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5 > Image 5 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 20. Carlisle County (Bardwell)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

PREFACE The Historical Records Survey of Kentucky was inaugurated in January 1956 as a part of the Federal Writers* Project of the Works Progress Ad- ministration. Since December 1956, the Survey has operated as an indepen- dent unit of the nation-wide project. Uniformity of work has resulted from the use, by the field workers, of standard forms, together with specific instructions from the National Office of the Survey, Work of the Survey in Carlisle County, Kentucky, was started in August 1956 and completed in July 1957. A thorough recheck against actual records of Carlisle County has been made to assure the trustworthiness of the in- ventory. . The statute creating the county and creating its government is cited in the historical sketch of this publication. The discussion of govern- mental organization includes charts exemplifying the governmental set-up in the county. A separate essay concerning each office, including its history, functions, and records, precedes the entries of the present county A offices. Recommendations for improvement in the arrangement and care of the county archives have been incorporated in the section on "Housing, Care, and Accessibility of the Reeords", and have been made after unbiased study. The various units of the Inventory of County Archives will be issued in mimeographed form for free distribution to government offices, libraries, and historical societies in Kentucky, as well as to libraries in other states. Requests for information concerning particular units of the inventory should be addressed to the State Director, Ninth and Broadway, Louisville, Kentucky. The listing and collecting of data pertaining to the county records was done by Robert Ligon and Mrs. Martha Cain under the direction of Paul T. Harris, District Supervisor, who was also in charge of the preparation of the preliminary inventory. Abraham Freeman compiled the legal data of the inventory office essays. Harry P. Hoskins, historian, prepared the his- torical sketch from original manuscripts located in the Filson Club in Louisville, Kentucky, and from records located in the various county de- positories. The inventory was prepared in final form by the state office staff. The entries were edited in final form by Joseph Gurganus and John W. Bush under the direction of Earl D. Hale, Assistant State Supervisor. Mrs. E. Johnston, and Mrs. Jule Wykle aided by John M. Allen, Assistant State Supervisor in charge of legal research prepared the editorial material in final form including the individual office essays and the section on govern- mental organization and records system. J. H. Raymer, Assistant State Di- rector, aided by Miss Thelma Bryant, classified and arranged the entries according to the respective offices, making cross references where necessary. Robert E. Greenaway and William C. Remington cut the stencils used in the publication of this inventory. I wish to express appreciation to the officials of the Works Progress Fi20-L;