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11 > Image 11 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 23, 1927

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL f4 CATS OPEN WITH PAGE THREE etal contractors and three plumbing dfmpaples. The contract was awarded tn Vtn nil' liir?r1ai in avaTV Pfico rv the executive committee after delib-.Teratine five hours. The plans for the building were made by Warner and McCormiek, ar- chitects, of Cleveland, and Robert iNEW MAGAZINE 1 (From Page l is always on the draw PRINTING CO. Nortk Upper oA feather-weig- IS touch ht is all this pen requires Stop Pressing! a Pen And ow that stays in Perfect Trim, or we Make Good Free The new model Parker Duofold introduces l) A .,,.: aow.iui,c M.faa-;- Lexington. " (From Page Dr' 1 into 1) Section industrial fields, McVey concluded his speech by saying: "It is my hope, and the hope of the faculty and the board of trustees that this will be a great year of progress, especially in the mental More anon. spiritual and physical growth of the student body. WORK ON McVEY HALL IS The invocation was delivered by TO PUSH WORK Dr. H. H. Pitzer, pastor of the First BEGUN; Presbyterian church and the benedic (From Page 1 Section 1) tion by Dr. Gilbert R. Combs, pastor of the First Methodist church. of the university. The contract for heating and plumbing went to the fiturtridge, DePauw student, is to John J. Fitzgerald Company, of continue his track training in an ef Lexington, at $39,300; the electrical fort to be one of America's entries in installation and equipment to the the decathlon at the next Olympic Brock Electrical Engineering corpora- - games. Coach Buchheit figured that ion, of Lexington,' for $6,685; and thei the points Sturtridge made in placing linoleum floors to R: B. Hayes, of second in the Penn relays would have Lexington, for $0,100. given him fourth place in the last Bids were submitted by seven gen- - Olympic event. pressure-les- s writing and stays in perfect order. We agree your first cst shall be your last. No hand can distort its point yet it yields to any style of writing. We spent 35 years on 47 major improvements. Made sixteen million Pens. Own 32 patents on Pens and 12 on Pencils and Desk Sets. f V We discovered how to combine capillary attraction with gravity feed. Thus a touch starts the light balanced weight of the Pen is almost enough to keep it writing. Barrels are now of Parker Permanita feather-weig- burning of the midnight :SS ht ink-flo- 28 ?& lighter than rubber formerly used. They come in jewel-lik- e colors Jade, Lacq- flashing Black, uer-red, mi Mandarin Yellow and Lapis Lazuli Blue all People are thronging the pen counters to sample this pressureless writing. Only one caution: look for the imprint, "Geo. S. Parker Hi mmMm a good busi ness proposition! Invest in a Remington Portable and reap dividends in the form of bigger and better rest at night. Much faster than writing by hand, this little Rem- black-tippe- DUOFOLD." THE PARKER PEN COMPANY JANESVnXE. WIS. cmCU AKD tUMDIAUn: NIWIOU OSTOH CHICAOO - CLEVELAND AT1ANTA DALLAS (AN F KAN CISCO TOaOKTO. CANADA LONDON. EMSLAND ington enables you to finish your long reports or theses not fall asleep try-into finish them. Not gt onr Duofold pro- 7 t'rrw rf.s.t Pjiw 'to ip ii zf Kii, oni ilii.W tail, if d coajplete in bttt !jr ib l'TCV4j 1 chat - orii. - diivt to P.1.W-past!) u.a stura M mni bUtk CUur - . riuf c.Tr. I trrt-ij frr--- . iu ..ili ni tj Sold by much neater and more business-lik- e they look when typewritten I Examine the Remington Portable. It is the smallest, lightest, most compact and most dependable portable with standard keyboard. (Carrying case only 4 inches high. Weighs SH pounds, net.) Monthlyipayments. The Recognized Leader and Popularity- in Salts - Remington Portable :o Lxpetm:ii :cr Purchase Lffooioiajr. or 1 that, but thinly how J APPFAR iliLiili (From Page Section 1 ftfYN OVUll 1) interested, out all Kentuckians are asked t contribute their share to its All teachers of English success. throughout the state may find in the magazine a medium of (expression for their own literary efforts and that of their stadenta. Women's clubs of Kentucky, through their literary departments, are invited to use "Let ters" as an outlet for expression on present day problems in fields of art and literature. Professor Farquhar says that "Letters" will be glad to present the literary work of any Ken- tuckian to its readers. The magazine will represent the combined efforts of two departmnets of the College of Arts and Sciences. It will be edited by the department of English and managed by the department of journalism through The Kernel, which will assume financial responsibility for publication. L. L. Dantzler, head of the department of English, and Grant C. Knight will be associate editors, while Joe Lee Davis, Joseph Hill Palmer, Newton Combs, and David Alexander will be assistant editors. The business management and its personnel will be announced later, as will its art editor. "Letters" expects, in its first issue, to carry a poem by Cale Young Rice, Kentucky's great poet. It will offer an article by Joe Lee Davis on American literary criticism in the fields of the academic, iconoclastic, aesthetic and scientific. Special articles on special movements in these fields will follow. Articles on Shakerism, by Mrs. Frank L. McVey; on James Lane Allen, By Grant C. Knight; on James Branch Cabell, by Newton Combs; on Sherwood Andreson, by David C. Alexander; on "Marco Williams," Eugene O'Neill's latest Dlav. by E. F. Faruhar, will appear in the first issue. In addition to these contributions some excellent poetry will appear, as will reviews of the latest books in America and" Europe. A story by Miss Mary Shouse is among the things in store for subscribers to "Letters." A sketch or two by Mrs. McVey will acconmanv ( PRESIDENT McVEY SPEAKS AT FIRST CONVOCATION cjAcd, enter LIU ut - Sold by TRANSYLVANIA Section When the linomen take their position fans will witness the fleet Gayle Mohney, pass snatcher deluxe, on one of the flanks and June Lyons on the other. Van Meter and Drury will be tackles and Capt. Charley Wert and John Ross guards. Dees will he the snapper back. As the team goes into defense formation Mohney will go to safety, Po'rtwood to end, Lyons to guard, Dees to tackle, Drury to center and Captain Wert to end. Gamage- has tried out this system and finds that it works to perfection. good I TEAM MARYVILLE Edgeworth worth while to the women students. Miss Lewis is staying at Patterson Hall and will hold office hours in her room in the Y. W. C. A. room in White Hall until an office is obtained for her. Windshields and side windows When asked as te whether or not 3he would prohibit co-efrom appearing in make-u- p and short skirts at commencement exercises of Indiana University, Dean Agnes Wells said that no such action would be taken, as cooperation by the girls in of this regard could not be expected. University of Nebraska cars must be kept clean of slogans and "wise Everybody? cracks," according to recent ruling of Everybody called him Artie the chief of police at Lincoln. cause they hoped he'd choke. say: We sure did miss you this summer. Take your date fir& to Dinner in our new Spanish Garden it's the talk of the south la editors of "Letters" are exact ing students and alumni of the uni versity to supply the bulk of the subscription list. From the amount of interest already manifested it is certan that the mailing list will total about 1,000 names. The subscription price has been fixed at one dollar. Subscriptions should be sent to James Shropshire, business manager of The Kernel. Literary contributions should be address ed to Prof. E. F. Farquhar of the de partment of English MISS MARGARET LEWIS NEW Y. W. SECRETARY (From Page 1 ONLY EIGHTYiFVE CENTS FOR DINNER T Section 1) men students than ever before. Programs are being planned which it is hoped will prove both interesting and TYPEWRITER CO. Market St., Lexington, Ky. REMINGTON 135 THE CAMPUS BOOK STORE M. RYAN, BERT Basement of Gym Ewing Hall 31G Something Is Always Taking the Joy Out of Life By BR1GGS And the answer was "They know their groceries" cm see haw we felt. Here we had a whole new mem, at Society Brand college clothes. "We thought they were You. WHEN YOU'VE DEVELOPED 4 FAST BUT JUMB BO" INTO A CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDER. the in ?t?uvE Got PINK" FOR A &CUT OJITH THE TITLE. HOLDER. Awp him-- " AN IN Trie TH1RP ROUN9 THE CHAMP S REAP TO TAKE THE KNOCKOUT PUNCH. good. Bat they were hrand new models for Fall and we wecen't quite tore how college men woold 7 take to them. So when they began coming in last week for their Fall outfits, we spread out these clothes before themwe showed them the nil. straight coatg with eaay shonldere. We. pointed out the three-butto- n -- 'I Of with Imig spaces between TVey slipped on a few coats. "VelL," we asked, wia this the right cat? Can Society Brand design college domes?" We waited vmn but oohen you're about to tell Tour boy to land the. -- - Ji OLD HAYMAKER, COUCtHINJG- - fOO START CO TH AA tun- - BEST YOU GET 15 Round jdRAW SCMETH!N3- - the ooy cuv ' r- ALTAS TPKiil 4 CCUCi Old Gold fife, The Smoother and Better Cigarette not a cough in a carload Ml . - hat-tss- i cagfcrijj for the answer. It came with broad grins. "Say, don't worry! Those Society Brand folks know their aViUD V IVs sack they chose is The DUNLIN 5ociety3imnd 45 . $5o Sb"C..' 1 ur. I R. S. THORPE & SONS (Incorporated) Main and Mill THE MEN'S STORE OF LEXINGTON SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES pUf.LwilhnJCeMfrti llllllllllllllllllllll)ll)lllllllllllll)tWIIIIIW)UIII)IIXIHII'IIIWIIHIIIIIUIHttU be-