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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1916-09-may31-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

The Executive Committee, pursuant to adjourn- ment, met in the Trustees Room of the University at 12 o'clock M. May 31, 1916 and proceeded to canvas the vote cast by the Alumni Association for the four oanidates who had previously been- nominated for membership of the Board of Trustees of the University. The ballots were opened publicily according to law by the Executive Come mittee and the ballots having been duly counted, the vote as cast resulted as follows:- Dr. 8. B. Marks 347 Votes J. Frank Battaile 309 " John Wesley Woods 257 " Elizabeth K. Smith 21g " Besides the.Executive Committee, the following persons were present, MT. L. Didlake, J. I. Lyle, J. B. Turner, E. C. Freeman, Dr. Marius Johnson and P. T. Murrell Whereupon, Dr. S. B. larks and J. Frank Battaile were de- clared duly elected and the secretary of the Board was di- rected to properly certify the result of this election to the Governor of Kentucky that Commissioners as Trustees may be issued to the two above named persons. Whereupon, the Committee then adjourned.