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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 8, 1927

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL SOCIETY NOTES CALENDAR - Friday, April 8 Theta Sigma Phi bridge party in ;4thepalmroom of the Phoenix hotel 'mat2:30'o'clock. Saturday, April 9 'Alpha Delta Theta bridge party in "th"eipalmroom of the Phoenix hotel at '3 o'clock. Alpha Xi Delta Founders' Day at 6:30 o'clock at the Phoenix hotel. . Alpha Tau Omega formal dance in " the ballroom of the Phoenix hotel from 9 until 12 o'clock. Wednesday, April 13 Keys and Mystic Thirteen dance at -- the university gymnasium from 9 un- til 1 o'clock. Spring vacation at the university from last hour, April 13 until first T ,. hour, April 19. ban-qu- et " T ' Cadet Hop The fourth of the series of Cadet Hops sponsored by the military de- - partment of the university, was given Saturday afternoon from 3:30 until . 6 o'clock in the men's gymnasium. Music was furnished by Rhythm Kings orchestra. The committee in charge of. the ar- rangements were: Lieut. Watson Armstrong, Capt. Charles Heidrick, " and Capt. William Richards. The chaperones were: Col. and Mrs. H. P. Hobbs, Capt. and Mrs. James Taylor, Col. and Mrs. Basil Spalding, Capt. and Mrs. Herbert Schmidt, . Lieut, and Mrs. J. L. Keasler and Dean Sarah Blanding. t entertained at Chimney Corner with a luncheon Saturday at 12:30 o'clock. The luncheon tables were decorated with spring flowers. About twenty guests were present, fayette hotel in honor of their visiting inspector, Mr. H. G. Wright, of Chicago, national secretary and treasurer of the fraternity. After the luncheon, the guests were entertained with a moving picture of the Delta Sigma Pi conference which was held at Madison, Wis., last September. Those present were: Messrs. Planck, W. B. Walker, Lloyd Walker, B. F. Hensley, Xeroy Miles, Wililam Richards, Wallace Jones, Ray Bryant, Oney Clifford, George Lon Rogers, James Sharp, John Allen Wheeler, R. L. Dameron, Albert Kittenger, William Mock, Paul O'Nan, R. S. Kearns, William Walton, J. P. Joseph Thomason, Glenn, William Ish-ma- el n, Holton. Woman's Club Meeting A called meeting of the Woman's club of the University of Kentucky was held Tuesday afternoon in the recreation room of Patterson hall at 3 o'clock. Mrs. C. R. Melcher,- - the president, presided. Garrett-Millio- n Announcement was received here Sunday of the marriage of. Mr. Travis R. Million, 22, of Richmond, Ky.f to Miss Katherine Garrett, 22, of St. Louis,. Mo., the ceremony being performed Saturday in Louisville. The bride is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences at Transylvania Delta Sigma Pi Entertains Delta Sigma Pi, honorary commerce College while the groom is a senior in the College of Law at the Univerfraternity of the University of entertained Friday with a sity, having received his Bachelor of "liScheon at 12:30 o'clock at the La-- . Arts degree last year. toIt is underfinish their stood that both intend courses. Alumnae Luncheon Miss Garrett is the daughter of the The alumnae of Chi Omega sorority ' ' Engraving CARDS INVITATIONS president of the National Bank of Chi Omega sorority held their FounMissouri. ders' Day banquet, Tuesday, April 5, fin the ballroom of the Lefayette hotel. Members of both chapters and their Honor for Miss Yungblut Miss Margaret Yungblut, the alumnae were present. The guests daughter of Judge and Mrs. C. W. of honor for the occasion were Miss Yungblut, of Dayton, Ky., who is at- Hilda Threlkeld, naitonal and Miss Susan Montgomery, tending the University of Cincinnati, has recently been initiated into Phi national inspector. Tables were arranged in the form Delta Delta, honorary law1 fraternity for women. Miss Yungblut was grad- of the Greek letter Chi, and a basket uated from the University of Ken- of white carnations, the fraternity tucky last year where she was promi- flower, was placed in the center of nent in dramatic and scholastic activ- the "X." Yellow candles in silver Her many friends here are candlelabras were spaced at intervals ities. glad to know of the latest honor con- on the table, and the Chi Omega shield cast a soft light over the ballroom. ferred on her. As customary at the Founders' Day banquet a silver cup was presented by Play Presented Kappa Delta sorority presented a each chapter to the freshman who has play, "One Father of AH," Sunday been most outstanding in scolastic evening at 6:30 o'clock at Patterson standing and school activities. Miss Josephine Lapsley was presented the Hall. Miss The play was a presentation of var- cup given by Lambda Alpha, and one Carter received the ious players of different religions of Mildred the world, closing with an interpreta- presented by Chi chapter. Province Convention Here This Month tion of the Lord's prayer. The Delta province convention of the Delta Delta Delta national sororWomen's Banquet 14 to 17 The annual women's banquet of ity will be held here April. Rho the University of Kentucky was held when the members of theofDelta at the Phoenix hotel Thursday; April chapter of. the University ofKentucky Transylchapter 7, at 6:30 o'clock with the Women's and the Beta Zeta Administrative Council of the uni- vania College will be hostesses. Chapters at 32 universities and colversity in charge. The president of the council, Miss leges will be represented at the conJeanette Metcalf, acted as toastmis-Ires- s vention of Delta province which is the and gave ambition as her toast. largest of the three provinces of Delta Replying to the toast were represen- Delta Delta. Numerous social affairs tatives of the various classes: Senior, will be given in honor of the delegates Virginia Boyd; junior, Pauline Ad- during their stay here. Rankin Harris; ams; sophomore, Sorority Formal Dance freshman, Isabel Harris. The Delta Zeta sorority of the uniChi Delta Phi, honorary literary sorority held pledging services for versity entertained Saturday evening three new members, Misses CjTnthia from 8:30 until 12 o'clock with a Smith, Elizabeth Wood and Martha formal dance in the ballroom of the Minihan. The Alpha Gamma Delta Phoenix hotel. t scholarship cup was awarded to Miss Decorations for tne dance were caroutstanding ried out in the fraternity colors of Elizabeth Cromer, the freshman girl in the university. rose and green. The orchestra was enclosed in a white trellis with roses Ban'quet Fraternity and ferns, and the windows were decOmicron chapter of Alpha Gamma orated with SoutKern smilax. The Hho celebrated Pounders' Day with lights were shaded with large pink a banquet Monday evening at 6:30 roses, the fraternity flower. Artistic o'clock in the palmroom of the Phoe- hand painted programs in the form of dolls with lace skirts of rose and nix hotel. An interesting program was given green and holding green fans of by the active and faculty members. ostrich feathers were given to the Active members who were present guests. were: Messrs. A. C. Berry, W. O. The music was iurnished by the Blackburn, W. R. Brooks, L. M. Cald- Rhythm Kings orchestra. Fruit punch T. E. Ford, W. L. was served during the dance. well, J. H. Evans, Graddy, T. G Harned, G. L. Haydon, Members of the active chapter, the l, H. T. Hesson, G. T. Insko, R. B. hostesses, were: Misses Mildred F. G. Melton, R. L. Riddle, Bobbie Finnie, Mary Bell Smith, H. S. Scott, J. W. Scott, J. W. Utter-bac- Eleanor Beggs, Nancye Kidwell, Ella E. Wrather, T. "Young, R. E. Marie Kintsler, Claire Buys, Henrietta White. Howell, Elizabeth Graham, Evelyn Pledges: Messrs. J. W. Brown, N. Laird, Jane Lewis, Louise Tiley, Mary L. Royse, G. White, Waldo Page, J. Giles Thorn, Dale Smith, Lula Garr L. Collins. Kendall, Elizabeth Hood, Alice Young, Faculty members: Messrs. W. S. Loise Perry Brown, Martha Duncan, Anderson, E. J. Kinney, J. J. Hooper, Kathryn Asbury, Virginia Mackay, E. J. Wilford, E. C. Johnson, J. H. Wilma Robinson, Pauline Carpenter, Martin, J. O. Barkman. Other alum- Mary Allen Steers, Alma Lipper, Marni present were Messrs. R. H. Ford, garet Fry, Lydia Latham, Christine J. W. Ford and J. D. Foster. Anderson. Pledges: Misses Lucile Dorsey, Chi Omega Banquet Margaret Wyant, Amelia Crume. of Lambda Alpha and Chi chapters Alumnae: Misses Lillian White, Ann Williams, Mary Stallings, Lillian Rasch, Kathryn De Mint, Mary Elizabeth Depew, Mrs. Archie Carpenter, Mrs. James Higgins. - e, PROGRAMS Scrap Books, Memory Books, Easter Gift Mottoes, Easter Cards , Tranbyvania Printing ompany INCORPORATES I j guests at the Delta Zeta guest at the Zeta Tau week-en- d a week-en- d Alpha house. house and attended the formal SaturMisses Pauline Ashcraft, Nancy day evening. Mary Wilson and Gladys Wilson were Miss Martha Terry Smith, of Hazguests of Misses Jane Ann Carlton in Louisville last ard, is a guest at the Chi Omega and Lorena Weber house. week-enMr. Charles Cunningham, of CinDelta Chi fraternity announces the pledging of Mr. Wayne Dameron of cinnati was a guest at the Delta Tau Delta house last week-en- d and attend- Catlettsburg, Ky. ed the Delta Zeta dance. Mr. James Kimball and Mr. Doug vest ot tne university ot Cincinnati University of Denver For helping were visitors at the Kappa Sigma to organize a debate on marriage behouse last week-entween a clergyman and Judge Ben Mr. David McNamara and Mr. David Kimbrough visited in Frankfort Lindsey, Ralph Batchelet, last week-enMr. Berand Gorman was a visitor at the Sigma Nu house last week-enMiss Virginia Conroy visited at her home in Mt. Sterling last week-enMiss Lillian Rasch of Covington spent the week-en- d at the Delta Zeta house and attended the dance Satur day evening. Misses. Mary Stallings, of Rich mond, Alice Kidwell, of Dover, Sarah Cosby of Richmond, Katherine, De Mint, of Madison, Ind., and Anna PRE-EASTER Steele Taylor, of Nicholasville, were i vice-pre- si dent of the Thinkers' club, was kidnapped and flogged into unconsciousness by five masked men. Gladys "Who is that ugly man with you?" Grace "Hush! That's my fiance and I want you to know that beauty is only skin deep." Gladys "Well, take him home and sl:;n him." Arizona Kittykat. University of Wisconsin One man has been expelled from school for taking a reserve book from the reading room of the library. d. Just Arrived d. 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