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8 > Image 8 of Kentucky farm and home science, vol. 7 No. 3 summer 1961

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Ha]f-br0ther Steers Used tobaccois unknown physical properties. Casadas work (C,,,,tim,ed from page 7) undertakes to supply these answers. w Silver Prince 194, a son of Real Silver Domino 203, (iasada has long list Of things he Wants to know' i also a Hereford Register of Merit sire standing 37th AS ic puts lt; We Wani to, End img all We can about 3 in the present alltime list of sires, is jointly owned by the _Pi*i Theii W? will describ? it SO that other *% the Animal Husbandry Department of the University eligmcers Visualize the plant mstaritly and get 3 _ of Kentucky and Mereworth Farm. He placed Hrst in picture of It ]ust from our terms. We can t do that'now, his class at Denver, Amarillo, and Ft. Worth shows becausii nobody hiis completly Worked out this Set A earlier this year. He is presently rated as one of the Of pliyslcaiipmprties vaius` very top Sens ef e Sire that eembmes Size, smoothness, This would be valuable. Scientific explanations, un- if W, and apparent meetinese He weighed 1,063 pounds at less based on standards, are laborious and difficult. ag (me veal. ef eee and seems te have the essential ehe1._ Thats why physicists have standard values for their i aeteristies ef em Outstanding beef She Complete Pep matcrialsso do chemists, biologists and pathologists, _ i formance testing and carcass evaluation of his progeny to iiaiiie ii fW Wiii fiiyiiish the tiiiswct tt, this qiiStiOii_ Casada is investigating, too, the taper of the stalk, It The University ef Kentucky Anime] Husbandry De_ its diameter, breaking point (when Hexed, crushed or T" partment expects to continue its search for superior s>d>, Piiysiciii qiiaiiiies Oi ieiii (to $@9 hvw much ` sircs using part ownership, artificial insemination, ioiice is iieqiiiied tO biiiiis Oi im` ith IMG of growth, ,_ fecdlot testing, complete carcass evaluation, and type Bia scores as the bases for a selective breeding program. Thii possibilities M6 1101m0uS. Casada does not More will bc heard about the results some two years emphasize this pOi11t but will admit he hopes he or H. iittiictt someone will find one iikey pointii physical measure- ment on the plant whereby it may be possible to pre- ** _ _ dict accurately the plantis height, number of leaves, KlllllCkY RSiIl`Ch RSUlt$ lll BI`lf and perhaps total potential yields. i (Confinrrzrrf from Page 3) , ., tific terms so other research workers can save time ii Q ii ii i, .A trying to find out the same things. RESEARCH ON CATTLE BLOAT ii For instance: The department has been working on TURNS UP POSSIBLE CULPRITS Nil a mechanical tobacco harvester for several years. This liesearch by U. K. Agricultural Experiment Station ~- machine (now in the pilot stage) feeds tobacco dairymen on causes of bloat has turned up a couple through an endless belt affair at one point, and splits of substances which, when in combination, contribute the stalk to rcccivc thc holding stick. to this distressing and dangerous condition in cattle. ` The first work was trial and error, simply because D. R. iacobson, dairy researcher, says the substances ,; the cnginccrs had no accurate information on how are glucose and Ladino clover extract (juice). These V much pressure a stalk could take, how much force was two, when combined in the laboratory and added to nccd