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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 12, 1919

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PAGE 3 THE KENTUCKY KERNEL FOR ORATORICAL DATES PRELIMINARY CHANGED Down Toivn (Continued From Pago 1) Southern The Oratorical League University Book Store Meeting Place test which will bo hold In Lexington on March 5, 1920, will ho ono of tho two biggest events of its kind in tho of United States. Representatives tho Stato Unlvorsltcs of Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama and Kentucky, and of Johns Hopkins Univor-stand Vanderbllt University will take part. Tho rules governing eligibility and orations for this contest are as follows: "Only persons who aro pursuing undergraduate studies at tho time of the contest and who have not received academic degrees shall be admitted as competitors. "No speech in tho contest shall exceed twenty minutes in delivery. Speeches must deal with political, social or economic subjects of current interest. No speaker in delivering his speech shall use quotations without making it clear that he is quoting. The amount of quoted matter In one speech must not exceed 200 words." The prize to the winner of this contest will be $60 in cash awarded by the Southern Association. A forensic "K" on a gold medal will be awarded to Kentucky's representative. Kentucky's representatives in both of these contests will be chosen on January 14, 1920. If the winner of the preliminary contest meets the eligibility requirements of both associations he will be permitted to represent the University in both contests, on March 1 and on March 5. If the winner of the preliminary contest meets the requirements of one association and not of the other, he will represent the University in the contest for which he is qualified. The next highest contestant in the preliminaries who meets the eligibility requirements will be chosen to represent the University in that contest for which he is qualfiied. The preliminary contest will be judged by a board of judges consisting of three members of the faculty. Manuscripts of the orations of contestants in the preliminaries must be given to Professor E. C. Mabie not later than The College Store for For College People y 3t January Text Books Open Until 8 P. M. Every Evening Pennants NOTICE TO STUDENTS. To the students of the University: Following is the Senate rule regarding absenco bofore and after holidays: "Absence from classes immediately preceding and following a holiday or examination period shall be reported at once to the Registrar. Students absent at these times must present their excuses in writing to the Discipline Committee immediately upon return to the university. If tho excuse is not satisfactory to the comf credit will be deductmittee, ed for each day or fraction of a day of absence." Tho time for presenting excuses to the chairman of tho Discipline Committee, C. R. Melcher, has been to Friday noon, December 12. If by that time no excuse is presented tho Discipline Committee will take it for granted that tho student has no reasonable excuso to offer. EZRA L. QILLIS, Registrar. High Class Haberdashery Kodak Hooks Fountain Pens College Boys Styles in Our Special Designed Clothes DOBBS FIFTH AVENUE HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS Down Town Store 233 West Short Basement Main Building University Most Complete Assortment of Silk Shirts We Earnestly Solicit Your Patronage Geddes & Luigart WE BELIEVE IN YOUR WILDCATS Phoenix Block ALSO GEO. LUGIART GEO. GEDDES GENE SULLIVAN "Let's Get Acquainted" STUDEBAKER AUTOMOBILES Ours is the Quality Shop KELLY SPRINGFIELD SOLID AND PNEUMATIC TIRES "THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE" The finest and most complete exclusively retail Optical establishment anywhere in the South. A faithful and accurato Optical Service in all its branches. EYES examined by an Optometrist intimately familiar with the most intricate problems of refraction. The grinding of the lenses, the expert fitting and all other details are accomplished within our establishment. WE FEATURE ONE DAY SERVICE AND SUPREME AUTO OILS DROP IN AND SEE 10, 1920. Students who plan to enter these contests are requested to report to Professor Mabie at once so that they may get well started on their speeches and be able to do effective work on them during the Christmas holidays. University Boys Fayette Optical Shop Va .!mM iHammoih Garage Co. Lexington, Ky. Phone 3972 W. Main St. 313-31- 5 H. CLAY ODENBAUGH, Optometrist (Incorporated) EAST MAIN ST. R. S. WEBB, Pres. MURRAY PRINTING WELSH 0. COLLEGE STATIONERY GRADDY-RYA- N ENGRAVING CO. AND Incorporated DIE STAMPING THE COLLEGE BOYS' STORE Clothing, Furnishings, Hats, Shoes and Tailoring FRAT and DANCE PROGRAMS 124-12- LEXINGTON, KY. N. 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