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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 13, 1928

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE EIGHT MISS MAKl TWELVE LAW STUDENTS TAKE BAR EXAMINATION Ub) KUtUVCKd t 1 - Miss Mary Dey, instructor in the Among the 114 applicants taking repartment of home economics, has law examination being recovered from her recent illness and the was able to enjoy the Easter holidays given at Frankfort by the state board of bar examiners, are 12 students of with friends in Champagne, 111. University law students, taking the examination are Colvin B. Rouse and George Ragland, Jr., of Lexington; Edward 0. Ross, f Ludlow; J. MarR. W. SMOCK shal McCann, of Flemingsburg; Roy Your Watch Watch of Lothair; O'Neill, R. Ray, of Drakesboro; Joseph E. Johnson, of Lexington; Susan B. Henry, Hugh O. Porter, W. Clay Robinson, and HerClock bert M. Dunn, of Lexington; and J. 157 S. LIME PHONE 7638 S. Feather, of Corbin. two-da- McATEE SHOE SHOP Shoe Artisans With a Reputation WORKMANSHIP UNSURPASSED PRICES LOWER ON S. LIME, OFF MAIN SALADS and SANDWICHES Famous for Our Chocolate Fudge Cakes . Benton's Sweet Shoppe Phone 5961 DANCING 1:00 A. M. 8:30 P. M. TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS Nights Lexington's New Roller Rink Phone 5717 Gentlemen 75c SATISFY-- SO DO WE Expert Haircutting at Reasonable Prices The Students Barber Shop LOVELINESS ously. "Meet our lady engineer," was the dean's dramatic reply and he presented Miss Margaret Frye, who, clad in overalls, was busy at the forge. Will scratched his head a characand murmured. teristic gesture "Look out, Lizzie! You're doing fine now, but wait 'til you get to shoeing a mule!" "Say have you read "Justice?" Dean Anderson asked his guest, as he led him into the Engineers' club where engineers were draw ing. "Naw, I never go in for any high hat stuff," was the inelegant reply. "Well, my boys put it on at the Holds theater and everyone says its the best play ever held here," said the Dean proudly. AlSixteen were initiated into the "Oh, I see," was the knowing repha Gamma chapter of Kappa Delta sponse, followed by a loud chuckle. at "It must have been mechanically perPi, honorary education fraternity the University at the services held fect. Every enginoer knew his disWednesday night in the Lafayette tance! My gosh! Look at that!" The undergraduates initiated hotel. Eyes of startled engineers and were Leslie Best, Miss Elizabeth Dun- startled guide followed Will's finger can, Miss Mary L. Duncan, Miss as it pointed to the wall, where hung Bartley, Sam J. Denny, Mrs. Julia a huge black bearskin coat of the R. Ewan, Miss Una G. Martin, Miss typical college mode. Anna D. Gill. John S. Reed, Miss "I was gettin' along fine 'til I saw Frances B. Smith and Vaden Pate that," lamented the humorist. "I while the graduate students becoming thought here was one college where members of the fraternity were Miss they didn't have such things! Y' Clara Wright, J. R. Benjamin, Ed- know, one of the biggest problems up ward Gotherman, J. B. Molloway and North is how to get beer stains out George W. Bryson. Prof. J. S. Mit- of coonskin coats. chell is president of the chapter, Miss "Well, goodbye boys, I never saw and Dean W. as many guys working so hard!" And Anna B. Peck, S. Taylor, counselor. leaving a group of smiling fellows in his wake, the shrewd critic of peoU. K. MEETS TRADITIONAL ple's foibles, departed. he sighed FOE IN GAME TOMORROW "Now for the monkey, entered the with satisfaction as he dean's office. (Continued From Page One) Good ol Hi Frank, old boy. in was four to one, with Centre on the Frank! 'Member me?" was the facorrigible Will's greeting to the short end of the count. of Dean Anderson's monkey Since both teams have dropped a vorite game this week, they will be primed pets. "He's been eating onions, do you for a battle tomorrow and out for dean warned, "blood." It seems like a traditional smell 'em?" theYou or him?" ques "Who has? thing that when these two teams meet they always play at their best tioned Will with a broad wink. "IVe got to be goin. There's and sometimes in a phenomenal manner. This is especialy true in the story to write," said Mr. Rogers when case of Centre, as they always appear he finally sat down to rest in Dean comfortable at their best when they play Ken- Anderson's anything. I office. I "So can think tucky, no matter what they might don't start have accomplished in their preceding knock off a little work this after noon." games. "Say, Will, I read your article nom Line-uUndecided The batteries for tomorrow's game mating Dwight Morrow for presiorder to are doubtful at the present time. It dent," spoke the dean in you really all depends just how the men show change the subject. "Do up during practice" this week. It is mean it?" "Absolutely. He's the nicest rich almost certain that Coach Major will know I ever start either Charley Wert or "Lefty" man socially saw! Y' type. he ain't The so ambitious Rhodes on the mound and Sid Good- the win or "Swede" Ericson behind the cial end ain't the government end and Which combination Coach Morrow knows it. Y' know he gim plate. Major chooses to use will be effective me a dinner. Yes, sir, he gimme this and as they all have had sufficient rest dinner when I was down there know from their southern trip and should President Callais was guest. Y' Mexican be able to stand the "gaff" of nine in that was the first time a nings or more. The infield and out president was ever in an American That shows the kind field will probably undergo some embassy. shifting this week in order to fill the of tact Morrow's got. "Lindbergh was down there when I weak spots that have been pointed out during the last few games and it is was there and you can imagine the crowd that greeted him when he uncertain as to who will start. But nobody tritd to touch The Centre line-u- p is also uncertain landed. now and it is hard to tell which nine his plane. You could go away and men the Colonels' coach will send leave that plane for 10 years and it gainst the Wildcats. It is a safe would never have been touched. "Well, y' know if that plane had bet tnougn, tnat tne team wnicn iaces the 'Cats will be the best that our been up here, we'd of taken every rivals will have to offer, and that it thing about it us and France. will be out to revenge the defeats Shows how ignorant Mexico is. They handed it so far this year by the State don't know enough to destroy things! "Yep. I'm crazy about Mexico school. It's a corking country and chuck full CHINESE MONTH PROGRAM of romance." And he talked in his forceful, if not TO BE OBSERVED AT U. K. exactly grammatical way, this 47American who grew up on year-ol- d (Continued From Page One) a cow pony but admits that "he prefers a Pullman car to an outlaw 16 and 17, by Dr. Glanville Terrell, bucker," did not look the keen, cosand a lecture on Chinese law, April mopolitan thinker and writer whose 18, by Prof. W. W. Roberts. The shrewdness of observation gleams College of Engineering will hold through his humor. His n special convocations Wednesday and face, his wide mouth, his wispy hair Thursday, April 25 and 26, when Col now graying at the temples, make Charles Morrow will speak on one think of a laborer dressed in his Sunday clothes and on his way to The general convocation of the church. month will be held April 18 at the "I've gotta be goin.' I've seen a fourth hour when Dr. T. F. Lew will girl blacksmith, a coonskin coat, and speak to the students on "Chinese a monkey. You've got one of the College Folk." best zoos of any university. C'mon The program this month completes dean, I'm leavin'." work for this year, the During the past semester and this semester three countries have been studied by University students, the countries being Russia, Italy, and the country for this month, China. p J. T. Shuck, Prop. Corner Lime and Maxwell the forge shop where overalled stu dents were working. Better than a monkey?" queried this modern Artemus Ward, incredul seci-etar- "No Breaking" r Strollers will play at .Covington Thursday, April 19, according to an announcement made this week by Harry McChcsney, business manager. The Covington High school has been secured for that night. At a luncheon of the University of Kentucky Club of Greater Cincinnati, April 7, the members voted to' invite the Strollers to northern Kentucky for their premier trip. Dr. Noe, of the Education College, told the club how well the play was presented. He also sketched briefly the details of the presentation. At a special meeting of the club Tuesday, April 10, the alumni were very enthusiastic about "Dulcy," and a very successful reception is antici pated. (Continued From Page One) El-y- 145 South Limestone "CHESTERFIELDS" In Covington Kappa Delta Pi Initiation for Sixteen LUNCH AT BENTONS Chicken Croquettes and Chili 508 West Main will rogers is visitor University Women's Summer Session uiNivi.KMi uiuru. Schedule Ready Association to Meet j Present 'Dulcy' y Careful Watch and Repairing Ladies 50c Strollers Will THAT STAYS and Increases! I COLCREME,COTY A'"OLCREME Cory and the Vv supreme Coty Face Powders, M'"'" are the twin complements of complexion loveliness. clean-shave- "Colcreme,, for the underlying beauty, the fresh health of the skin the Face Powders for the velvet)', clear and fragrant. Complete scientific method for caretof the skin enclosed in each "Colcreme,, package. AT ALL DRUG AND DEPARTMENT The Henry says that he spends all his spare time reading books, of whidi he has a complete set. Yale Record. STORES mm t'lilp ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA Act II. Scene 2 Delicious and Refreshing What Shakespeare wrote of Cleopatra finds echo in the thoughts of millions who recognize the perennial youth of the Coca-Col- a girl the fair one you see every- it it ? Phoenix Natl. Bank & Trust Co. is 133 A series of books entitled "Con temporary British Artists" have been lately received by the art repartmen4through the courtesy of Prof. John Rothenstein, of the Univesrity. Pro fessor Rothenstein, procured the books from England and has con tributed them to the Carnegie Art Li brary of the University. The volumes are on such celebrated artists as Stanley Spencer, Paul Nash, Henry Lamb, Sir George Clausen, Augustus John, William Nicholson, Albert Ru- therston, Sir William Orpen and Wil liam Rothenstein. The latter artist s the father of Professor Roth enstein. The books will be on view at the library next week. Ladies' Haircutting a Specialty Ladies' Shampoo, 50c Open 7:00 A. M. South Limestone 8:00 P. 31. - Hello! "Hawaii?" Are you "Hungary?" Yes, "Siam." Then "Russian" to the table and Til 'Fiji" some "Chili" in "China." All right, "Sweden" my coffee. "Denmark" my bill. The Tavern ODD RELICS FOUND WITH ERECTION OF BUILDING 333 S. LIME PHONE 2386 (Continued From Page One) tee, which at that time enforced all laws no matter what they were or by whom they were made. All male students were required to take military science, not three times a week for two years, but every day for the en tire period, whether it .was four or six years that the student ramained in college. Chapel every morning was also compulsory. At the dedication of White hall in 18G9, the Administration building and Neville hall were also officially received as part of the University, and were the only buildings, besides the president's home and the boiler house, on the campus until the erection of Mechanical hall and the Agricultural building in 1890. F. Paul Anderson, dean of the College of Engineering, recalls when he helped to select the site for Mechanical hall from the midst of a cornfield, near a walnut grove, part of which today makes an ideal "Africa" for his pet mankeys. Dean Anderson also remembers when through the cam the main drive-wa- y pus was where the Science building now stands. Just as the initial road was crowd ed out with modern improvements, so also are various other landmarks be ing razed to make room for the new, and although the campus is pretty well filled with buildings, we feel it our duty to erect still another one in honor our World War dead who at one time loved and reverenced the University as we love and reverence it, but who sacrificed their lives that Kentucky might continue to rise with her country. DR. BLACK A PICNIC OFA TREAT id Sold at the Comparison of this superfine ice cream, so generously coated with the most delicious chocolate you've ever tasted, will thereafter cause you to insist on Campus Book Store Pik-ni- WRITES ARTICLES Doctor Forrest R. Black, professor of law at the University, is the auth or of three articles to appear this month in three magazines. "The Right of Castle and Prohibition Enforce ment," in the May number of "Plain Talk," a new monthly magazine published in New York; "The" Termina tion of Hostilities," in the March April number of the "American Law Review," published in St. Louis, and "The American Conception of Judicial Control," to appear in the next issue of the "Kentucky Law Journal. Keep Your Easter Suit Looking Like New and iff ....what's the idea coming to in a uniform. col- lege ....they told me all college men dressed in uniform. ....kreckt. But the uniform's a Braeburn. $1 The life and service of a Suit depends on the condition in which it is kept. Increase the life of your clothes by sending the mto the Many a misguided f mortal finally finds his way to the fold. t Braeburn U?iiversity Clothes GRITTON Dry Cleaning Co. Phone 568 155 S. SPECIAL ! R.O.T.C. Uniforms Pressed 35c $35 to $50 Limestone DELIVERY SERVICE Compiajr, Atlanta, Ga. had to be good to get where Bank at 4 per cent Compound Interest and depositing regularly a fixed portion of your earnings where so temptingly suggesting that you "refresh yourself." The 8 million a day PROFESSOR ROTHENSTEIN CONTRIBUTES TO LIBRARY PRESSED was a failure. There never was one and never will be. Why not insure your- "Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety" 0i$ir W. B. Martin's Barber Shop SUITS CLEANED self for success by opening a Savings Account in this strong ( Prices Reduced You never heard of a systematic saver who Drink Coca-Col- a kj REPAIRING Saver What Shakespeare says about r Systematic list of expenses. The first term of the summer session begins June 11 and closes July 14; the second term begins July 16 President and Mrs. McVey Will All persons who are contemplating and closes on August 18. Be Hosts at Meeting attending the summer session at the University should secure schedule Monday books at their earliest convenience at ROOF The American Association of Uni- Dean Taylor's office in the Education versity Women will have a meeting in building. We repair slate, tile, tin and honor of the women of Transylvania j The books contain the necessary inWe also composition roofs. and the University at the home of formation regarding the courses as erect and repair gutter and Dr. and Mrs. F. L. McVey on Monspouting. All work guaranteed. day afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Mrs. WISE FURNACE REPAIRING Maude Mendenhall, dean of women W. W. STILL All Kinds Furnaces at Transylvania, and Dean Blanding, of the University, will be in charge KODAKS EASTMAN FILMS MILLER BROS. of the meeting. DEVELOPING and PRINTING 105 W. High Phone 2738 The program will be devoted to the Cor. Near High and Lime various phases of Italian culture. 129 W. Short St. Lexington, Ky. Miss Anne Callahan will discuss Ital- ian art. Mrs. L. L. Dantzler will sing several Italian arias accompanied by Miss Edith Rose, of the faculty of LOOK STUDENTS! Hamilton College. Miss Elizabeth Gay will discuss Italian literature. ! After the regular program, Miss Hilda Threlkeld, dean of Hamilton College, will give a talk on the history and organization of the Amer ican Association of University Wo SHAVE, 15c HAIRCUT, 35c men. well as a THE K SHOP IN THE TAVERN BUILDING Branch of Kaufman Clothing Co.