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8 > Image 8 of Guide to civilian organizations. Larue County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

-2- ( Free and Accepted Masons, B. R. Young Ledge #l52 (Continued) A Committees: Charity, W} J. Alexander, Hodgenville. ; * Purpose: Fraternal and charitable. ` ' Normal Civic Activities: Aiding in support of masonic Homes and cooperating with Red Cross and local civic groups. Defense Activities: Interested in Auxiliary Police, Air Raid Warden Service, Auxiliary Fire Protection, First Aid, Collection of Scrap _1 Metals and Other Metals. Registration of members for volunteer Civilian Defense: Yes. General registration by Hodgenville Civilian Defense Council. _ ' Local Publications: None. _ xl . FUTURE FARMERS OF ANERICA,`HODGENVILLE CHAPTER (State and National F.F.A.), Box 152, Hedgenvillo. Founded'l959.` President, Logan Onesnen, V R.R.#4, Hodgenvillo. Secretary, Sydnor Smith, Hodgonville. Terms expired September, 1941. Adviser, Charles A. McElroy, Hodgenvillo, Telephone 50-11. Term indefinite. Membership: 28. Qualifications, high school students taking agricultural _ course and a supervised farm practice program. ( I Committees: Community Service, Sydnor Smith, Hodgenville. A Purpose: To promote better rural life and give training in leadership _ to prospective farmers. _ ` Normal Civic Activities: Cooperates with Farm Bureau and Larue County Fair Association. ' Defense Activities: Training for Public Speaking, Teaching Classes in Mech- anical Skills Needed in Defense Industries. Interested in Auxiliary Police, Air Raid Warden Service, Auxiliary Fire Protection, Emergency Repair Ser- I vice, Ambulance Service, Red Cross Assistance, First Aid, Collection of I Scrap Metals and Other Metals. - A Local Publications: None. HODGENVILLE PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION (State and National Congresses A A of Parents and Teachers), Hedgenville High'Scheol, Hodgenville. Founded 1924. President, Mrs. J. C. Shaffer, Hodgenville, Telephone 72. See- retary, Mrs. M. E. Hoarin, Hodgenville, Telephone 25-ll. Terms expired I May, 1942. _ Membership: 90. Qualifications, citidens of Hodgcnville interested in welfare of Hodgenville High School.