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7 > Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Breckinridge County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

zi . z l -1- E ~ _ _l;E;QKgN_lIDc COUNTY civnnnr ORGAETIZATIONS ADERICAN LEGION, HARDINSBURG POST #1 ( National Anmrican Legion ), c/o L J. h. Watlington, Hardinsburg. Founded 1919. President, T. I. Glasscock, n ` P. O. Box 149, Hardinsburg. Telephone 77. Secretary, J. H. Uatlingten. Q Telephone 84-J. Terms expired June, 1942. @ Memberships 15. Qualifications, open to men who were in the armed Q forces during World Nar I, E Committees: None reported. , p C Purpose; Patriotic and fellowship to aid World Jar I veterans and their . L J. 3Q dependents. I g Normal Civic Activities: Cooperating with other American Legion organiza- , tions in caring for widows and orphans of Legionnaires. _ N V Defense Activities: Engaged in Red Cross Assistance. Interested in Q \. Auxiliary Police, Air Raid Warden Service, Civilian Aireraft`Narning ` Service, Child Caro, Teaching Americanization`Classesfor Aliens and Odiers. rr Local Publications: None, `J ` , ` 1 ` ' C AMERICAN RED CROSS, ADVISORY COIIHTTEE, BRECKINRIDGE COUNTY CHAPTER C if ( American National Red Cross ), c/o Breekinridge County Court Eouse, A i; Circuit Court(Clerks Office, Hardinsburg. Founded 1930. President, QQ Mrs. O. T. Skillman, Cloverport. Telephone 2061, Secretary, Hrs. Anne ? Phelps, Cloverpcrt. Telephone 2882. Terms expired Octobcr,l9d2. C Treasurer, Diss Eloise Nolte, Clovorport. Terms indefinite. T Membership: 12. Qualifications, membership by appointment. ig Committees: Veteran*s Committee, lbs. Earl Glassock, Hardinsburg; Q Production, lhs. James B. Fitch; Disaster Emergency, Hugh B. Sevcrs; Q ; Clothing and Bedding, lhs. James Fitch, both of Clovorport. 3 Purpose:` .Supervise activities of Dreckinridge County Chapter. Q Normal Civic Activities: Sewing and knitting. Establishment of First N Aid Stations on Highways. _, YE Defense Activities; Engaged in Meter Corps Service, Sewing and Preparation Q Of gnrgical Dressings, Red Cross Assistance, First Aid. ii Local Publications: None.