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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 12, 1919

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL TAGE 8 ABOUT THE CAMPUS The Kernel Is In receipt of a letter from Kentucky Wcslcyan College, appreciation for a visit which H. B. McGregor, president of the Patterson Htcrnry Society, made at the request of M. C. Redwlne, a University graduate of the Class of '19, to that college In Winchester last week. It seems that other schools are having the same trouble wo are experiencing In arousing interest in literary work, and McCregor was requested to mnkc n talk on the value of Literary Societies. MOTTOES DON'T COUNT. CADEN DRUG CO. GEO. T. MARTIN'S RAISING NOT HAIR 1UT HAIR (Occidental.) CUTTING "You may bring to your office nnd put In a frame, HAIR CUT 25c SHAVE 15c A motto as fine as Its paint, But If you're a crook when you're PLAIN, SHOWER AND TURKISH playing tho game, ATHS That motto won't make you a saint; You can Btlck up the placards all over Basement, 139 East Main Street the hall, But hero Is the word I announce, It isn't the motto that hnngs on the wall, But the motto that you live that counts! WARREN BROS. PHARMACISTS LEXINGTON, KY. th Phenee In ami Lime STATIONERY 1SS CANDIES DANCING MRS. J. TANDY HUGHES PHOENIX HOTEL GROCERS Dr. Frank L. McVey and Dr. J. W. "If tho motto says 'Smile,' and you carry a frown, on the program at tho Ken"Do It Now," and you linger and tucky (Conference of Educators to bo Pryor are LUNCH GOODS OF ALL KINDS School Dance will begin promptly at 7 :30 p. m. ALSO FRUITS wait, held in Louisville Friday and Saturday. The conference is under the If the motto says 'Help,' and you COR. HIGH AND LIMESTONE STS. trample men down, auspices of the United States Bureau If the motto says 'Love,' and you of Education and tho Public Health hate, Service for the purpose of discussing the subject "Sex Education In the You won't get away with the mottoes you stall, High School." For truth will come forth with a bounce, Tho Extension Division of the UniIt isn't the motto that hangs on the versity has been officially designated wall, as the distributing center for KenBut the motto that you live that tucky for educational films sent out counts!" by the United States Bureau of Education and the first shipment is alNOTICE. ready on the way here. As soon as in colors and the Alms arrive a program will be worked out and a motion picture cir- To members of the faculty, plain gold University of Kentucky: cuit among High Schools of the State you that the This Is to inform will be formed. A campaign will also 80c and 90c be started to promote the use of mo- Christmas holidays will begin at the tion picture machines in the schools clo3e of the seventh hour, Friday, December 19 and will close at 8 a. m. of the State. Tuesday, January 6, 1920. Very truly yours, The Senior students in the Depart123 Main Street EZRA L. GILLIS, ment of Farm Management, who hold Secretary to the Council. Opp. the Phoenix meetings every Friday from 3:30 to Smith's Sextette Tuesday Evening Class Will Continue as Before K Hours 8 to 10:30 P. M. FOBS We Phoenix Hotel HEINTZ LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Jeweler m East 5:30 o'clock, wer,e entertained by Professor Forester at the last meeting, at his home, 151 East High street. There are seven students who are following up the regular class work with this work and interest in Farm very Management has increased much. E. M. Prewitt, Department of Dairying, ha3 returned from Oldham and Campbell counties and reports excellent work beiug done in the Cow Testing Associations which were formed in those counties during the last few months. The work in Campbell county is under the supervision of J. M. Llgon, Class of '15, and Robert "Bob" Heath, Class of '16, has charge of the work in Oldham. Both were graduated from the College of Agriculture and were just discharged from the service when appointed to the positions they now hold. Already, a friendly rivalry has sprung up among the members of the Associations, and to date E. J. Clore, of O'Bannon, Oldham county, holds the record for proOne of his duction of butterfat. cows a grade Shorthorn has propounds of fat durduced days of October. ing tho thirty-onMr. Prewitt goes to Boone county within a few days to organize an association where "Willie D." Sutton Is serving as County Agent. forty-seve- n e NOTICE. Members of fraternities Seniors! This week and other organizations! is your last chance to have your picture taken for the 1920 Kentuckian. Make your appointment any time between 9 o'clock and 3:20 o'clock at the studio on tho third floor of the Gymnasium Building. J. ED. PARKER, JR., Business Manager. Lexington, Ky. PATTERNS THAT APPEAL TO A Metropolitan Hotel Respectfully Solicits the Patronage of University People JOHN SKAIN, Manager COLLEGE MEN See Them At JUSTRIGHT TAILORING COMPANY 145 W. Main St. Suits made by us pressed for one year free of charge. VICTOR BOGAERT A fine selection in both, LEADING JEWELER3 Established 1883 "THE HALLMARK Lexington, Ky. W. Main St. W. B. Martin's BARBERSHOP Haircut Shave Shampoo Tonic Suits and Overcoats and now is just the time to buy yours to wear home at Christmas time. Take Dad something too; a nice 25c 15c 25c 15c neck- tie, a shirt or hosiery: v 153 South Limestone St. Lexington, Ky. MATTHEW A. MANGIONE Progressive Shoe Hospital My Work and Prices Always Kaufman Clothing Company (Incorporated) Keep Me Busy 140 South Limestone "The Gift Store for Men' Shoea Repaired While You Wait i mmmmmmmmimmmmmmm m w