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8 > Image 8 of Guide to civilian organizations. Boyd County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

a V A American Red Cross (Continued) Normal Civic Activities: First aid classes, production of war relief clothing, home nursing and advice on nutrition. V i Defense Activities; Interested in Auxiliary Police, Air Raid_Warden lg Service, Auxiliary Fire Protection, Motor Corps Service, Ambulance g Service, Hospital and Clinical Assistance, Sewing and Preparation up of Surgical Dressings, Preparation and Serving of Food, Operation of g Canteens, Family Social Service in Industrial Areas, Child Care, ig Discussion Leaders, Public Speaking, Typing and Other Clerical Assistance, Interviewing, Consumer Protection Activities. Q Local Publications: None. 3 ASHLAND COUNCIL OF PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATIONS (State and National Q Congresses of Parents and Teachers), 1509 Montgomery Avenue, Ashland. fg Founded 1927. President, Mrs. Orel Fraley, 1509 Montgomery Avenue, 2Q Ashland, Telephone 1497. Secretary, Mrs. O. B. Lhxwcll, Bellefonte, g Telephone 1942. Terms expired March, 1942. Membepship; 5,000. Qualifications, any one interested in child. ng welfare. _ _ E _ Q r Committees: Safety, Mrs. Earl Stafford; Publicity, Mrs. John Shaw; 1 `Y Founder's Day, Mrs. O. B. Stafford; Home Room Advisor, Mrs. C. P. _ Q Sinnett, all of Ashland. pt ,. li Purpose; To assist in the welfare of children and youths in the_ _ Q A home, school and community. I. E Normal Civic Activities; Furnishing free school lunches and clothing 2% for children. Sponsoring dental and health clinics and promoting good g citizenship. '_ l ` V U A _ Lg i Defense Activities; Engaged_in Red Cross Assistance, First Aid, Operation j@ of Canteens, Family Social Service in Industrial Areas, Child Care, Radio Q l Operation and Repair, Entertainment, Recreation, Library Service, Collect- me ing Books, Discussion Leaders, Public Speaking, Teaching Literacy Classes ij for Aliens and Others, Teaching Americanization Classes for Aliens and `A ( Others. Training for Teaching Spanish and Portuguese, Interviewing. YH f Interested in Typing and Other Clerical Assistance, Air Raid Warden li L Service, Civilian Aircraft Warning Service, _ T i Local Publications; None. ' Ei 4 7 A l l 1 - l l yl g____ I