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[219] > Image [219] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1991-05-jun18.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Office of the June 18, 1991 President FCA 1 Members, Board of Trustees: ACCEPTANCE OF GIFT FOR NICHOLAS J. PISACANO, M.D. CHAIR IN FAMILY PRACTICE Recommendation: that the Board of Trustees accept the gift of $780,840.34 from an anonymous donor to the University of Kentucky for the College of Medicine Department of Family Practice. Background: An anonymous donor contributed a gift of $780,840.34 to the College of Medicine to complete the funding for an endowed chair in the Department of Family Practice in memory of Dr. Nicholas J. Pisacano. This Chair will be known as the Nicholas J. Pisacano, M.D. Chair in Family Practice as a tribute to Dr. Pisacano's outstanding contributions to the teaching and medical professions. Fundraising efforts to endow a chair in the Department of Family Practice were begun in May, 1982 by the Kentucky Academy of Family Physicians. After Dr. Pisacano's death, the American Board of Family Practice provided funding for a fundraising program that resulted in gifts from friends and family physicians from all over the nation. The balance in the endowment is $1,005,928.13. It is an honor to recommend establishment of this chair as a permanent tribute to an esteemed friend and colleague of the University of Kentucky and the Chandler Medical Center. Action taken: Approved _ _ Date: June 18, 1991. Disapproved_ Other