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[3] > Image [3] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1993-05-jun22.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 3 - F. Mr. Pete November and Mr. James Rose Recognized Governor Breathitt noted that the terms of two other outstanding Board members will expire June 30, 1993: Mr. Pete November and Mr. James Rose. He mentioned that he had served on several boards and that Mr. November is the finest student representative that he has ever had the privilege to serve with on a Board. He said that Mr. November kept his commitment to his constituency and served the students well. He noted with pleasure that Mr. November was going to attend the College of Law at the University of Kentucky. He expressed heartfelt thanks from the other Board members and wished him the best for the future. Governor Breathitt expressed appreciation to Mr. Rose. He reported that three governors had appointed Mr. Rose to serve on the Board. He stated that Mr. Rose had served with distinction on the Board and is an outstanding leader in the state in the coal industry, which is major to the economy of the state. He said that Mr. Rose and his family had been loyal supporters of the University and will have many opportunities to continue to serve the University. He thanked Mr. Rose for his dedicated support and said that the University was grateful to him and his family. Governor Breathitt asked that resolutions be prepared for Mr. November and Mr. Rose and be presented to the Board at its next meeting. Mr. November introduced his successor, Lance Dowdy. He said that he had worked with Mr. Dowdy for a number of years in the fraternity system and that Mr. Dowdy would be a good representative for the students. Mr. Wilcoxson expressed appreciation to Mr. November and Mr. Rose. He said that it had been a pleasure to work with them and hoped that they would work together again in the future. President Wethington thanked Mr. Rose for his contributions to the Board of Trustees, the Hospital Board, and the Finance Committee, especially his guidance and advice in matters dealing with coal issues and matters that impact Robinson Forest. He noted that the University would continue to seek Mr. Rose's advice even though he will not be a member of the Board. On behalf of the University, President Wethington thanked Mr. Rose for all that he had contributed to the University. President Wethington said that Mr. November had been an excellent Student Government Association President and a mature, thoughtful, considerate member of the Board. He said that Mr. November looked at the broad issues and concerns of the University and understood the business of the University well. President Wethington thanked him for the fine leadership that he had provided to the Student Government Association. President Wethington said that Dr. Powell had "said it very well" in regard to Professor Bratt. He said that the Resolution of thanks and appreciation would be spread on the Minutes and appreciation would be expressed to Professor Bratt for her service on the Board.