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5 > Image 5 of Annual report. 1908

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

STATION OFFICERS. 58F F M. A. SCOVBLL, Director and Chemist. _ 13 J A. M. PETER, Chemist, Head of Chemical Division. H. E. CURTIS, Chemist, Head of Fertilizer Division. H. GARMAN, Entomologist and Botanist, Head ot Entomological and Botanical Division. W. H. SCHERFFILTS, Agrononiist, Head ot Agricultural Division. R. M. Army, Head oLFood Division. J. D. Ttinxicia, _Head of Feed Division. J. O. LAB.xeiI, Chemist, Food Division. _ Miss M. L. l)ii`>i;.iiliei. lllmrxii l{1NN11v, Assistant Nnloinologisl and llolanist. 'I`. ll. BlIY.\Nl`, Assistant in Aninial llnsliandrv. W. li C.\i:Y. Assisiant. `l`ood Division. ll. Woosi.i-iv. 'l`ol>a:11liiim1i1 ,\Ql'l(lllllll'L*). O. ll. (llllSllf>l.Al. Sim-ial Agent (l'. 9. lr)t]'lill'lIllllll' .\Q`I'l(lllt\ll'l*). Addiissot1lic Rlation. _l{l]XlN(l'l`()\'. l{llX'l`l`(`l{ Y.