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147 > Page 147 of Four hitherto unpublished gospels : a series of character studies cast in the form of personal memoirs of John the Baptist, Andrew the brother of Simon Peter, Judas Iscariot, James the brother of Jesus / by William E. Barton.

JAMES and perhaps assist in carrying the good news into all the world. For myself, I confess I wish it could carry with it the full observance of the Law of Moses; but we have agreed that we shall not insist on this. To some people it seems as though we had surrendered something of vital importance in making this concession, but I cannot help be- lieving that we are acting in the spirit of Jesus. Ile had no favour for those who bind heavy bur- dens upon men. Religion for Him, did not consist in any set of forms, but in a willingness to know God's will and to follow it in loving obedience. For what is true religion and un- defiled before God, but to visit the widows and the fatherless in their affliction and to keep one's self unspotted from the world. I am much disturbed by some things which Paul has been preaching. In his effort to adapt the teaching of Christ to the Gentile world he has seemed to me to make manv and strange departures from the teaching which we hold here in Jerusalem. He says much about faith and speaks lightly of works, whereas it has al- ways seemed to me that faith without works would be dead, and that faith must be shown in righteous works. I have thought of writing my views of these subjects and of giving some practical admonitions concerning life in the 147