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Image 3 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1986, no. 3

Part of Kentucky alumnus

T 986-3 C O N T E N T S. kc Er`} // R "W I _I ’ S I / l \» ‘ A L u M N u COVER `T Deahng w1th L1fe 1n a Shar1ng Way l It is possible with todo ’s medical knowled e and skill to leave . '|986 OFFICERS _ 9 someone a chance at living through organ transplants. I PRESIDENT G. David Ravencraft '5B . R t ,V . I pRE§§§.ZT.§`LECT The Transplant Team V J. Thomas Tucker , _ _ . ghetbyvrite 56 UK s renal transplant team focuses on the patient to increase i TREASURER chances fora successful operation. I l Mrs. Joe F. Morris '38 l Lexington SECRETARY . . t icy Bmmtietd was No Ord1nary G1ft: The Story of a V Lexington · ASSOCIATION smrr. Corneal Transplant ; DIRECTOR . J¤v Brumlield '48 Most corneas donated to the UK-Lexington Lions Eye Bank are \ 2 L A5SOC'ATE_D'RE(?TOR used in transplants but 3,000 to 5,000 Americans are still I , Bob C. Whitaker 58 T i t EDITOR wai Ing. T ` Liz Howard Demoran *68 t CQEQQEQEQQR When Research Is Apphed A A Adu Déiilfgd ,39 Research at UK is improving the success rate of bone marrow \ Bmdc Bm transplants as a technique for treating certain cancers. I Julia Brothers Linda Brumfield M ‘ C b ELTLZIIIZL Y Leave Someone a Tomorrow 6 A I` G C¤rll;Tyit Oflllllh Gary MacShara Sees Again; Mary Charles Gets a Second \ Ruby ’·l<¤rdi¤ "Second Chance"; The lrvvins Make a Legal Difference. I Ennis Johnson Betty VV. Nelson ’52 ART DIRECTION , . f eimwebei New D1f€Ct10HS l Designs % · The Chandler Medical Center is makin trans lants available to Q P ¢ Central and Eastern Kentucky. I ISN O732-6297 _ The Kentucky Alumnus is ubli h d u rl b h @...;.2..2tz;z.:..;tts.... UK Beat ‘ Association, 400 Rose Street, I §;"cf}i;?;g$;_é’2_if;f;2:Sl°i l°' A compendium of campus news. I i Opinions expressed in The Kentucky Alumnus gre; not i necessarily those o t e T B:·r$;.‘t.i1.E;22;z;;#I°* Class Notes ` Postmaster: Forwarding and E address correction requested. ‘ ; Send to The Kentucky Alumnus, Q UK Alumni Association, _ I Lexington, KY 40506. K UK I