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Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

Autumn is a time of quiet beauty, as the splendid colors of the dying leaves screen the colonial dignity of King library. FOREWORD We at UK are no different from students at any other University. College students have experiences in common that can only be understood by them. We all remember the first week of finals, weekend football games, missing eight o'clocks, our first impression of a college professor, the burden of English themes, looking forward to holidays, and letters from home. These things are universally collegiate. In other ways, however, UK is unique, and things are typical of our University that can be found nowhere else. As seniors, we can look back and remember rooting with Rupp, singing "My Old Kentucky Home" with the Marching Cats, making preparations for the big game with Tennessee, getting the Christmas spirit during the traditional Hanging of the Greens, looking forward to spring and the Little Kentucky Derby, and reading the Kernel in class. These indentify UKthese characterize its personality.