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[4] > Image [4] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1973-09-oct15.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

4 There being no questions, on motion by Mr. Black, seconded by MIr. Alverson and passed without dissent, thtu 1973-74 Budget Revisions recom- mended in PR 8 were authorized and approved. (See PR 8 at the end of the Minutes. K. Biennial Budget Request for 1974-76 Approved President Singletary opened his presentation of the 1 974-76 Budget Request with an apology for the fact that it had not been possible to give the Board members more than ten days in which to examine the document prior to its adoption. He commended the staff of the Budget Office for the many extra hours which had gone into its preparation and explained that the "squeeze'I was caused by the deadlines established by the Council on Public Higher Education. The University's Budget Request is based on a format adopted by the Council on Public Higher Education which provides that certain specific items shall be considered as continuation costs while all other items requested shall be considered on a priority basis. The Council format does not specifically recognize certain continuation costs for the University of Kentucky and these items are treated as first priorities under the heading "continuation other". Funds requested under this heading cover obligations to persons retiring in the coming biennium under the University's unfunded retirement program, program continuation commitments under a Kellogg Foundation Grant to Allied Health, costs of continuing current staff benefit programs, and maintenance and operation costs for new buildings already committed which are to be occupied during the coming biennium. In order to determine those items under program priorities many hours are spent in meetings and discussion prior to arriving at a decision. Cuts are made and the end result is that nobody is satisfied with the budget. The programs which survive the cutting sessions are listed in the budget both in the Transmittal Letter and in the Biennial Budget Summary. Dr. Singletary pointed out that there is nothing in the budget about tuition because the Council on Public Higher Education sets the tuition rate. He expressed the hope that the Council will decide not to increase tuition because it would be unfortunate to price higher education out of the reach of many of Kentucky students who possess the ability to benefit from such education but who lack the financial ability to obtain it if the tuition becomes too high. He further expressed the hope that the members of the Board of Trustees would support this position. Dr. Singletary emphasized that the proposed budget was a minimal one and represented only modest increases in terms of operations and expenses and included very little for ncv programs. The actual dollar increase requested amounts to $7, 519,300 for 1974-75 and $7,230,800 for 1975-76.