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The Kentucky Kernel, April 13, 1928

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

vaiiauic P r CADHOP I THK KENTUCKY KERNEL I SATURDAY AFTERNOON IN MEN'S GYMNASIUM UNIVERSITY 1 VOLUME XVIII OF LEXINGTON, MAY QUEEN NOMINATIONS MUST HE IN BY TUESDAY KENTUCKY KY. APRIL 13, 1928 NUMBER 24 fW, (UNIVERSITY WILL RATXMMm freshmen Bring 'Cat Nine Faces Centre TO imVWTUW m iiiui uuiui Marathon 'Hnhnino .LfmUlLj iirilllj TA Election Of Mav nVVCWV o It? at Danville Tomorrow BY NOTED OFFICER Record to Kentucky STUDY OF CHINA Will Be Held April 24-2ADDTT 5 I Phorlio Wnrf nr Rnhnvl Dhnnl Will Be on Mound for Wildcats Freshman enthusiasm and curios Dennis Nolan Will ity, combined with twenty cents and Each Department Will Contrib Review University Unit tite to Program Planned several courteous motorists enabled 9 April by two Kentucky yearlings to stretch their wings and view the firmament KENTUCKY HAS TWICE immediately surrounding their Alma DR. LEW TO SPEAK AT WON HIGH DISTINCTION Mater during the spring vacation last CONVOCATION, APRIL 16 week. Ehvood Kruger and Yynn Nes E. R. Harris, Richard Wetherill bitt, we do not claim to know which Will Complete Foreign Relations is the curious and which the enthus Also Compose Inspection Work for Year; Three iastic are claimants to the amateur Board Countries Studied costless long distance traveling cham iMaj.-Ge- Collect Your Mail Shivering: Cadets Stage 'Hot' Drill 18-1- Students Are Urged to Visit OF BOTH TEAMS IS UNCERTAIN AS YET LINE-U- P Mail Boxes Students are urged to visit their mail boxes in the Bookstore. A large amount of mail has been distributed in them and has never been called for, according to a no tice from the postoffice. Players Will Endeaver to Break Present Losing Streak With Victory SuKy Circle Announces Plans for Annual Spring Festivity n. NAMES OF CANDIDATES MUST BE IN BY APRIL 17 The R. O. T. C. unit put out the hottest drill of the year Tuesday and Wednesday, wearing army shirts which were kept several degrees below freezing by the polar breezes. Companies executed squad movements like mad, the pivot men becoming dizzy because of the rapidly wheeling ranks, while the most calorific remarks of the sergeants were indeed chilling. A kelvinated armory has been proposed as a result of the drill. Signilures of 20 Male Students Are Required for Nomination (By Bill Rccp) The annual May Day celebration of Dennis E. Nolan, of pionship. Elaborate plans are being carried When the Wildcats cross bats with Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 they into effect for the Chinese program the University will be held on May 1, the United States army, will be the the Colonels from Centre tomorrow SuKy officials stated last night. The inspector of the R. O. T. C. unit of leit m an attempt to bring back the this month by student afternoon at Cheek field, it will mark Queen of May, who will preside over the University on April 18 and 19 record to their native state, cheered organization for the study of interna the first engagement between these the festivities, must have a standing The inspection board will consist of on by pressing crowds and closely tional relations at the Universiy two institutions since the closing of Nolan, Lieut.-Co- l. oi one in order to be eligible, it was E pursued by bothersome camera-me- n Each department will devote a week the basketball season. During this R. Harris, R. 0. T. C. officer of the Arriving at Louisville, at 8 o'clock, or more to special lectures and stu announced. Freshman may not lapse of time from the last athletic the only statement they issued was, dies in their respective fields. Lieut.-Co- l. compete for the honor. corps area, and Richard encounter, both Kentucky and Centre we do not choose to run tomorrow: Queen of May will be chosen in The Wetherill, of the 10th infantry. The department of art is the first have been working hard and prac we (1 rather walk or ride." Class work will probably be inspec an election which will be held at Dickat the University to begin the pro ticing daily in order to get their re Dr. T. F. Lew Will Aid Study H. er hall, the Administration building, led on the 18 and the review held on At the request of New Albany's gram. Uunng past week Chinese spective teams into playing condition, of Chinese Situation by Dis- the 19. This inspection is held an mayor, and the plea of Indiana's gov research for all the and the "Ag" building, April 24 and classes has been held The game tomorrow should prove to cussing Oriental Problems, nually, and twice the University has ernor, they touched at New Albanv. and on Wednesday, Mrs. Elizabeth 25. Joe Turner, chairman of the elecbe a very interesting affair, but as U. tion committee, and Frank Davidson, been rated as a distinguished college. inu., before taking off for Mammoth Addams, instructor in the art depart April to the outcome of the fracas, that is a are in charge of the election arrangeNolan was awarded Cave and Sand Caves in southwestern ment gave a special lecture on Chi different thing and will be settled to Dr. T. F. Lew, of Yenching Univer the Distinguished Service Medal by Kentucky. Oh, yes, the statement nese pottery. Next week Prof. John R. O. T. C. Head Gets Assign ments. morrow afternoon. sity, China, who has served as an in the United States government during must be corrected that it was a cost- Rothenstein will take up the study of Both Teams Unsuccessful ment to Command 11th U. S. in Candidates' names must be turned at So far this year, both of the teams terpreter of China to colleges nnd the World War; and was given cita less tour, for when they arrived at Chinese paintings with the students Infantry at Ft. Benjamin than the dean of men's office not later 4 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, have not enjoyed a very successful universities on the Pacific coast for tions for bravery in action against Springfield, Tenn., they found that in his classes and on the following Harrison, Ind. April 17, and the photograph of each Spanish forces at Point Arbolitus, Cu their bank roll had decreased tewnty week work in his classes will be de season as they have more losses than the past half year, will come to the competitor must accompany her, 17 and 18. Dr.- ba, May 12, 1898, and again at Santi- cents. voted to the study of Chinese sculp wins chalked upon the ledger for University on April Col. H. P. Hobbs, head of the mil name. The signatures of 20 male stuSpringfield to Louisville was the ture. Miss Anne Callihan will take them. With both teams in a slump, Lew is being brought to the Univer ago, July 1, 1898. In addition to these sity to aid in the study of China which citations, the officer holds the follow- next leg of the journey arranged by up the study of Chinese textiles with itary department at the University dents are required for a nomination. their erratic playing may come back for the past four years will be re The photographs will be run in The manager Specs Rickard, and Louis the students in her classes. is sponsoring dur ing foreign decorations: French to normalcy tomorrow, in their game, the Croix de Guerre; Commander of Le ville and Lexington was the final tri The department of music's contri lieved of his post on June 15, having Kernel April 20 and the results of and both teams will tighten up in a ing the month of April Dr. Lew has made it his custom to gion of Honor; British Commander umphant return. button to the program will be a pre been assigned as commander of the the election will be published in The manner that should speed up the The have declined sentation of the Chinese operetta. 11th infantry at Fort Benjamin Har- - Kernel of April 27 game and their play should be a de spend at least a week upon each uni- of the Bath; Italian Commander of It was announced that students in Commander of interviews from eager pressmen, but The Feast of the Little Lanterns," to rison, Ind. Mrs. Hobbs will accom cided improvement over recent games versity campus, conducting round- - the Crown; Belgium the Arts and Sciences College, the Last Monday afternoon the Wild table discussions, and encouraging in the Crown, and Panama Medal o'f they have indicated that they will not be given by the Girls' Glee club. The pany him to his new post. Professor Hobbs was assigned the Commerce College, the Law College disappoint their friends by becomine: date and the place in which the oper cats lost a hard game to Illinois here dividual and group discussion upon La Solidaridad. Until recently General Nolan has professional. matters, especially those etta is to be given has not yet been position as professor of military sci and the Education College will cast on Stoll field, one that they should intra-racibeen military advisor to the American ence and tactics at the University in their ballots in the box in front of determined. have won. At the end of the fourth concerning China He will speak at Talks will be given throughout the 1924, after being relieved as execu- the Administration building. Engiinning the 'Cats were ahead by a the University at 4 p. m., April 17, in delegation at preparatory conference Men's gymnasium, upon the sub for the limitation and reduction of month by professors and instructors tive officer of the 29th infantry at neering students will cast their votes four to one score. Then in the fifth the in front of Dicker in the department of English. Since he has in the ballot-bo- x inning it seemed as if the whole team ject, "What Is the Trouble With armaments held in Geneva, Switzer On Fort Benning, Ga. Held This April 27, Prof. E. F. Farquhar will been here, the R. O. T. C. unit has hall and all "Ag" students will vote went to sleep and booted the ball China?" His second appearance will land. Several social engagements are be be made before a University convospecial lecture on "Chinese twice received the distinguished col in front of the Agriculture building. give a around like a high school team, allowMay Day will be celebrated on FriOther lectures sched lege star, one of the highest military ing Illinois to score five runs. This cation to be held the following day, ing planned in honor of General No- Delegates From More Than 20 Literature." day, May 4, and the SuKy dance will States Attend Sixth Anuled by the different departments are honors a university mav receive. was very unfortunate for Kentucky April 18, the fourth hour when he lan, among them being a dinner-danc- e nual Meet lectures on Chinese philosophy, April Colonel Hobbs was born in Penn be presented on the evening of the because they were never able to over- will speak on "Chinese College Folk.' given by Scabbard and Blade, honorAn analytical discussion of the var ary military fraternity, and by the sylvania in 1875, and graduated from same day. come that lead, although they tried. regimental sponsors the night of The Starman Studio on North Delegates from more than twenty (Continued on Page Eight) the Pennsylvania Military College in While Kentucky was losing this ious political factions controlling different states are attending the game to Illinois, the Colonels were China today will constitute his third April 19. lovi. tie entered the army as a sec Broadway has offered to make free sixth annual Institute of Registrars ond lieutenant on April 10, 1899. He of charge all pictures of May Day losing a fast game to Eastern Nor- and final address to be made in the and the American Association of Cowas promoted through successive candidates. They only ask that the mal on their home field. The score gymnasium at 4 p. m., April 18, the subject of his speech, "What Are the llegiate Registrars, which is being grades to that of colonel on July 1, candidates report to the studio not Nationalists Trying to Do?" in indi held here this week. (Continued on Page Eight) iy4. lie was graduated from the later than Saturday. cating a peep into the political schemThe delegates registered Monday Army School of the Line at Fort ing and subterfuge which confronts morning and Dean Paul Boyd, acting Leavenworth, Kans., in 1912. and Glee Club Couch and retards China at present. Doctor in Dr. McVey's place, opened the sesthe Infantry School, Field Officer's Lew comes to the University with the Will Give Illustrated Discussion sion formally with an address of wel- First Southern Journalism Con- Course, at Ft. Benning, Ga., in Y. M. C. A. 1921. highest of recommendations from colin Men's Gymnasium on Im come. gress Asks University to Send Uunng the World War. Colonel leges and universities he has visited, portance of Chemical Warfare Prof. Ezra Gillis conducted the" first Delegates to Attend Meeting Hobbs served as division inspector Rhythm Kings Orchestra Goes Other Officers Are Cravens, Vice where his patience in explanation, class of the meeting on "The Regisin Nation's Defense. at Baylor University in Texas. of the 26th division, and also as reg With Organization on President; While, Secretary, versatility, tolerance, power of analytrar and His Program of Work." imental commander of one of the in Spring Tour and Valade, Treasurer sis, scholarship, and journalistic sense Major Benjamin T. Brooks, of the Classes have been held all week by fantry regiments of that division. of present-da- y conditions have won United States army, will give different members of the University er The department of journalism, othleca He has been awarded the distin Virgil Lee Couch, sophomore in the appreciation and respect for Oriental department heads, deans, and ediThe University Men's Glee Club, ture illustrated with motion pictures faculty, and Thursday night the in- tors of The Kernel and "Letters" have guished service cross for gallantry under the direction of Prof. Carl A. College of Commerce, was elected culture. on Monday night, at 8 o'clock in the stitute was entertained by the Uni- received a call to meet with the in action at Pala's Cotta, Island president of the University Y. M. C. of Lampert, along with the University Men's gymnasium. He will discuss versity at a dinner in the cafeteria. Southern Journalism Congress, April Jolo, Philippine Islands, May A. at the election held last week. The 5, 1905. of Kentucky Rhythm Kings, under the the importance of chemical warfare E. H. Canon, of Western State Nor- 13, the last day of Texas Journalism He also holds the silver star citations Ely Henry chosen were other officers of Toy Sandefur and as used by the army and navy both mal, president of the association, Dr. Week, at Baylor University, Waco, for gallantry in action. Eugene Royse, captured the hearts of Cravens, vice president; Raymond McVey and M. B. Adams, president in attack and in coast defense. Tex. White, secretary, and Bill Valade, . their eastern Kentucky listeners on Major Brooks will be in Lexington of Georgetown College, addressed the This is the first Southern Journal treasurer. their concert tour just completed, ac- , Prof. Fordyce Ely, former instruct- under the auspices of the Lexington association at the dinner. ism The advisory committee, composed cordnfT to reports received from Bar- This afternoon, after the close of of Congress called for the purpose J UniOr or in dairying at Iowa State College, section of the American Chemical Sopromoting college and university of faculty members and students of aBd Lom!on- - the the institute, Dr. Canon up has come To Be Monday the University, was also chosen. duties as here to take dairy his new ciety. He is being sent out by the ly open the south centralwill formal- journalism, and teaching it, publicity branch of promotion, and various other matters depart- national government on a tour of the head of the Student members will serve for one The club and orchestra made the southern states and will proceed to the American Association of Colle connected with journalism in the colTickets can be had Monday in front tour in a chartered bus, making pos-year, while faculty members will ment of the Experiment Station. Professor Ely is a graduate of the Vanderbilt from here. The motion giate Registrars. the Administration building for the sible a leges of the South. g serve for three years. Those selected tour of Cumber-annuhis Junior Prom-- to be given in land Gap and Middlesboro, as well as Dr. Charles D. Johnson, head of the are Prof. C. C. Ross, Dean W. E. University of Minnesota, receivedCol- pictures which will be shown during the lecture are authentic views made department of journalism at Baylor the Men's gymnasium Friday, April enabling a D. C. Cruise, M. A. degree from Iowa State Freeman, E. T. Proctor, dance in each University and chairman of journal- 20. Each senior will receive a date town to be given by the Rhythm Penrose Ecton, Bill Valade, Marion lege, and was a member of the faculty by the government for the purpose of educating the public on the beneism week progrom in the southwest, bid and each junior is entitled to both Kings. Quite an epidemic of walking Ross, Virgil Couch, and Raymond staff there for eight years. Give Although his plans for his work at fits derived from chemical warfare. a dati and stag invitation. The dance canes among the songsters was is in charge of the meeting. White. The lecture will start at 8 -- p. m. On the program ase such men as will begin at 9 o'clock and last until caused by a trip to the Nola Minton In receiving the honor of the pres- the Experiment Station are as yet indefinite, Professor Ely intends to after the business meeting of the soT. S. Bonner, manager of college an- 1 a. m. The Kentucky Rhythm Kings idency, Mr. Couch has the distinction k factory, where each The department of extension an- nual department, and Southwestern turnish the music. itor was .presented with a cane. of being the first president to serve place especial emphasis on dairying. ciety. Professor Zimmerman, of the chemistry department of the Uni- nounces a series of lectures to be giv- Engraving Company at Texas; Dr. S. London was the first town visited. in his junior year since the installaversity, stated that the lecture should en by Dean Evans every Wednesday P. Brooks, president of Baylor Unitne club giving a concert there on tion of the Y. M. C. A. here several HOME be of interest to every student be- and Friday night from April 18 to versity, Dr. J. M. Dawson, manager, WILL INTERVIEW years ago. He is a member of the the evenim? of March 28 Barbour. cause it does not require a technical itfay 18 at the rooms of the chamber contributor and biographer; Prof. W. ECONOMIC SENIORS ville and Pineville furnishing audien- Ohio Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, a memknowledge of chemistry to appreciate of commerce, on North Upper street. H. Vann, editor of Torch Bearer at honces for concerts on successive nights. ber of the Alpha Delta Sigma Miss Ronella Spickard, state super- - Among the numbers which orary advertising fraternity, is asProf. Joseph E. Leighton, head of the talk. It is expected that the local Each lecture will begin at 7:30 o'clock Baylor College; Miss Decca LaMar the club West, vice president of Texas press visor of vocational guidance of home sang were, "Mulligan Musketeers " advertising manager of The the department of philosophy at Ohio unit of the R. 0. T. C. will take an and will last for an hour. sistant The lectures will be popularized so association; and a number .of out- economics, will visit the University "The Road to Mandalay," "Invictus'" Kentucky Kernel, and editor of the State University, delivered an' address active part in making Major Brooks' Monday, April 18, for the purpose of "My Old Kentucky Home," standing Texas editors. Tuesday afternoon in the Education visit to the University a pleasant one far as possible and will be "K" book. "Hear interviewing senior girls in the de- - Them Bells," "My Little Banjo," in character. A feature of the The newly elected officers will take building: His subject was "Progress, The lecture is open to the public and partment of home economics who in- - Gwine to Be Thankful," and "On "I'se lectures will be the discussions of office the first of May in order to Illusory and Genuine." Professor there is no admission charge. On tend to teach when they graduate. U. of K." The program was inter- practical problems which members of Miss Emily make plans for next year. Ray Val- Leighton was introduced by Dr. Glan Miss Spickard s headquarters is in spiced with selections by the orches- the course bring for discussion. The . Dies Louisville Frankfort. ade, senior in the College of Com- ville Terrell, head of the philosophy purpose will be to supplement the Ohio department at the University. tra and a quartet of club members. merce, is the retiring president. discussion with problems of a prac University Graduate Succumbs To Be 21 tical character. To Pneumonia After RecovThis is the second attempt of the ery Seemed Assured Kentucky Women's Glee Club to department to reach the business men Give Chinese Operetta at of the city through short courses on Miss Emily Ray, who was graduatlegal subjects. Dean Turck, of the ed from the College of Education at Columbus in May College of Law, and Dr. Leland, of the end of the first semester of the The Ohio State Women's Glee club the College of Commerce, last spring 8 term, died Thursday mornof 35 voices will give a concert in gave a similar series of lectures for ing, April 5, at her home at 141." the Men's gymnasium on Saturday business men in the field of commer- South Second street, Louisville, Ky. The course will be it evening, April 21, at 8:15 o'clock. The cial law. Miss "Ray became a substitute teachin character and will not at- er in the Louisville concert is to be sponsored by the public schools (By Kady Elvove) tempt to conform to any prescribed after leaving the University. A few (By Catherine Eyl) covered by workmen There was a grinding of brakes digging the University Girls' Glee club, and its j catalog course given at the Univer- days ago she contracted a severe case a muttered ejaculation from the Col. William Rogers, now of d every shovel of dirt foundation for the Memorial building proceeds will be divided equally be- sity. With almost mute testimony of influenza fact which developed into tucky, suh, waved a protesting hand. used that was being turned for the erection serveinas18G5 there was no to the for a tween the two clubs, half being Ohio to defray the expense of the pneumonia after her recovery seemed "Now, don't take me need "Damn anybody who can run over 1 of our Memorial building on the Uni that assured. ain't got time. Work's piled up, and a dog!" he exclaimed vehemently. versity campus, Mother Earth is re- -' "Don't Park Here" sign. In its stead, State club, and the remainder will W. A. A. however, there was probably a notice enable the University of Kentucky " She entered the University in Sep- I've For there in the street, just in front looeinir cntno nf Vior rVirishpfl nnsspR- tember, 1924, as a freshman and re"But, Will, the monkey? Don't f the University driveway, lay a Officers sions, relics of "Old State College," somewhat to this effect tacked up in club to present a Chinese operetta, mained until she completed her soph- you want to see him?" Dean F. Paul small black and white tJerrior, its "The Feast of the Little Lanterns," at ie inasl0a and is revealing, incidentally, an un- - McVey Ha i, Wll Columbus, Ohio, in May. She- - then omore work. to so" s,t,and: ' written history of that sixty-thre-e Athletic Awards Are Made: University of Louisville went her the Anderson, jovial dean of the college; e'es closed, its limbs stiff, wn The admission to the juTh College not re-for of engineering who has rubbed shoul-"There ain't no reason why any-dyear-ol- d institution where grandfather horf strays away." This Ohio State singers will concert by the Tumbling Team Gives nior year, returning here last fall as be fifty cents, to shoulder with so many of the body should run over an animal,'! was and grandmother were educated; sponsible, necessary Performance a senior. because you see, according to Margaret Gooch, presigreat and near great that he calls the angry comment of the where they left, without knowing it dent of the Kentucky Girls' Glee club. Miss Ray is survived by her pa- them by their first names, urged per- - who shares e ' typical rancher's love perhaps, many fascinating tales in those days V" Virginia Ebert was announced as rents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Ray, with suasively, as he led the "ambassador for horses the dogs. were as careless with Tickets for the attraction may be which are just now being discovered and "Down in Mex-their "Dobbins" as the boys of today obtained from any local glee club president of the Woman's Athletic whom she was residing at the time large" from the station to his car. ico, I went to a bull fight, but I could- by their posterity. Association at their annual banquet of her death; two brothers, J. C. and are with their "Leaping Lenas." An- member. "All right, all right," the lanky n't watch it. Everytime a bull went How many University boys and The light operetta is intended to held last Tuesday in the palm room G. W. Ray, who are medical students cowboy philosopher assented. "Got at a horse, I ducked. girls today think of the time when other little structure that kept the I company was the "Supply be used in conjunction with the study of the Phoenix hotel. at the University of Louisville, and a to see a monkey. Good old monkey!" guess, but I don't care!" there were just four buildings on the stable The other officers for the coming sister, Miss Cora Lee Ray, who will and he grinned the lovable, good-na- House" where kerosene, coal, and of China, conducted by But a beautiful campus drive, a campus? Or of the time when coal kindling were kept to a be graduated from the University in supply student which will be made during the month year were announced as follows: u luwuii sum-- , uiue rv.entucKy sKj, anu a warm luii-- k" mui naa oil and wood fires were the only Greeno, vice president; Kathleen June. lamps and grates with fuel. It was of April. Prof. Carl A. Lampert is mg. spring day soon dispelled the doom. means of lighting and heating the in those days that the famous "mid- directing rehearsals of the organiza- Carlton, secretary; Dorothy Monroe, And so with the express purpose of and when Dean Anderson ushered his dormitories? Do they ever picture night oil" was burned. tion, and is being assisted by Jeanette treasurer. CLASSICAL CLUB MEETS seeing a monkey, Will Rogers, late guest and the trailing Kernel reportthe long wooden shed at the southFollowing the announcement of ofThe building on the campus known Lampert and Professor Jarman. of the Follies and of Mexico, was er into the Mechanical building, he eastern corner of the campus that ficers the awards were made. Geneva "The Founding of Rome," was the driven to the University. as White hall, was the original dorwas talking volubly, while Will's provided shelter for their grandfathgiven a "K" the highest subject for discussion at the meeting Rice was "Say Will, don't make any en- homely mouth was smiling its usual er's horse which he rode to first hour mitory for men and accommodated DEAN TURCK GIVES PHOTO in the organization. Numer- of the Classical Club of the Univer- gagements for tomorrow, you hear," wide grin. award classes? Hardly. No one would ex- fifty students. The present Botany als were given to Elizabeth Skinner, sity, April 12 at 4 o'clock in the Latin spoke the dean as the car headed for "Come on, I want to show you pect them to, unless they were taking labratory was their mess hall where In answer to the request of the Anna Pansock, Dorothy Monroe, room. Elizabeth Cramer presided as the University. "We're having an old something." a course in campus history. Never- every boy was required to take his students in the Law College, Dean Kathleen Carlton, and Virginia Ebert. president. fashioned breakfast tomorrow out in "What, the monkey?" asked the theless, when we are reminded of meals whether he wanted to take Turck presented the institution with The follownig received pins, Alice the country and you're invited." Mr. Rogers with the same these things, we do have a tendency them or not. Roll call was taken a life sized photograph of himself to Gardner Whittinghill and Laura K. K. I. P. A. WILL MEET TODAY be"What time is it? My work's enthusiasm for monkeys that a small to retrospect and to visualize some before each meal, and failure to an- be placed in the library. The boys of Johnson. hind now and " boy retains for a circus parade. of the hardships our forefathers un- swer to one's name meant a summons the college had the photograph The tumbling team gave a perThe second meeting of the execu"Oh, about eleven o'clock." before the military discipline commit- - framed. It has been "No, something better," answered derwent to obtain their education. the custom for formance, and several interpretive tive committee of the Kentucky In"Eleven o'clock, did y' say7 Say, I the dean, leading the way through An old concrete watering through past deans of the Law College to have dances were given by Miss Helen tercollegiate Press Association will can have three breakfasts by that (Continued on Page Eight) and a huge well which have been un- their pictures in the building. Skinner. be held at Danville, Ky., today. time Oh gosh!" (Continued on Page Eight) Major-Gener- CHINESE SCHOLAR al Major-Gener- TO VISIT CAMPUS co-e- COL. P. HOBBS WILL LEAVE 17-1- 8. K. Major-Gener- - s Registrar's Institute Here Week BID IS RECEIVED TO CONVENTION MAJOR BROOKS TO LECTURE MONDAY Is Elected President Pleases Mountain Audiences Begins Professor "Ag." Station Work at Prom Tickets Issued tisSr of sight-seein- Dean Evans to Series of Practical Talks al rt ' Golf-Stic- vis-w- ill Philosophers Hear Professor 1- ? Ray at Girls' Concert Held April Loved Traditions of "Ole State' Are Revealed as War Memorial Building Is Erected on Campus 1927-192- Colonel Will Rogers, Now of Kentucky, Visits University Campus; Comments on Zoo Ken-Jan- , sight-seein- g. i Announces at Banquet ' I er r" at -- n, Lou-ett-