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131 > Image 131 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 20. Carlisle County (Bardwell)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

5 - l25 - . Health Unit Service Records (255-261) ` g 255 (MONTHLY BILLS), 1957--. In (Health Records), entry 275. Y _Y; ,. Itemized receipted monthly bills for medical supplies, showing date pur- I A _ _ chased, amount, total paid for month, and date paid. 3 i Laboratory and Clinic Reports ( I ` 256. RECORD OF CHILD OF SCHOOL AGE, 1927--. 1 file box. A I Health record cards of school children, showing name of school attending, I < names and addresses of pupil, and parents, age, sex, color, and birth date I h of pupil, mother*s maiden name, name of examining physician, child*s ime munity status, dates of physical examination and results of same, parent I present, recommendations, and field visits. Arr. alph. by name of school g _ e and alph. thereunder by name of child. No index. Hdw. on pr. fms. l8xl2x I . 2l-LI IA H 257. INFANT AND PRE-SCHOOL CHILD HEALTH CONFERENCE RECORD, 1927--. ( l file box. I Health record cards of infants and children of pre-school age, showing name, sex, color, weight and birth date of child, parents* names and addresses, u _ parents economic status, name of family physician, physical condition of I A child since birth, date and recommendations made by examining physician. - No arr. No index. Hdw. on pr. fms. l8xl2x2LI. ( 258. LABORATORY REPORTS, 1955--. 1 file box. A Record cards of laboratory findings, showing name and address of patient, date, age, sex, color, name of physician, specimen, nature of examination to be given. Arr. alph. by name of patient. No index. Hdw. on pr. fms. 5x5x18. I . A 259. (HISTORY RECORDS, MIDWIVES), 1927--. In (Health Records), I entry 275, I ? Midwife record, showing date, name of midwife, age, color, address, equip- 1 A ment, intelligence and character, cleanliness, education, health, laboratory r findings, live births, certificates received, date, deliveries, notes on field conference visits, maternal deaths, date and cause. E - I 260. (MONTHLY REPORTS), 1958--. In (Health Records), entxy 275. ( A Duplicate copies of health officer*s monthly report to state beard of health, i Q showing county, or district, population of health jurisdiction, period, year, { I services, communicable disease control, consultations with physicians, field ( A visits, itemized list of number and kind of communicable diseases, approved I , by state and territorial health officers, United States Public Health Service, Q and United States children*s Bureau. 261. (QUARTERLY REPORTS, NARRATIVES), 1927--. In (Health Records), { entry 275, , .. Copies of narrative reports to state board of health, showing summary of { A work accomplished by health officer for quarter, date of report, name of I * _ county health officer. g I H Fi-20-150 1