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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1986, no. 3

Part of Kentucky alumnus

J I. l gz service to central and Eastern Kentucky giving the people in is these areas (as well as others throughout the state and country) f the opportunity to overcome some of lifes severest health I problems. The UK Hospital does corneal, kidney and bone { marrow transplants. Soon it will also do heartlung and pancreatic transplants, procedures that are very limited in T1 availability throughout the country. YS p Also supporting these transplant programs are the researchers associated with UK and the UK Medical Center. Basic and applied research, such as Dr. john Thompsons work Y- I with monoclonal antibodies, not only advances the success rate of transplants performed at UK, but also contributes to elevating I the success rates and advancing the frontiers of Ly Il research at every hospital and in every _ research setting throughout the country. _] It is our hope that if you have never Oi """'"*"""*"f" _ V _ H In the hope Ihut I muy help others, I hereby make this nI0mcI gift, nf I considered the question of organ transplants [,gij1K{,,j;$i;;bj;;,';Q?""*""""'**""*""'""" l that you will do so now. As you read the rest of *9*%;; gg;Q;;1;;{,*;;?,;";j;g;;;;,,,,,,, lis this issue, ask yourself where you belong on this issue _ _ _ What you or somoouo you rome purposes orermpauneueaon, megipy, mama rmmh ureducueam I love needs a transplant? Will you sign the bdYirniMmdy`f"EdEd L donor card and carry it? Will you contribute and lend your support to this mission of the _ ___*_ " _*_ "` 2 UHiVI`SilZy? iiiiiiiiimiigliiiiiiiiiii ..... .l.,... ... my ...- q;.M, pt fl You decide. N""'*" ' LC 2 -Liz Demoran UK 7