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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 10, 1919

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENrifCKY KERNEL PAGE 6 Victor Bogacrt Co. DRESS UP TIME TAKE ADVANTAIE OF Leading Jewelers Established 1883 'The Hallmark Store." THII IPPORTUNITY 133-13- 5 MONEY FOR PRIILEM Ky. With Ut WMIa Tawn." In Pay Kentwky'a Neterf Candy Shap a Visit HOME MADE CANDY EXCLUSIVELY Made asd Sold Oaljr By Schange's Candy Kitchen 111 S. Upper St., Jim! araund aarnar fram Main Strati. OF ECONOMY IN WEARING APPAREL HUNNRED8 OF YOUNG MEN IN LEXINGTON-- WE THE .. LcxIngtM, Easter Sale SAVING WE HAVE SOLVED THE W. Malm St. "tat Acquaints SAME FOR NEW SPRING SAMPLE CAN DO YOU. LINES READY N.w New Waist Spring Line Sample HATS Spring Suits $2. $2485 . B 7te 1 ayoaeround soft drink hmmoss mon, professional mon, mou of sports (olf, bowlim,ioiii;io,cli0oi53iidin. Ebr everybody, ovorywhoro, ihoyoarVoraad.Bov ife halo To Those present were: Active Eliza KY. STUDENTS SUBSCRIBE Spurrier, Lois Brown, Edna Berkele, FACULTY STARS TO Louise Will, Elizabeth Kraft, Florence Johnson. Initiates Alleehe Frat-maFLIT ABOUT III GYM. TO Thelma Wright, Nancy Smock, Pledges Belle Denton. Catherine to Go Sale, Mary Elizabeth James, Anne Butt, Lampert and Others University is "Over Top" in Campaign Brackett Owen. Alumnae Margaret Will Engage in Volley Ball McLaughlin, . Elizabeth Oden, Mayme Friday Night Against For Relief of Armenia. Stormes Dunn, Lois Powell, Christine The University of Kentucky has Hopkins, Laura Steele, Mrs. Karl A volley ball contest will be held once again done its share in world Friday night between the City Y. M work. Eleven hundred and fifty dolC. A. and the Faculty of the University lars was subscribed last week to the GREEK . FAVOR FRAT of Kentucky. Three or more games World Fellowship Fund, and it is HOUSES ON CAMPUS will be played, the first beginning thought that the sum will reach $1,200 promptly at 8:15 o'clock. before the end of this week. Students always take special delight This is the first University in the 'Studes" Confer With Authorities Rein seeing the "profs" get country to put on the campaign. Othgarding Offer Made by University. the little end of the score, and they ers will follow this spring. The money are expected out by the dozens Friday will go to the rebuilding of Armenia Proposed building of fraternity night. The games will be played In and to the Christian education of houses on the campus is rapidly gainthe Gymnasium. young women in South America. The ing in popularity among the Greeks at The faculty will probably drag out South Central Field of the Y. W .C. A. the Universtiy. Nearly all the frater-th- e Summers, Whiting, Smith, Vansell, has several secretaries in South University. Nearly all the fraternButt,,- .Downing, Lampert, Owens and America and Miss Elizabeth McFar-lan- d ities have taken up the matter in Boles to fight on the U. K. side of ilia of this field has just been sent their meetings. net, and the "Y" will put its fortunes to take charge of all Y. W. C. A. work That most of the fraternities repre In the hands of Spears, Smith, Rucker, on that continent. So that portion of sented at the University have consid Hodges and a few others. the money raised by the local Y. W, ered thebullding of fraternity houses In a similar contest of three games C. A. will be sent to her, while that on the campus is manifested in the held immediately before the Miami- raised by the men will go to Armenia, fact that representatives from several Kentucky basketball game, the "Y" Five hundred thousand dollars is to of the chapters have called at the of mopped up with the Faculty in each be raised this spring among the col- fices of the Dean of Men and the Presigame. leges of this country for the education dent to discuss the matter in its vaof the students of the world who are rious forms. When Sax comes some may think not so fortunate as to get an education The following is an extract from the his name is "Axe." in any other way. The future of the minutes of the last meeting of the world depends on the education of her Board of Trustees in regard to the ap 'K" DANCE SATURDAY peoples today and Kentucky has done plication of one of the fraternities for her share toward it. a building site on the campus: "Presi dent McVey suggested to the Board KAPPA DELTA that it would be necessary to impose He stated that certain restrictions. INITIATES such houses, if located on the campus, Epsllon Omega chapter of Kapp snould be properly sponsored; should Delta Sorority, initiated four and gave have the endorsement of their grand their annual banquet Saturday evening chapters; and should abide by the reg Order them now made the at the Phoenix Hotel. The initiates ulations laid down by the University Justright way. See our new Spring are: Alleeno Fratman, Thelma Wright, with respect to the care of the properWoolens at popular prices. Nancy Smock, Catherine Denton. ty, management of the houses, type Worsteds, Tweds, Scotches, Crashes' and Novelties, in The banquet table was deocrated in of architecture in building, financial greens, blues and greys. white roses and asparagus ferns. Pro relationships with banking institutions, All suits made by us pressed grams in rainbow colors gave the and such other conditions as the r for one year free of charge. s menu, the might see fit to impose." and the 8UIT8 AND TOP COATS names of the active chapter and pledge. $25 $27.50 30 NOTICE SENIORS Miss Eliza Spurrier presided and $32.50 135 37.50 40 $45 the following toasts were given: Green Mary Elizabeth James Arrangements have been made with Blue Florence Johnson. the University Book Store for rings. JUSTRIIHT Rose Alleene Fratman. Every one who wants a ring should TAILIRINI CO. Gold Lois Brown. 145 Watt Main Straat have his measure taken within the The Bainbow Laura Steele. next week. rofrGshmoni 03? vhclosomo iitf$oraiinrf soft" drink. IdosS fop tho aihloto orth man fin physical oi montai training ood to train and $ain ou.. Health ful and cappofeing. thirst-'-aii- First City'T" i - Famlllo tupplled hy grocer, druggist and dealer. Vhltow are cordially invitod to tnspoct our fimU Said enrorywhoro ANHEUSER-BUSC- ST. LOUIS H good-nature- d Voir spriia CMies Tallored-to-Measur- Have Your Pictures Made at the HUMPHREY STUDIO Prompt Service High Grade Work Courteous Treatment 341 W. Main St. Phone 1635-- x TWO MOTHERS BARBER SHOt 'ROUND THE CORNER FROM UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE HAIR CUT 35c SHAVE 15c e Uni-ve- MCREYiND TIME BY LETTING US SAVE YOUU fiClES. YOU CAN SAVE tssystem, We use GOODYEAR Yrett Nu-Wa- y Shoe Shop, N. Mill