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9 > Image 9 of Annual report. 1908

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

[\'(?I1.[llCh'_U ;TgI'l('l(HlIl'((t ]jl.l`/l()tIlI(}l[ Slulion. ix all ot these samples and potassium dissolved bv hvtlroc-hlorie aeitl ot 1.115 specific gravity and insoluble residue on about halt? of them. ln o1cler.to make the determinations of total phosphorus [ more rapi(ll_v, a new.method was devised by applying magnesium nitrate l`or the oxidation ot the soil. This improvement was re- ported to the Assoeiation ot Otlieial Agricultural Chemists and tavorablv received. The soil samples analyzed inelude several of i soils that are now being studied bv means ot pot experiments in _ the greenhonsed These pot experiments are being eondueted in co- _ operation with the State Survey and are in eharge ot Mr. S. (`. i [tones ot the Survey. under the supervision ol` l)r. Peter. \\`hile it _ is too soon to report results. it is interesting to note that Tennessee F phosphate has given very marked increase ol' growthet all'alt`a, ` elover. wheat. oats and tohaeeo on the low phosphorus soils ot the I \\'estern l{entnekv snbearhonilerons and eoal measures tormations. . lt is also interesting to note that. as tar as the experiment has X gone. the growth ot the plants in the pots has been. relatively. l mueh as would have been predicted from the analvses. Another 1 very striking result was the had ellieet ol` ealcium earbonate. even on T A legumes, except where nsed in eonneetion with aeid phosphate. Z The soils tested. however. were not aeid to an_v serious degree. _ Mr. .\veritt was appointed lleteree on Soils ol` the Assoeiation L ot Otlieial Agricultural (`hemists and has given much time to .\sso- \ eiation work. espe.iall_v in developing the method tor total phos- ; phorus in soils alread_v mentioned. V .*\ number ol` anal_vses ol' wheat were made in this laboratory , bv Mr. ll'. ll. Sehertlius in eompletion oli his work on the protein . content ot the wheat kernel. published in Bulletin No. 135. ~ 'l`he anal_vses ol` mineral waters made in the laborator_v ol' this llivision during the _vear are ineluded in this report. beginning on page 187. liirisiou of En/emo/oy/yy and /Io/on_z;.i'l`lie worl-; eovers quite a wide range and is vielding some ver_v valuable pr.uti