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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1916-13-aug29-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

August 29, 1916 The Executive oard of University of kentuc'ky met in the resident's office, the following members Dresent: Chairman C.B. Nichols, P.P. Johnston, Johnlt.2 Brown, B Brock, Fran MCI e, C.B. Terrell, R.GC Stoll being absent. 1he reading of the minutes of the preceding meeting was dispensed with. President Barker filed and the Board received the opin- ion of the Attorney General of the State defining .,he law effecting fees, etc. of Gounty Aprointees and the President was authorized to act according to the Attorney General's opinion in the matter. On motion of Mr. Johnston, seconded by M r., the bond of $10,000.00 filed by D.H. Peak as Business Agent of the University was accepted by unanimous vote,- On motion of Mr. Johnston, seconded by Mr. Vrock, Presi- dent Barker was authorized by unanimous vote to appoint B.G. Worley as successor to I.P. Tashoff, resigned, on the teaching force in the College of Mines aend etallurgy, the same having been recommended by Dean C. J. Norwood. Mr. Brock moved that the sum of $14461.65 be appropriated from the Experiment Station's funds to meet the requirements of the mit~_Lever ot. eiuonded by Mr. McKee, the motion carried. esers. Johnston, Brown, Brock, McK. -e, Terrell and richolas voting aye. It appearing that the Committee appointed to select a Dean 3f the College of Agriculture had failed to make a selection and had asked for -mrther time to consider the matter, President Barker was diredted to appoint f temporary dean and thereupon, the President anpointed George 4oberts dean pro temn and the Board ratified the appointment. essrs. Nichols, Johnston, Brown, Brock, -c ee and Terrell voting aye. Mr. Johnston moved that the Home Economics Department be separated from the College of Agriculture with Miss Mary Sweenq as dean at her present salary. Mr. Brown seconded the motion which carried. Messrs. Johnston, Brown, Brock, Nichols aind McKee voting aye. &r. Terrell did not vote, being tempor- arily absent frem the room. On motion of ar. Brock, seconded by Mr. Brown, Pres Barker was authorized to continue operation of the Mess Hal1 on the cmpus another year and was further authorized to employ a matron and make a contract on the best terms possible, Messrs, Johnston, Nichols, Brown, Brock, &oAle an- Terrel3l voting in the affirmative. On representation by 3residett Barker that the 3nglish Department was in need of an ad itional instructor, r. Terrell moved that the Department b- authorized to 'mnlo y such instruct- or at a salary not to exceed $1000.00 a. year. Motion was seconded by r. Johnston and carried. esers. Johnston, Nichols, Johnston, Terrell, Brown, Mc ee and Brock voting aye.