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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1986, no. 3

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l t l " l i , Architecture Feotured in ltoly Supercomputer Network Business College Internotioncil u 'Q - _ W _ ) Because UK is one of 21 universities se- The University of Kentuckys College ` 1 ,, lected by Ch National Science Founda- of Business and Economics will broaden Q i in I it tion to participate in the SURAnet its international scope under a $60,000 - i computer network, UKs researchers grant from the U.S. Department of Ed- .. - :_ _ will have direct access to many of ucation. t it F the nati0ns most powerful super- The grant will help establish student Y 1 tr .3* computers. SURAnet is a 12state com- internships and faculty exchange pro- l e ` l r rt QT puter 1'1tW01`l< being set up at major grams with private companies and uni- a { V, `i i state universities by the Southeastern yersities in Europe and Asia, said " V; Universities Research Association. It is Dean Richard Furst_ It , ii i the first network in the NSF national The UK College will also develop a " 1 ` it ` SupfCOH1pUt1` network. It will l>r1iit major international trade seminar in co- Z' , __ UK in two principal ways: It will make operation with the U.S. Department of Ye ` 0ut0r$t&te $i1Per0rr1Pier$ rridre &$ Commerce and the First National Bank i sible to UK faculty and will provide ad- gf Louisville l- ditional uses for UKs own proposed Furst called the grant an important 7_ jj Anthony Eordley . . . , . 1 _ _ _ SUPr0mP11tr which Was approved by step toward realizing the college s goal h .1 The heheh architecture Journal, Pam` the 1986 Geherei AsSemhiY SuPereom of internationalizing the academic pro- > t tt" itetiittti the utiiYtrstY er Keir puters sehereiiy eue used fer highly grams for its approximately 3,200 tio- g. tucky College of Architecture in its coinnlicatcd "numhci~orunohing" dcrgraduarc and graduatc srudcnm ir ,t August issue The imemenoneuY`re` Prohiems reduirmg huge humhers ef Recently, the college established the Ve ` speereulourneu featured students, Worlo &lul3ii0riS SeVer&i UK raeuitY are Center for International Business Stud- l it tiiscussitm er the otiiicgtis teething peyius ie use supereemputers iu ether ies, with Professor corr Harvey os oi- i' PhiiosoPhY= and an inuioeluetory ertieie States- Ofheiels hepe UKs suPer rector. Two MBA students spent the Vi l by erehiteeture dean Anthony Eereuelh Computer will he Oh erder withiu ti Year spring semester working for Seimens n V The issue contains text in both English and opcrational by the 1988-89 aes- Corn in Munich, Wcst Gcrmanyc In ls 1 arid italian- demic year. Other colleges and univer- addition, a faculty cxchangc program *e T "itS tt distinct iitiiitirfi Eaitiiey saith sities iu Keutueky will have seeess te with the Economics University or Vien- 2 adding that he reels UK Wes selected sURAuet bY eohheetirig te UK UK)s na, Austria, has been established and e` ii "heeeuse We heye Something te sey" suPereomPuter also Wiii he used hY the negotiations for a similar program with 1S UK is Only the third American seheel te higher education, research and business thc Uniycysity of Munich arc taking y. 1 be featured in the journal. (The Ken- cornmunitics in thc State njacc_ 1e in tucky Alumnus featured the college in its Furst and Brint Miiward) director Of r' l Wihier i98o"8o issue) the Center for Business and Economic i' i The UK erehiteeture Program Puts 3 Research, visited japan and China in 1 sueus emphasis eu the histery sud the- October to begin discussions for eooi- k- _ ory of the craft, as well as the applica- tional working relationships with uni- h 5 tiohs E?irdieY saYs _ _ _ versities in those countries. ir The dean said the issue contains illus- 1g 1 trations of student work, with the text id discussing the approach the students a and instructors took toward each partic- ` ular project. The "high degree of autonomy" giv- en to UK architecture professors, and the resultant diversity of work, im- pressed the editors of the journal, i Eardley said. Visiting professors from Europe also have been impressed with 1 the quality of the UK program and ` have helped build the schools interna- , tional reputation, he said. 1 UK 3 I