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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 13, 1928

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SIX ILLINOIS RALLIES TO DEFEAT 'CAT NINE, 7-- 4 Ashland Tomcats Win National Title; JEFFRIES' ERROR CATS LOSE FOUR GAMES IN SOUTH IN SIXTH IS Shows Up Well Carr Creek Quintet the COSTLY Varsity Georgia Wins Two Games, Oglethorpe and Tennessee Take One Each From Nine was in sight. After that it was just "too bad" for the others. They were not to be denied the cherished crown before them, and putting every ounce of their remaining strength and fight into their last' game, they came out on top the victors and also the champions of all the high schools in the United States. Their goal had been reached and their task accomplished. It was a tired, but happy bunch of fellows who faced the tournament officials to receive their various and siwards for their achieveThe Ashland Tomcats, the same ments. team that won the state title here The Ashland team was also honorthree weeks ago, encountered some chosen mighty difficult obstacles on jts ed bv having one of their men He was team. march to the national title and not ion the whom many enough credit can be bestowed upon Captain Ellis Johnson, work the team. Entering- the tournament will remember for his brilliant along with the best from 12 other hexe during the recent state tournastates, the Tomcats were not regard- ment. Kentucky was also represented at ed by the experts as a team that would cause any feerious trouble and the national tournament by a team would probably not survive the sec- that fooled the whole basketball world ond round. Once in Chicago, the and established a name for them Tomcats took things into their own selves and the village that they rephands and after the first game they resented. Carr Creek, the team that showed the spectators and others how was on the tongue of every man, the game was played in the state of woman and child in Lexington and Kentucky. Keeping up the same driv- elsewhere a few weeks ago, as the ing and persistent pace that was a fame has spread, for the people in "Waterloo" to the teams they met, Chicago have taken up the chant and Ashland kept driving until their goal look with awe and wonder on a team "Things may come and things may go, but Car Creek and Ashland will go on forever." For the benefit of those who might not know, it perhaps will interest them to be informed that it was a Kentucky team which won the national basketball championship of the United States. It was none other than the Tamcats, from Ashland, on the Big Sandy river, who gained for themselves a record that will be mighty hard to beat in the years to come. tro-pri- t - jsiiig such an unorthodox manner and way while playing in Chicago. Going to the "Windy City" as a team that didn't have the slightest chance in all the world of even winning one game, they proved the sensation of the whole tournament and won three games besides. Winning from schools whose attendance outnumbered them niany times and whose cities were large enough to lose the hamlet in which they lived, the Creekmnn played these terms to a standstill, d"feat-in- g the best from three states. While in Chicago, the Carr Creek boys made such a hit with the people that they woie immediately swamped with invitations to various places of amusement and dinners. It was just impossible for them to accept them all. In fact if they had accepted every invitation it would have taken them two whole weeks for that alone. The excellent work of Shelby Stamper earned for him a team. In place on the two games he scored mora points than enough in fact the opposing team, to win .tha game single handed and this marked him as one of the leading players and scorers of the SHIVELY'S TRACKMEN IN GEORGIA The New Belmont Restaurant Opposite the Phoenix Hotel RELAYS Silver Plate Lunch 25c, Regular Lunch 60c By Wayman Thomasson Dinner 75c After the Dance try our Refreshing Fountain Drinks and Sandwiches of all Kinds. Confections. OPEN DAY AND NIGHT TO WER'S All the great relay teams in the south and middle west are advancing on Georgia tonight, and the Kentucky harriers directed by Coach Shively strong an imare due to make-apression on those people in the land of dirty engineers and basketball tournaments tomorrow as did a for mer travelling man named Sherman a few years ago on his march to the sea. The Kentucky team leaves the L. and N. station at 8 o'clock tonight. In Atlanta tomorrow will be gathered the running men from Illinois, Iowa, Iowa State, Indiana, Notre Dame, Northwestern, and all the states in the land of Dixie to take part in the annual Georgia Tech relays. Iowa holds the national record in the mile relay. Iowa State won relay at the great Illithe nois meet three weeks ago, and the Illinois teams ran first in the medley relays. and Kentucky has seven scantily clad cinder warriors headed by rrti athletic hero named William Gess to toe the line with these swift nomads of the north, and those of the sotith who have not yet flashed across the horizon of track fame. Gess and his Xentuckians, Cwens, four-ynil- Varsity Slicker On Honor Graduate Comfort ' Root, Shipley, half-mil- half-mil- e. A. J. Toweii Co. two-mil- MASS. Seniors F Ready-mad- e t at Vermont University bloomed out with canes shortly after Easter. It is an old custom at Vermont, a stately and dignified one. The seniors suddenly become the old men of the University, they are ready CLOTHES And Cut and two-mi- Style A Durability A Economy - A Protection A BOSTON, Akin, Rodemeyer, Thomasson, are entered in the and sprint medley relays In the first each of four men, Gess, Owens, Akin, or Rhodemeyer, and Thomase son will run a with the baton. In the latter Thomasson will lead off with a quarter mile, Root and Shipley each will run 22 yards and Gess will finish the race by running Due to Captain Gess' a remarkable ability to sprint at the Coach Shively expects his team finish, e to win 'the relay and lower the Georgia Tech record in that event. A. a to pass out. Order It was the third inning, there was one down and Irvine Jeffries was standing placidly on first base, this base being a gift from the admiring Finn, Illinois short stop, who had just muffed Jeff's grounder. The boy stole (He now has two bases second. Keep your shirt on). He went to third on Layman's single and scored e blow to left on Gilb's sharp field. Layman and Gilb scored on single to right. Raymond Crouch's Rhoads doubled to center field and Cole was hit by Andrews who had relieved Mueller from the mound duty. Ropke singled to right, sending Rhoads to third and Cole to second The bases are filled and Ericson fans one-bas- two-mi- Fish Brand By Wayman Thomasson Miss April forgot her showers Monday afternoon at Stoll Field and wintry blasts ruffled her skirts while a Kentucky ball team was frozen in a 7 to 4 defeat by some diamond dusters from the University of Illinois. Mr. Jeffries committed a costly error in the sixth when Illinois made five runs, and this man Ericson, the blond Viking from Sweden, fanned the air with a funny bludgeon when hits in the pinches meant runs. Stumbling up from under Southern skies where four games had been blown in the gentle breezes, these Wildcats of Coach Majors' ruffled up their winter furs and looked as for midable as a squad of irritated por cupines on quill parade during the first three innings when they made four runs and held the Illinois batsmen to a prayer. It was the second inning and Raymond Rhoads was shivering at the bat. He walked. Jovial Johnny Cote took up his bludgeon and sacrificed while Rhoads ran to second and then came home on .Ericson's sharp singe through the pitcher's box. out. This ended the Kentucky scoring and Illinois made five runs in the sixth when they batted around. They tallied another run in the ninth when Sweeney singled and then circled the bases after the hit rolled through " Layman's legs. The summary: AB R II PO A E Illinois Glade, 2b Shaw. 2b O'GraTly, If 2 '. 0 1 Walker, rf Sweeney, cf Finn, ss Gundlach, lb Cann, c Lymperopoulos 0 2 2 1 3 1 2 0 0 0 0 .512101 4 5 4 5 4 3bv 4 Mueller,.p Andrews, p 110 12 2 0 2 2 1,11 0 0 0 3 4 0 0 7 10 27 17 1 39 won-derf- ur HELP WIN PEERLESS Laundry and Dry Cleaning KELVINATOR The World's Oldest and Best Electric Refrigeration. XX s Sales Co. 8 men. Lose, Tie With Petrels After these debacles, the Blue and White journeyed over to Oglethorpe e stay. In the first for a game, played on April 4, the Petrels in a just nosed out the 'Cats, very tight game. Boswell, Petrel star, hit a homer in the second inning, scor ing three runs, and providing the game winning margin. Jeffries and Gilb were the heavy stickers for the Blue, getting two hits out of five times at bat. Lawson, Petrel pitcher, struck out nine Kentuckians, and aided materially in winning the game. Wert had a very bad day, walking seven men and hitting two others with the. pellet. Oglethorpe made seven errors, but the 'Cats could not avail themselves of many of these as scoring aides. The second' game ended a tie, 414, in the tenth inning. After a ninth inning rally had pulled them into an even break, the 'Cats were forced to leave after the tenth inning In order to catch a train for Tennessee. Oglethorpe was off to a good start, scoring three runs in the first inning. Kentucky got two runs in the ninth to tie the count. Bob Rhoads pitched the game for Kentucky and aided his team materially with the willow, hitting a home run, triple, and scoring three of the four runs. Tennessee's Volunteers were the 227 E. MAIN ST. Lexington, Ky. PHONE 1917 H two-gam- 5, LAFAYETTE HCl)TE I r I j. ii 300 ROOMS Fireproof-Circulat- ing 300 BATHS Ice ' LEXINGTON'S I A FINEST HOTEL icfKLiPt HIH M aJHHH i 4 1 0 0 0 0 3 .. Totals Kentucky Jeffries, ss Layman, ct 10 19 2 0 10 0 AB R II PO A E 10 15 2 NOTRE DAME WINS 112 110 11 4 4 Gilb, 2b Crouch, 3b Ray. Rhoads, rf ... Cole, lb Ropke, If . Ericson, c Robt. Rhoads, p. 4 Totals Summary: 1.1 0 1 2 2 2 14 1 2 1 4 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 37 4 8 27 13 5 4 3 1110 .5 4 Raymond 0 0 2 2 last team on the Wildcat invasion pro- men. Both teams were weak in hitgram, and the Vols managed to take ting strength. Wert relieved Rhoads the one game played by a 3 count. in the fifth inning, and pitching The second game was rained out. ball, struck out five men and Rhoads and Wert pitched for Ken- whitewashing the Vols for the last Kentucky's Wildcat baseball nine tucky, and Goodwin caught. Bridges, four frames. Captain Crouch led the returned last Sunday morning after Tennessee twirler, was a complete Blue and White sluggers with two completing a most disastrous South- mystery to the 'Cats, fanning eleven hits. ern invasion. The 'Cats did not bag a single conflict, and although one was tied, four games were entered on the debit side of the Blue ledger. CLOTHES DO YOU Thp annual trin. in whioh Kentuekv encountered some of the best nines Keep them looking Clean and fresh by sending in the South, was begun a week bethem to the fore. On Monday, April 2, the 'Cats played their first game with the Georgia Bulldogs, and were defeatcc by a 0 score. Wert started twillCo. ing for Kentucky, but was replaced 149 N. Broadway Phone 335 by "Lefty"Rhoads, whose excel'ent pitching after his belated entrance, W. A. SANDERS, University Agent featured the game. Murdock, Red PHONE 4963 and Black moundsman, pitched an excellent game, only 31 Kentucky men facing him in the duration of the game. On the following day, the Wildcats were again handed the small end of thq score, and drubbed by a 1 count. Kentucky made her only score in the fifth inning when Captain Bill Crouch led off with a single. Mauser walked, and Goodwin fanned. Jeffries struck out. Georgia scored two runs in the third inning, one in the fourth, and ended their tallying with three runs in the seventh. Wal- H Evans-Youn- g ler, Georgia hurler, whiffed seven 8 Two-bas- hits e Rhoads, 04 Gundlach, O'Grady. 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 Mueller, Cann. Stolen hit bases Jeffries 2, Gilb. Sacrifice hit Cole. Hits Off Mueller, 3 hits and 3 runs in 2 3 innings; off Andrews, innings. 5 hits and 1 run in G 3 Struck out By Mueller, 1; by Andrews, 7; by Rhoads, 4. Bases on balls Off Rhoads, 3; off Mueller, 2; off Andrews, 1. Hit by pitcher By Andrews (Cole and Layman). Left on bases Illinois, 8; Kentucky, 12. Win ning pitcher Andrews. Time 2:17. Umpire Heber. Three-bas- e "FIRST TENNIS MATCH 3-- 0 Notre Dame's tennis team handed the University's varsity racqueteers a severe drubbing last Friday afternoon, on the University clay courts. Markey, ace of the Green, defeated Hammersly, Kentucky first man, by an overwhelming score. 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