ A ;`g$i;i];l$2?ig]i;{E)\;;;i; im) UK College of Medicine, Division of General & to 200 ma use the mol free 0f* p Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, is one of i f P * . Chai. 6 foglem 10 66 irainm -I-he four medical school faculty members from " "\ ' bmvii._baSi)cO>;ii.S can bguscd across the nation to receive the 2004 Alpha ( 24 hours 3 dai, On any desktop Oi. Omega Alpha medlcel hem S<>1etvS Rem i > t' " npiap compras and meets all i J. Glaser Distinguished Teacher Award.The . 4. i i, i I i ii federal and State accessibility l award was presented at the annual meeting of _ l Standards It takes about 60 minutes i the Association of American Medical Colleges i r A , ii i`. to complic i and is given annually to two clinical and two i 1* i ii `iii _, asexual Harassment Pmvcmioiin basic science medical school faculty members Di. Ciiiias i_ii Griffith " training can be accessed at hiipiii m th_mlUn _ _ Griffith has received more UK teaching i ukcniucky/indxihtm_ Contact awards and recognitions than any other faculty member in the history of the Arlene Gilmer Of New Media UK CODE? fMed1- Learning at 866-sei-4410 or ' email Arlene.Gunter@ center Marks Annlversarv for more The UK Center for Aluminum Technology recently celebrated five years of information about obtaining the on- association with one of Kentuckys leading industries. The center, a partner- line tool. ship between the UK College of Engineering and the aluminum industry, the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development and the U.S. Depart- ment of Energy, was established in 1999, with headquarters on UKs K Coldstream Research Campus. The multidisciplinary research center trains undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students to provide leadership in aluminum technology; develops programs in aluminum technology for nondegree students in conjunction with community colleges and technical schools; and provides I research on the fabrication and use of aluminum. Aluminum processing is a leading industry in Kentucky. There are 142 plants or other aluminu1nrelated facilities in the state; industry shipments i of over $4 billion per year; the industry employs 17,500 people in Kentucky, with average earnings of $44,876 per year; and Kentucky tax revenue from the industry totals $47 million per year. Compiled from UK Web sites, UK Public Relations news reports, and Kentucky Alumni magazine staii reporting. KENTUCKY Atuivini 7