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148 > Page 148 of Four hitherto unpublished gospels : a series of character studies cast in the form of personal memoirs of John the Baptist, Andrew the brother of Simon Peter, Judas Iscariot, James the brother of Jesus / by William E. Barton.

FOUR HITHERTO UNPUBLISHED GOSPELS Church, and concerning the spirit in which we ought to fulfill our mission as followers of Jesus. Perhaps I shall do so some time. It is difficult to avoid a quarrel between those fol- lowers of Jesus who are very zealous of the law, as I am and always have been, and those who like Paul declare that we are redeemed from the curse of the law. But one thing I am sure, his kind of preaching is adapted to the people to whom he ministers and we have no right to deny that those are Christians who have received the Holy Spirit even as that Spirit has been received also by us. Thus I am privileged, though unworthy, to behold the good news as my brother taught it spreading from Jerusalem through all Judea and Samaria and Galilee and far into distant lands. I behold the failure of all efforts of men who oppose it, and I see it going triumphantly forward, so that here in Jerusalem priests and honourable men are among the followers of Jesus and in distant places men and women of rank and title proclaim themselves His fol- lowers. I remember the days of our boyhood together, of our discussions in the carpenter shop, of our interpretations of those wonderful promises in the Holy Scriptures concerning the coming of God's Messiah, and now I know that 148