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page two THE KENTUCKY KERNEL ALUMNI PAGE Subscribe for THE KERNEL Published By And For University Alumni And Help the Association JAMES PARK MADE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY PRESIDENT Mrs. Rodes Estill, '21 Raymond SECRETARY-TREASURE- R ' President of Alumni Association Appointed Alumni Member of Board by Governor Flem D. Sampson. James Park, '15 T James Park, president of the Alumni Association of the University and Commonwealth's Attorney for Fayette county, recently was appointed Alumni member of the board of trustees of the University of Kentucky by Governor Flem D. Sampson. Mr. Park was appointed in place of Howard P. Ingles, whose term expired Mr. Park will January 1, 1928. serve as a member of the board for a term of six years. The appointment is the result of the election which was held last year hv momvrs of tVio Alumni AfiRO- - L. Kirk, '24 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dr. George H. Wilson, '04 Dr. E. C. Elliott, '02 Win. H. Townsend, 12 Walter Hillenmeyer, '11 Wayland Rhodes, '15 W. C. Wilson, '13 TRUSTEE U. OF K. HOMECOMING and these three names were submitted rto the governor. From Ihem he selected Mr. Park for the appointment. There are three Alumni members of the board of trustees, and one of the three is selected every two years. Mr. Park is the youngest member of the board and his appointment comes as another tribute to .his popularity among the Alumni and friends over the state. He was elected Commonwealth's Attorney at the general election last November, after serving for two years as county attorney for Fayette county, to which office he was elected by a comfortable majority four years ago. His appointment was made public April 1, 1928. While the completed plans for the annual homecoming of week are not yet ready to be AJumni. during commencement announced, they have progressed far enough to call for a mention at this time. Special effort is being exerted to make the program for the homecoming Alumni this year interesting and entertaining for every one, who will attend. It is the plan er other than the annual business to have one big will be in the form of a social meeting. This function, probably a luncheon or dinner. The Alumni luncheon held last year met with such success that something similar will be tried again this year. This year we are looking forward to a larger attendance than in past years. The officers of the class of 1908 are planning a reunion of that class and from all indications a majority of the mem- bers of '08 will be back on the campus. This will be their twentieth anniversary reunion and much interest is being displayed by the members. In the years gone by, sad to relate, there has been comparatively little interest shown by Alumni in the homecoming in the spring. In other universities and colleges this annual homecoming is one of the biggest events in the Alumni year and is attended by hundreds of graduates and former students. Kentuckians should be more anxious to return than most other Alumni. Kentucky in the spring is a place of beauty and there is not a Kentuckian who does not feel a certain feeling of homesickness during this time of the year. What could be better than a visit to your native State and a visit to your Alma Mater at this time of the year, when the campus is most beautiful? You can relive your college days and the weight of the years away from your Alma Mater will be lifted from your shoulders. It is not too early to begin making arrangements to come Drop us a Make your plans now. home for homecoming. line and tell us to expect you. We will be glad to make any arrangements for you. Charles Sandford Milliken, A. B. 1927, is living in Louisville, Ky. where his address is Box 2100. Roland Remus Schulte, LL. B. 1927, is an attorney-at-lawith offices at 534 West Washington Boulevai'd, Ft Wayne, Ind. Mary Olive Elder, A. B. 1927, is living at 425 King street, Lewes, Dela Dorothy Helen Stebbins, A. B. 1927, is teaching in the Madison High school at Richmond, Ky. Her address is Goodlow Apartments. mm Julian Mason Taylor, A. B. 1927, is living at 1753 Marine Parkway, Brooklyn, We wish to call your attention to the program for the annual University of Kentucky dinner which will be held at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Thursday evening, April 19, during the meeting of the Kentucky Educational Association. This dinner last year proved to be one of the most enjoyable Alumni affairs of the year and all who attended it were loud in their enthusiasm after it was over. The dinner this year promises to be even more enjoyable. Tickets will be on sale at the Alumni desk at University headquarters in the Brown, all day Wednesday and Thursday. Louisville Alumni can obtain them either from our desk or from Mr. N. Gray Rochester, at the Brown Hotel. The Alumni desk is majntained each year during the meeting of the K. E. A., especially for the benefit and use of the graduates and 'former students of the University Any small service that we can Make it your headquarters. render will be done gladly and willingly. N. Y. Wilburn Bland Walker, B. S. 1927, is with the Combs Lumber company, of 'Lexington, where his address is 321 Transylvania Park. Olva Iman Lindle, A. B. 1927, is with the S. S. Kresge Corporation. He is located in Jackson, Mich., where his address is 205 Biddle street. Elbert Thomas Mackey, A. B. 1927. is superintendent of the city schools at Williamsburg, Ky. Forrest Gilbert Mercer, A. B. 1927, is teaching in the junior High school Owensboro, Ky. His address is 210 East Twenty-thir- d street. at ' 0 West Breckinridge street, They Tell Me Louisville, Henry Skillman Scott, B. M. E. 1906, is with the signal department m m of the Illinois Central railway comElwood Vincent Schulte, B. S. 1927, pany, and is located in Chicago where Koppers Com- his address is 6422 Kenwood avenue. s a chemist with the pany, of Newark, N. J. His address ' 226 North Third street, Newark. Mary E. Sweeney, M. S. 1906, is head of the nutrition department of Robinson, B. M. E. the Merrill Palmer school in Detroit, Herman Clayton 1906, is a farmer and lives in Fayette Mich. Her address is 71 Ferry street. Detroit. She has held this position Ky. m -- -o H?nrv Eiglish Read, B. M. E. 1906, 5L E. 1911, C. E. 1920, is a member of the firm of Rogers and Read, and surveyors, of 711 Realty Building, Louisville. His residence address is Thierman Apartments, 420 for several years. HELP OUT YOUR ASSOCIATION By Filling Out This Blank. ' I BE SURE TO MAIL IT TO US Name Degree Graduate Yes No Married Yes No Class Maiden name of wife and date of marriage Occupation or Employment. Give name of firm, etc. Business Address . Residence Address Name and Ages of Children. Note: Please give list of your clubs, lodges and honors. Give short outline of your life since leaving college. s. Alumni Assn. U. OF K. Charles Swift Parrish, A. B 1907, B. M. E. 1909, is assistant secretary of the Hazard Coal Operators Exchange, with offices at 612 Fayette National Bank building, Lexington. He has served in this position for the past several years. Fred Jones Rankin, B. M. E. 1097, E. E. 1913, is chief engineer for the Idaho Power Company, Boise Valley Traction Company and the Nevada Power Comnany. His address is in care of the Idaho Power Company of Boise, Idaho. Benjamin Franklin Sherffius, B. S. 1907, is a plantation manager for the Luckett Wake Tobacco Plantations of Cape Haitian, Haiti. He accepted this position last summer after living in Dryden, Oregon, for a number of years. Philip Francis Shannon, B. C. E. 1907, is a professor in engineering in the Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colo. Ernest Francis "Shimpler, B. C. E. 1912, is with L. W. Hancock and company, 709 Louisville Trust Building, Louisville, Ky. His residence address is 1818 Richmond Drive, Louisville. Alphon Penrod, B. M. E. 1908, E E. 1911, is chief of the engineering department of the Hawthorn station of the Western Electric Company, and his address is 530 South Humphrey avenue, Oak Park, 111. Dr. Robert Lovell Samuel, B. M. E. 1908, is a physician and lives in Maysville, Ky., where his address is 24 West Third street. Neville Earle Stone, B. C. E. 1908, is a contractor and is at present engaged in general highway contracting in Madisonville, Ky. Special Rental Rates to Students STANDARD SSE" DINNER Opp Courthouse WEST SHORT ST. Phone 1792 PLANS ANNOUNCED Annual Affair Will Be Held at Brown Hotel Thursday Evening, April 19; Large Attendance Expected. With the completion of the program for the annual University of Kentucky dinner, which is held in Louisville each year during the meeting of the Kentucky Educational Association, plans are being made to take care of the largest attendance in the history of these dinners. The sucBIRTHS cess of the dinner last year is in a large measure responsible for an inMr. and Mrs. Rodes Estill, of Fa- creased interest in the affair this yette county, have announced the year. The program is made up of birth of a daughter who was born at talks by men, all of whom are widely the Good Samaritan hospital Satur- known in Kentucky and especially day, April 7. Mrs. Estill before her among the teachers of Kentucky. marriage was Miss Katherine ChristTha program for after dinner is as ian. She is a graduate of the University and a member of the class of follows: Tdastmaster, President Frank L. 1921. She also is vice president of McVey. the Alumni Association and one of Introducing Honorable Flem D. the most active and interested Sampson, Governor of Kentucky. Introducing Honorable W. C. Bell, Superintendent of Public Instruction. Introducing Doctor H. L. Donovan, IN President Eastern Teachers College "The College Student of 1928," by Gayle Mohney, president of senior class, University of Kentucky. "Gleanings From the Campus," by Grandstand Burned and Centre W. D. Funkhauser, dean, Graduate Blacklisted by S. I. A. A. Dur- School, University of Kentucky. Music ing Same Season; Year an Men's Gleewill be furnished by the Club of the University. Eventful One. The dinner this year will be held at the Brown hotel, where headquarSoon after the opening of the fall ters of the K. E. A. will be located. term, session of 1897-9President The time is 6 o'clock, Thursday evenPatterson announced as the new Ath- ing, April 19. The program of letic Committee of the Faculty, Pro- speeches will be over in sufficient fessors Roark, Kastle, Anderson, time for all those present to attend Mathews, and Pence. the evening meeting of the associaThe coach selected for the football tion. season was Lyman B. Eaton, from This year, as usual, several departCincinnati University. T. K. King, ments of the University will have who had been selected the preceding desks in the general University headyear as captain, did not return, and quarters which also will be located in Campbell '98 was elected in his place. the Brown hotel. The Alumni office Lafayette Brock was manager. will maintain an information bureau The games resulted as follows: for the use of all graduates and forOctober 2: S. C. 8, K. U. 6. mer students of the University who October 9: At Nashville, Vander-bi- lt will attend the meeting. All gradu22, K. U. 0. ates and former students are urged to October 9: At Frankfort, Centre call at the Alumni Association desk 5, Capitol Team 5. Ticksoon after reaching Louisville. October 16: At Danville, Univer- ets for the banquet will be on sale sity of Cincinnati 4, Central 0. At there. This desk is maintained for the close of this game the Cincinnati your convenience and a register of all players were chased to the depot and former students of the University badly beaten up. who are attending the meeting will October 16: At Georgetown, S. C. be kept. You can locate classmates 31, Georgetown 0. S. C. was repre- and old college friends through this sented on this occasion by its second office. Louisville Alumni can obtain team. tickets in advance for the dinner by There was talk at this time of the communicating with Mr. N. 'Gray team disbanding on account of alleged Rochester at the Brown hotel. opposition, as was stated in the Lexington daily papers, of "President Patterson and certain members of the best of my recollection, that the cov- faculty." j ered grandstand on the grounds burn October 23: At Lexington, S. C. ed down, due to unslacked lime hav20, Georgetown 4. ing been carelessly stored under it. October 30: At Nashville, Vander-bil- e A rain came up one night soon there50, S. C. 0. after, the ground under the stand October 30: At Lexington, S. C. was flooded, the lime slacked, the bargrounds, Washington and Lee 22, C. rels caught fire, and the stand was U. 0. (The Washington and Lee team burned to the ground before morning. was coached for this season by WalThis was a considerable loss, for lace Muir, now an attorney in Lex- though a very modest structure, there ington. He had learned his football were no funds to replace it. while playing as a preparatory stuThe Grounds Improvement Com dent on the S. C. second team). pany had gone out of existence. It October 30: At Winchester, Centre was started entirely in the interest of 12, Winchester Athletic Club 0. the students, because there seemed ho November 6: At Cincinnati, Uni- other way by which improvements versity of Cincinnati 10, Centre 0. could be secured for the grounds. November 6: At Richmond, C. U. However, with the rapid changing per18, S. C. 0. sonnel of the student body, it was eviCentre Criticized dent that there was a growing feeling The Cincinnati papers, in giving an in it that it was being exploited in account of the Centre - Cincinnati some way by this company. The stugame, roasted Centre, accusing the dent management endeavored to hold college of playing ringers, and cited back from the gate receipts the per as illustrations Dicky Vanwinkle, a cent that was due the company. practicing attorney in the town, and Rather than be placed in this attitude one time professional baseball play- the stockholders of the company, er, and Gene Cook, a young farmer therefore voluntarily made a present from the vicinity of Danville." of their stock to the Athletic AssoNovember 14: At Georgetown, S ciation. C. 12, Georgetown 4. S. C. played In the fall of '98 the President apher second team. pointed the Faculty Athletic CommitNovember 14: At Catlettsburg, tee consisting of Professors AnderCentre 18, Catlettsburg 0 son, chairman; White, Miller, Brook? November 18: At Danville, Centre and Wernicke. The football manager 18, Miami 0. selected by the students was W. L. About this time it was announced Bronaugh '99. The coach selected was by the S. I. A. A. that Centre was Bass, of the University of Cincinnati, blacklisted. Centre replied to the an and the captain was Roscoe Severs. nouncement by saying that this was This is the famous team which has because she had, the preceding year, gone down in the annals of State Unidefeated Vanderbilt 46 to 0, versity football as the "immortals," November 30 (Thanksgiving Day): they having scored 181 points to their At Lexington, Centre 30, S. C. 0. opponents 0. The contesting teams on this occa The schedule played with the resion were as follows: sults is as follows: S. C. Centre October 1: S. C. vs. K. U., at LexSlade R. E. Blaydes ington, 18-Humphrey Staples R.T. October 8: S. C. vs. Georgetown, Straus '98 R.G. Baird at Georgetown, 28-C Clark Foreman October 15: S. C. vs. Co. H, 8th Whayne .. L. G. .. Harlan Massachusetts, at Lexington, 59-Hokk . Steely L.T. October 29: S. C. vs. L. A. C, at Harvey L. E. Mannieri Louisville, 17 (lG?)-0- . Severs Q Van Winkle November 5: S. C. vs. Centre, at Reese R. H. Anderson Lexington, Cook This game stopped on account of a Elliott L. H Wilson terrific storm of wind and rain. Asher F. B. November 8: S. C. vs. lGth InIt appears that Campbell resigned diana, at Lexington 17-the captaincy before the season was November 19: S. C. vs. Newcastle over and Severs was elected in his team, at Lexington, 36-place. While no teams were played from It will be noted that one of the without the state this year, on acabove players on the Centre team, count of the n war, Steely, was formerly a student at S. football was at a low ebb in a number C, and a member of the football team of Southern universities, especially as there. It only goes to show how a great many of the more athletic stu very little college loyalty there was dents volunteered. Withal, the above among some of the students in those is a very creditable performance. To days. beat those soldier teams from Camp The '97 team was the weakest S. Hamilton, situated just north of LexC. had put forth since football was ington, with its 15,000 men to draw inaugurated in the college, yet it was from (that was actually the case in practically this same team that in '98 the second game, though credited to was to be one of the strongest, if the lGth Indiana) was no light task, not the strongest, that ever repre- for a great deal of football was playsented the institution. ed between the companies that fall, Grandstand Burns football and many crack It was during this season, to the players were numbered among them. When you need a car for business or social affairs RENT OR CHEVROLET I We cater to the university trade No deposits required from students. Commercial 133 W. SHORT mimmni PHONE 3145 "iiiiinmiMMiiitiinnnimimmiiir;miifHHmiiiHiiiimrfTTTi Cafeteria Meal Hours 1897 SUCCESSFUL Lunch Dinner . Co. Rent-A-C- ar Breakfast . a CHRYSLER FOOTBALL TEAM 8, county, Kentucky. His address is R. F. D. No. 3, Lexington, Ky. He has been a life member of the Alumni Association since 1915, and was an active member for several years before that. THE UNIVERSITY DINNER O University of Kentucky Club of Greater Cincinnati: Luncheon at noon on first Saturday in each month at Industrial Club. Pike Madison avenue, Covington, Ky. Note Will the officers of other Alumni Clubs please send us the dates and places of their regular meeting University of Kentucky Club of Chicago: Luncheon third Monday of each month at 12:30 p. m., in the grill room of Marshall Field's Men's Store. TYPEWRITERS RAYMOND KIRK Secy.-Trea- ANNOUNCEMENTS ALL MAKES Edited by 7:00 to 8:15 11:45 to 12:45 5:30 to 6:00 Open between meals in the morning for Sandwiches, Milk, Hot Drinks, Candy and Ice Cream UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA Basement Administration BIdg SOUTHERN RAILWAY SYSTEM DIRECT LINE FROM LEXINGTON TO All Points in the NORTH, EAST, SOUTH AND WEST Cincinnati, New Orleans Jacksonville, The Carolinas and St. Louis Convenient Schedules to All Points For Tickets, Reservations, Descriptive Literature and Information, Communicate Witli CHAS. F. BIGELOW W. R. CL1NKIN BEARD Division Passenger Agent City Ticket Agent 118 East Main Street, Lexington, Ky. JUST RECEIVED A Shipment of University Jewelry RINGS BELTS PINS With Silver Buckles LETTER OPENERS and BOOK MARKS With University Seal Campus Book Store Gym Building WELL PRESSED Means WELL DRESSED . Spanish-America- Suits Pressed 35c J. S.LOYD Representative Men's Dormitory LEXINGTON LAUNDRY CO. PHONE 62