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13 > Image 13 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 23, 1927

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

- THE .KENTUCKY .KERNEL THE BOOK STORE Under Management of Miss Carrie Bean Operated as U. of K. Department CONTAINS POST OFFICE Several years ago the university book store was operated by individ- uals and at the present time there is still some misconception along this line. For a year and a half, however, the book store has been operated directly by the university. Miss Carrie Bean, the manager, has been in charge of the store ever since the university took it over a year ago last March. Miss Bean has asked The Kernel to announce to the student body, especially to the freshmen, that she is ever ready to be of service and for them not to hesitate to call on her if she can ever be of any assistance to them. Miss Bean also is anxious for the student body to understand that the book store is a regular department of the university and is not operated for profit as a comparison of prices will show. Located in the book store in the basement of the gym is the university post office. Here letters and packages may be insured and mailed, and "here also university students receive much of their mail. For this purpose every student is given a mail box at the beginning of each semes-- , ter. The fee for the mail box is included in the registration fee and any student who has not procured his box yet is asked to call at the window at once and take care of this matter. It is important that students look In in their mail boxes frequently. the past this has not always been All done, according to Miss Bean. university notices as well as considerable other mail is deposited in these boxes and students are held responsible for these notices. - GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK! Look Nifty! Save Fifty! SUITS PRESSED 4 FOR $1.00 Get your pressing ticket now same thing. Yet it never suggested that scholarship should be forsworn The great question for personality. which faces the American university is how it can develop bottftn its graduate students. The Editor of The Harvard Crimson. Hard Fighter v 1 "Well, I've sure had a good time, but I haven't learned much," is probably the thought of many a senior among the country's 60 thousand candidates for degrees. "Have you seen the dog star?" "Oserius?" "No Rin Tin Tin." co-e- Yale upperclassmen are. demanding ocuncil permit them to go hatless on the campus. that the student CO. sure-enou- Tt Gayle Mohney, pass forward snatcher par excellent, never fought in any football game last year hard r than he has been fighting this summer to get back into physical trim for another grid season. Mohney developed stomach trouble last year and managed to continue playing only through sheer courage and nerve. Aftor the. season closed he suffered a breakdown and was forced to bed. Realizing. that he would have to be in perfect condition to play this year, Mohney has trained diligently the past three months and now will be able to mak'e the. grade. He "will be a valuable cog in the maihinery Coach Gamage will build this year. He is unexcelled as a forward pass catcher, as fans who have been thrilled by his magnificent achievements will attest. --COLLEGE GIRLS There awaits you at the Rose and Silver Beauty a Shop more than so much expert service piece. Attendants, mere bob, manicure or hair to take up your problems, will ready, eager you the most personal of service and advice. give .. BOBBING SMART HAIR PIECES mcoppopated create new charm. special new puff for Our hold- ing ends of growing hair( $2.95. While recognizing the service that the Ph. D. has rendered American education in placing it on a more solid ground work of fact and accuracy, it is still consistent to maintain that this standard is altogether onesided and too often productive of pedants rather than scholars. It needs, therefore, to be supplemented by "another standard so that the two together will do justice to that completeness which right teaching re- quires. Of course, such a statement does injustice to those who enter upon their graduate work prepared for it by having acquired de velopment in their college days. Such men are less likely to dry up in the intensive specialization which a Ph. D.requires: and when they come through the ordeal unscathed, they are unquestionably better prepared to teach than they were before. But so far as undergraduates can judge of candidates for the doctorate,, far too large a number of them appear to be pedants in the making. The Harvard PERMANENT. WAVING methods and Natural, lovely, lasting results achieved through operators who make an art of their calling. Bobbed or long full head $10.00 ENTFF 10PER FO COLLEGE GIRLS "If It's Done in a Beauty Shop We Do It" PHONE 6000 FOR APPOINTMENT THIRD FLOOR degree. If this continues, a reaction within the universities will force up on the graduate student a certainly arid scholarship. Of course the scholarly side of the graduate work is now stressed. But such must be the case. Unless a man has gone through this mill or is a genius, he cannot know his subject. And there are not many geniuses in this country. Writers like these attackers of the Ph. D. want personality stressed. The Crimson in a recent editorial wanted the vvuwvwwwvvwvw r"TSft. 1? Collegiate i The Young College Woman's Store in Lexington j . . ... The .Student's Best Friend- - - j A Good Old Place to tat j 1 Fresh and Clean From Remodeling and Fainting j X miiiiiiiiiiin'"ii minium w 1 The Most Cool and Attractive Hangout j For Students j stiUHUiiiuuuuuuiiuiMUUiuuittuuusuus:isuiiitiiUtsuis;:i:ttiiiiuitiiiii:iiiiiiiiiitiiiiiii MiUiwmnrosk J j What Pleases You Makes Us Happy j I For the Smart College Miss OCT. 1 29-3- 0, THE j $5 to $8.50 WITH LIVING MODELS I I Of felt, volour, velvet and Each hat combinations. a distinctive achievement in the millinery mode, yet moderately priced. IN CONJUNCTION WITH MEIGHAN SHIPP & 1 i CO. Incorporated M ilB Coats With a College Cut! Hats VUAPHONE J3m h Mannish "Woolspuns" and "Shagmoors" in heathery colors, that achieve a smart and nonchalant simplicity, are the right choice for college utility wear 25 and to 558 (THE FASHION SHOP THIRD FLOOR) 2 ALSO GAMBLERS m Jaunty and Sportive Jerseys, Wool Crepe or Flannels arethe smart and serviceable thing a (pop pi r j shown before! AN ABSOLUTE SENSATION! WE'RE ALL jf XA of entrance examination! . ' M j Different than anything the screen ever has i A that will pass any sort l JtL P. "CHANG" FASHION SHOW or Campi 1 SUNDAY - WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER SEPT. flmswitrColIeg1 I WELCOMES YOU! Y college Woman As once it was common to blame money as the root of all evil, so now it is the fashion to blame the Ph. D. (Incorporated) "The Quality Department Store" THURSDAY-FRIDAY-SATURDA- Everything r the Yun Crimson. MITCHELL, BAKER & SMITH c r La PH. D. AND HARVARD Your face, your head, your eyes, all are considered in our bobbing shop before the scissors or comb are as much as put to the PerThe result? hair fection itself. 50c. The right hair piece can ii Leading Department Store GAYLE MOHNEY WE SELL YOU BEAUTY PAGE FIVE I have known many who have tried to trap happiness by quitting useful work in order that they might have more leisure for amusement and pleasure. They suspect that they have missed the pleasant things of life because they have been busy. Nonsense! The loftiest thoughts, the sweetest sentiments, the spiciest humor flow out df the day's work. European art Two University nrofessors galleries, literary classics and pro- have Furman conceived the idea of addine a fessional funny men do not afford the whale to their collection spontaneous wit and repartee that are of mammals. They are said to have created in workshops, offices and cot- discovered that a whale exudes milk tages. when suddenly struck on the back. The weary, disillusioned, and rest The whale is to be "installed" at the less people are not the workers, butj school before the end of the semester, those idle individuals that one meets if possible. 1 one-eye- GRITTON DRY CLEANING with a writing Sap: I've been heavy leadpencil. Hint! He: Would you like to run around d fellah? with a She: No. He: Then let me carry that Phone 568 WHO WOULDN'T BE HAPPY? How come you're so " on shipsin capital cities and in pleasure resorts. The hardest, most wearisome task in the world is killing time. Most people who take vacations to rest up, return to their work all tired out. They are trying to buy happiness in job lots or by the gross, unmindful that laughter, eaietv and eood fellow ship flourish best where men and wo men are doing good work and are interested in it. If you don't find iov and real han- piness in your work, you are very likely not to find them at all. Adopted from "Bruahiner" Is sued by "Armco." 1VORTH READING BULLETIN Egad! Silly: At Iowa State a press dispatch says are baking 2 thousand cherry pies for hungry male students as part of the annual spring celebration. It's only a short time now till graduation, you know, and the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Iowa is a great practical state, you must admit WELCOME! . post-offi- that '1 O- - " - 21G E. MAIN K f "Him mmuiUHUiiiommr SOUTH LIME NEAR nnnniiiunnimnimmnminni.t VIHB BUHHr IBEIH LAIF aaawwuiiu n mim ntaggsa f