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141 > Page 141 of Four hitherto unpublished gospels : a series of character studies cast in the form of personal memoirs of John the Baptist, Andrew the brother of Simon Peter, Judas Iscariot, James the brother of Jesus / by William E. Barton.

JAMES himself, and this carpenter will prove a worker of signs." Jesus knew this feeling. He had felt through- out the days of His sojourn among us the im- possibility of His performing any worthy work in His own town; for lack of faith forbade a truly spiritual result, and He would not mani- fest His mighty power to satisfy curiosity. He said: "No prophet is accepted in his own country. There were many widows in Israel in the days of Elijah, but unto none of them did he go, but to a widow in the land of Sidon. There were many lepers living near to Elisha who were not healed, but a man who had faith enough to cause him to travel from Damascus was healed." Then the people in the synagogue rose in wrath, and dragged Him out of the pulpit, and buffeted Him and cuffed Him and pushed Him to the outside of the village, and to the brow of the Nazareth hill. But when they got Him there, no one had quite courage to push Him over. He turned and faced them all, and calmly walked through the crowd, and returned to Capernaum. It grieves me to remember that the first buf- fetings He received were from his old neigh- bours, and that His first outspoken critics were the friends who had known Him longest; and 141