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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 12, 1919

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE 6 FOOTBALL ENTHUSIASM EVIDENT ON BASKETBALL FLOOR Armory Crowded With Candidates for Various Teams Training for the coming Campus Leaguo Basketball series Is now In full swing. Last Friday afternoon the candidates for the various teams reported to Mr. Boles, who, with the assistance of Coach GUI, began the organization of the eighth Campus League teams. Each afternoon this week the basketball floor In the Armory has been crowded with enthusiastic youths aspiring to places on their Cla3s or College Squads. Light practice has been In order, and there have been Bevcral afternoons of scrimmage between the temporary squads. Coach Gill Is on the floor each afternoon to make suggestions and to see that the matter of squad organization Is completed before the Christmas holidays. Immediately after the holidays the first games of the series will be played. Two or three of the teams have already completed their organization and have elected a captain and a However, most of the manager. teams are handicapped either by a from of material which to choose a quintette or a lack of material. For instance, the Freshman squad is now composed of more than twenty men, while the Junior and the Senior squads have barely enough men for a complete team each. The College teams have good material, but the squads 3eem to lack leaders, and the development of their organizations has been slow. However, all eight of the squads will be selected and will be rounded into shape before the middle of next week. The bronze basketball watch fobs which are to be given to the seven uen and the manager of the team winning the Campus League championship are furnishing additional inspiration to the aspirants to the various squad3, and great deal of interest is being demonstrated in this series. e WILD CAT QUINTETTE PROMISES BIR SEASON SPORTS SCHEDBASKET1ALL ULE, 1920. January 13 Maryvllle nt Lexington. January 17 (Cumberland College at Lexington. January 24 Wcsloynn nt Winchester. February 6 and 7 Cumberland College nt Williamsburg, Ky. February 14 Cincinnati at GIRLS' "Say TO HOLD BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT HERE ball Honors The Wildcat Basketball quintette of 1920 promises to become one of the fastest and best organized machines this University has had in many years. Judging from the material reporting at first practice there will be an open season for baskets and no bag limit for the 'Cats. Competition is waxing strong old men and the many new who are fighting for their rights. ones The old men to report for the first Burnham, were Everett, practice Shanklin, Lavin, Morris and Parker. Ireland, an old "K" man, is back for the season, and Blakey, a letter man or Centre, is eligible this year, while Wilhelm and other men are buck after one or more years' absence from college. The other men out for honors are Clark and Carr, from Somerset ie The nnnunl Kentucky Athlqtlc Association basketball tournament will bo held nt the University March 12 and 13, it was announced last week by Athletcl Director Boles, who is sending out lotters to nil high schools in the Stnto urging them to send a team February 21 Wesleyan at Lexto participate In the contest. ington. The High School tournament which 28 Cincinnati at Lexington. was held at the University lnst year March 12 and 13 Cumberland at was won by Lexington High over Lexington. seven other high school teams. This Two games with Union College, year at least twelve teams nre exDf Barbourville, dates not pected to take part in the contest. Expemes for eight men from each high school will be paid by the AthHi; Smith, Fuller and Colpitts, from letic Association of the University McMahon, Lexington; from Louis- and entertainment will be furnished ville, and Ridgeway from Shepards-ville- . the visitors while in Lexington. A silver loving cup will also be given The schedule for the season has not to the winner of the tournament and been completed as yet and no engage- the team will be declared State ment has been made for the first game which will take place on January 10. The remaining schedule is "K" MEN AND WOMEN as follows: Monday, January 6, school ORGANIZE FRIDAY begins; Saturday, January 10, open; Monday, January 12, Kentucky WesOfficers Elected and Committee Apleyan, offered; Saturday, January 17, pointed to Draft Constitution. Cincinnati at Cincinnati; Friday, January 23, Maryvllle at Lexington offerA meeting of all the letter men and ed; Exams. Saturday, January 31, women of the University was held Georgetown at Lexington; Friday, Friday afternoon, December 5, in February 6, University of Tennessee Chapel, for the purpose of at Lexington; Saturday, February 7, the University "K" Association." University of Tennessee at LexingThirty men and women who have won ton; Saturday, February 14, Centre at letters In Kentucky athletics were Tuesday, February 17, Danville; present at the meeting. Georgetown at Georgetown; Saturday, Eger Murphree was elected presiFebruary 21, Wesleyan at Lexington; dent of the organization, Lily CromFriday, February 27, University of and Patrick Campwell, Tennessee at' Knoxville; Saturday, A commitbell, secretary-treasureFebruary 28, University of Tennessee tee, composed of Messrs. Campbell, at Knoxville, and Saturday, March 6, Lavin and Thompson, were appointed Centre at Lexington, offered. to draft a constitution for the organization. Every effort will be made to It is suggested that we keep our improve the athletics of the institu coal this winter in the empty sugar tion and to secure winning teams in bowl. Amsterdam Recorder. all branches of collegiate sport. Cln-nat- i. In Selecting a University For a college education, there are five things to be taken into consideration : 1. The men at the head of the Insti- tution. Old "K" Men Compete With Newcomers for Basket- Chrysanthemums, Roses, Carnations, Corsages Our Flowers Never Fail to Please BASKETBALL Kentucky High School Team to Guests of University. The scholastic standing and ability of the Teaching Staff. 3. The location and advantages of environment. Equipment, buildings, laboratories 4. and libraries. 5. Cost. 2. In all these respects the University of Kentucky commends itself to those seeking a higher institution in which to carry on their education. All Departments, including Liberal Arts, Sciences, Agriculture, Law, Education, Mining, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. The Government needs trained men and women; college training will bring the result. Address PRESIDENT FRANK L. McVEY Lexington, Ky. University of Kentucky It With Flowers" John A. Keller Co. (Incorporntcil) FLORISTS J. DONALD DINNING, University Representative Brown Cordovan Shoes FOR COLLEGE MEN A young man usually picks out a Shoe that will stand for service as well as style. Here is a good one. t has just enough style to impress you with refinement. It is so unique in effect that it serves equally well for both young and older men. We recommend it highly for its service qualities. Made on a long slim English last. Rubber Heel. Classic last. Price $12.58 GEORGE P. ROSS Main Street, West IF IT'S STYLE WE HAVE IT High-Clas- s Shoe Repairing Done While You Wait ALL WORK GUARANTEED We also have a line of new high grade Shoes for men and boys. 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