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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL K. I. P. A. Treasurer ICOLONEL Engagements SOCIETY NOTES PAGE THREE o- - -- o Colvin-Cochra- n The Colony Book Shop tVMJ3 Si For Resolve to Read BETTER Books Famous Exhibit Will Be Brought Here BEAUTY SHOPPE l(howiedge Waving Weddings done by the Nestle Circuline Method. Free advice given by a Graduate Beautician. Art Institute. The exhibition was sent first to Chicago, in order that it might fit into the schedufe there, but art lovers may have a chance to view the paintings at the Art Center before the end of this semester, it has been announced. Prof. William Rothenstein is one of the most famous and outstanding artists- of today in the line of paintings of his contemporaries. Some of his best known subjects have been George Bernard Shaw, John Singer Sirgent, Emil Zola, Lord Balfour, H. Cv Wells, the Dutchess of Rutland, Einstein, Thomas Hardy, George Moore, General Smuts, and Viscount Grey. Professor Rothenstein is principal of the Royal Academy of Art in London and a trustee of the National Gallery of British Art. His works hang in some of the greatest galleries of the world, the Metropolitan in New York, the Luxemburgh in Paris, the National Gallery of British Art, the National Portrait Gallery in London, and galleries in Berlin, Moscow, The following beautifully engraved announcement has been received: Mr. and Mrs. Jess William Knox announce the marriage of their sister Miss Hettie Hawes Knox to Dr. Walter Alva Weed twenty-sixt- h of March on 3Ionday, the Nineteen hundred and. twenty-eigBirmingham.yAlabama At Home Channing Road Lakeland, Florida Phone 7225 COATS and FROCKS FRATERNITY ROW For every college Miss for every need for every occasion. Styles that whisper of Paris. Materials of distinction. Values that defy comparison Messrs. Roy Utley, of Paducah; Blue Fortenberry, of Clay, and A. K. Messig, of Baltimore, Md., were initiated into Sigma Beta Xi fraternity ! B. B. Smith & Co. Wil-lia- ,264 EAST MAIN STREET THE CO-E- " D Works on Life of Rafinesque Declare Him Ahead of His Time A Diverse Selection of Smart Spring Models FROCK, COATS, SUITS, ENSEMBLES HERE AT JUST $ 6.00 1 Because We Sell More $1.66 $1.86 $2.16 One of a Style "KENTUCKY'S MOST POPULAR SHOP Larus I The Transylvania library has recently received several treatises on the life 'and work of Constantine Rafinesque, for seven years professor of Natural History on the Transylvania campus in the early years of the nineteenth century, and recognized today as one of the most outstanding pio neers in the field of American scien? tific thinking. One of the most notable of these treatises was received from Earl L. W. Heck, 48 Sheen Road, Richmond, Surray, England. It gave in fine detail the life of this famous scientist who was born on the short of the Bosphorous and of Franco-Turkis- h Greco-Germa- n parentage, and told of his wanderings, his troubles, and his ultimate success. His bones now rest in an archive provided for them in Morrison college on the Transylvania campus. Tteafoaosslodd Co. INCORPORATED ' Citizens' Military Training have trained over 200,000' young men since their formation seven years ago, according to a statement made by Col. H. P. Hobbs, h;ad of the department of military science and tactics at the University. Colonel Hobbs also stated that while only 10,000 men were trained by the camps in 1021, last year 40,000 were given training, and 20,000 more were turned away because of lack of room. "Seven years have demonstrated ' the value of the Citizens' Military Training camps. No better proof of this can be found than the increasing desire of young men to return year after year for the advanced courses. The camps, too, have the unanimous approval of parents, who have welcorned their sons back from camp to find them better and stronger men- tally, morally, and physically," Colonel Hobbs declared. The courses of training, which any young man between the ages of 17 and 24 years is eligible to attend, embrace a full term of four summers, although the course may be taken as a whole or in part, as the student wishes. All expenses are paid by the government, including laundry service and transportation to and from the camp. The Camps College are noaring the close of their Leap Year Joys. At the quadrien-ni- al Leap Year R:iuiuct, held on February 21, a petition, known as the "Spider-we- b Compromise," because of its shape, was presented by one of the senior boys. The girls voted almost unanimously in favor of the measure, which stipulated that for cial conditions has caused many peculiar situations and brought to light more than a few heretofore unsuspected "crushes." In the opinion of the leaders of the movement, much good will come from the temporary change of viewpoint, probably a greater mutual appreciation between the courters and the courted. A GOOD CURE For Students' Spring Fever! A smart-lookin- g haircut or a Wind-blow- n help you to forget your malady 117 E. HIGH ST. i FLOWERS "Say It Better" - We Specialize in Corsages and Cut Flowers ORDERS TAKEN NOW ARKANSAS PROFESSORS VISIT ! JACK COUSINS Student Representative President C. V. Kays, of the Arkansas School of Agriculture, at Jones-borArk. Professor Elderidge and Professor Short, of the same institution, who came to the University to attend the registrar's mteting, visited the College of Agriculture and the Experiment Station farm Tuesday. They were very much impressed with the work being done and were particularly interested in the livestock. o, Keller Florist Phoenix Hotel Building 120 EAST MAIN STREET PHONE 354 -- Incorporated Washable Kid Gloves . $2.95 Hat Ornaments, studded. $1.50 Printed Linen Hankies.. $1:50 Today Rafinesque is considered as having stood one hundred years ahead of his time. He was misunderstood while he lived, but recently a new interest has been shown for him and his contribution. & Bro. Co. Richmond, Va. Gentlemenr The worst thing in the world to try to find is a good pipe tobacco that is well within the reach of everybody, and at the same time does not taste like it had just come out of the cabbage 'I patch. I have been smoking a pipe for two years and have just this month started to smoke a real smoke, Edgeworth. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Believe me, I tried for two years, but finally success is more than mine. I have just been looking around, and have found to my delight that I can get Edgeworth practically anywhere. I even found it out at the lake near Dallas where I go fishing. Oh boy; what a combination a perfect day, a can of good tobacco, and your pipe. I always thought these ad letters were the bunk, but this time I know somebody is wrong and that is me. Here's to old Edgeworth, Edmund Condon Edgeworth Do You Ride? Extra High Grade Smoking Tobacco This glorious, brisk air inspires, one to early rising and an early canter down Richmond Road. And equally inspiring Wolf Wile's Adorable Frocks $ riding apparel! visit is all we ask of you, before you make your final choice this season. Come in tomorrow and bring your A girl friends Our finely specialized fashion completeness is illustrated by our wonderful selection of sport and afternoon frocks at this price. Gorgeous New Silk Prints Frocks with Knit Blouses Georgette Frocks with Lace Yoke Canton Crepe with Suede Belt The New Chiffon Prints and many more. FASHION SHOP THIRD FLOOR Kentucky girls will find the latest tailored gar- ments in a variety of materials here at moderate prices. 25 B i B" TheSwaggtrNunn-Bus- NuKnByIh (tfnhle-SashionedOxfo- -- I I" . Graves, Cox & Co. Size try-o- n. is no question here. ht mu rds You'll always feel your feet are well dressed .... neat .... trim .... with these oxfords built to hug the ankle. for a WOOLEN RIDING HABITS, men's wear worsted or cheviots. $50 LINEN RIDING HABITS, coat and breeches of fine linen. $15 SEPARATE RIDING BREECHES, linen or whipcord. $6.50 to $15 flannel, red or green, $15 SLEEVELESS JACKETS, light-weigBLOUSES, fine English Broadcloth . . . $2.50 SHIRTS AND h " RIDING BOOTS DOBBS HATS, priced H Jjl bob will Viaduct Barber Shop H. M. DAVIS, Prop. Dallas, Texas March 22, 1927 (By K. I. P. A.) in a co-e- Hunts 2 Years for the Right Tobacco Transylvania Gets Valuable Treatises Presents TrnxTrm n nrnxT t XlUOl!i ArjiMUbiVI OiiliLlliNiilj TTAnn viously signed the petition. try-out- e. Sweet Sixteen Shop Closed one month no boy of the college should ask any college girl for a date. Practically all of the boys had pre- Girls Have Asked Boys For Since the inauguration of this faDates Since February 2!) mous compromise, the phones in the Banquet Head of Department of Military boys dormitories have been ringing Science States That 200,000 merrily, as fair valiantly at(By K. I. P. A.) Young Men Have Been Traintempted to make dates with the boys The men of Kentucky Wesleyan j of their dreams. The reversal of soed In Encampments. Tuesday evening. Mr. Clayton Newman spent the week-en- d in Cincinnati. Mr. Charles Heidrick was a guest at the Sigma Nu house and attended the Stroller play. n Mr. James Kirkendal and Mr. in Ann Dublin, and Chicago. Rentz spent the week-en- d Arbor, Mich. Mr. James Randolph, of Iowa City, "I would like to marry your daugh Iowa, was a week-en- d visitor at the ter." Sigma Nu house. He is en route to "But, my boy, she has a good Florida where he will participate in home." the Olympic "Oh, I'll let her keep that." Messrs. Jack Serey, of Ashland; Arizona Kittykat. Gene Auxier, of Pikeville, and P. K. Stewart, were visitors at the Delta Chi house last week. 'THE HOUSE OF SPECIALIZED MODES' GLORIFYING Joy Nears PRAISES C. M. T C Dr. and Mrs. George Colvin, of Louisville, announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Lovey Mary CALENDAR Postal Received Colvin, to Mr. William Duffield CochAn interesting post card has been ran, of Ann Arbor, Mich. Saturday, April 14 received at The Kernel office from Miss Colvin was graduated from Alpha Delta Theta benefit bridge, the University last June. She is a 3 to 5 o'clock in the palm room of Miss Rachelle Schacklette, who is in South America. Miss member of the Kappa Kajrba (lamina the Phoenix hotel. sorority. Cadet Hop in the Men's gymnasium Shacklette is a graduate of the UniNo date has been sot for tlu wedj 3 to C o'clock. versity where she was a member of ding. Alpha Xi Delta banquet. Phoenix the Chi Omega social sorority, Theta hotel. Frumberg-Miller Sigma Phi and Mortar Board. For Sigma Nu formal dance, 9 to 12 several years Miss Shacklette was Announcement has been received o'clock in the Men's gymnasium. secretary to the Dean of Women. of the engagement of Miss Beatrice Frumberg, of St. Louis, to Mr. I. J. Miller, of Lexington. Mr. Miller is a graduate of the College of Law at the University where he is a member of the Delta Chi soHe is now practicing cial fraternity. MR. ROY PARKER law with the firm of Miller and Miller. Mr. Roy Parker, editor of Centre's The wedding will take place in. the 1928 annual, has recently been electautumn. ed treasurer of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association. Mr. Ford-Dunla- p Parker is an outstanding student at II 1928 Mr. and Mrs. James McCoy Ford, Centre College. of Georgetown, Ky., announce the engagement of their daughter, Margaret James Ford, to Mr. Braham Dun-laof Versailles, Ky. Miss Ford was a student at the University, coming here from the Georgetown College where she was gradu- Sketches By William Rothen-slei- n ated. Mr. Dunlap is .a graduate of Secured Through EfNELL OSBORNE the University where he was a memforts of His Son ber of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity The wedding will be an event of the The largest exhibition of paintings 2nd Floor J. D. Purcell' early summer. of the heads of famous men, all done Rothenstein, of by Prof. William -n- Our new Vapor Steam Per0 England, has been brought to America through the efforts of the artist's manent Machine son, Prof. John Rotherstein, and Prof. Waves and Rewaves any texCarol Sax, of the University, will be ture of hair. Waving also Knox-Wee- d shown during April at the Chicago I HOBBS! Wesleyan Month of WOLF WILE'S SECOND ... FLOORl $15 $15 and up