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277 > Image 277 of The 1929 Kentuckian

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

THE She: "Don't you think the decision in the Notre Dame game a robbery? He: "What else could you expect in Chicago?" Her: "Hoop, why did you park here when there are so many nicer places farther on?' Him: "Because, Maude, this is a case of love at first site." Salesman: "Fraternity rings are quite popular this season with the boys." Frater: "Yes, particularly around our bath tub." He (at crowded theatre entrance): "Do you think we can squeeze in here?" She: "Certainly. We Delta Zetas can squeeze anywhere." Straw hats will be out of vogue with the young ladies this season as most of them are getting felt. * * * She: "Is that a genuine bloodhound?" He: "Sure. Come over, Oscar, and bleed for the lady." "Where was the wedding tonight?" "Ha, ha, the joke's on you. That old man with the gun was going duck hunting!" Joiva Frivol. * * * Kay Dee (entliusiaslically) : "Oh, if you boy:; make another touchdown, I just know-Til stand on my head." Pan-Hellenic Association: (in unison): "We wanna' touchdown!" Co-ed: "I want a pair of silk stockings." Lisping Clerk: "What thize?" Co-ed: "Thanks, but I'm not looking for compliments." * * * Sit in the rocking chair, quick. I'll tell him you're my brother. * * * "The skin I love to touch," sighs the freshman, "is the sheepskin." He: "I thought you said that you believe in free love." Alpha Gam: "I do." He: "Then give me back that fur coat!" "I know a society that you couldn't join under any conditions." "What is it?" "Phi Beta Kappa." * * * She loves me, she loves me hot. St