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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky farm and home science, vol. 4 No. 3 summer 1958

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Y 1 average for Lexi11gto11 i1l1(l was 3.67 inches less than were placed 011 pasture. Daily and total gains of lambs 11011113.1 (1ll1`11`1g tl1e same l1]Ol1tl]S i11 1952. Irrigated 011 fertilized pastures, especially those pastures 1lOt * pastures received 21 and 15 inches of SllppllHlltk1l irrigated, were, therefore, relatively low during 1954. 11 water i11 1951 a11d 1952, respectively. In other words, the beneficial effects of early spring Good-to-choice Hereford steers were used to graze t*`*`****Z******** Wete ***`g*} **g?~ttt that $9350N by ttttt < tl1e pastures. Average initial weights of tl1e steers were 1)**0* ****t***f%*****t *mP0$d - hw approximately 6()() 1)OllIl(lS in 1951 and 675 pounds i11 St*******e** '***`***$ t` tt $6**0**8 P1`0t>tm ON *1`1'tg%ittt " 1952 pastures during tl1e third grazing season V1l tl10llgll "-* Cmrying capacity of tllc pastures, liveweight gains recommendedp practices witl1 respect to drenching 1,,. PGI acre and Calculated total digestible nutrients per and tl1e 11se of a phe11otl1iazine-salt mixture were fol- acm Wem increased by m_igati0u' Except fm. the lowed. \Vorms caused tl1e death of nine sheep on A - animals grazing the HO f1_tiHZl__m) mseedjug t1.at_ irrrgated pastures but 110llG was lost 011 pastures not ' V " me11t, the daily gain per steer was lower 011 the ir- m-1gatd _ Mx rigated pastures tl1an on the non-irrigated ones. Tl1e frmm 1953 t***`O*t**_ 1955 kellteeky b***eg*`**Ss was . ~ Ovepall averages for iuigated pastures, expressed as 3 vutually the only desirable species present in the non- , Percentage Of ,,On_i,.,.igm1Cd pastures (100 Percent) irrigated pastures. Onthe other hand, white clover . xv were: steer days per acre, 148; daily gai11 per steer, 91; \Vl3l*)fV?leIff 1** the ffugated lmstufee Ll**de* *h_e . tom] hveweight gain PQI acm, 138; Calculated -I-D_N conc 1l10l]b existing during the- second phase of tl11s ~>i per acre, 146 percent. l);`*m;t t;1ltftll1Ze;S apphepl ieeinfed to depress TG _ row 1 o c over in 16 11'I'1g21 ec pas Ll1`GS. *i Experiment Redesigned >, k. The experiment was redesigned after the 1952 graz , . . i11g season to provide two replications. During the what S Happelllllg to Nclghborhoods? ft period 1953-55 the effects of irrigation were studied Kimmmmi fm"] page 3) s.,; o11 fertilized and 11on-fertilized pastures. Precipitation SUNW m*} hV m<>veu1 the farm and . 4 ing 1953` 1954 um] 1g55_ I-Sp1iC1jV]y_ Du,-jug this moved to places outside the survey areas. period the fertilized pastures were top-dressed each ThI`t is littlv t11 115 te Wh) 0\Vl1\VV1'. it may be l 47* muriate of potash once. The average yearly applica- h)1>0tl1eSized that they moved i11 order to obtain n at tio11 per acre amounted to 175 pounds actual nitrogen better farm. or a more desirable place for retirement. . *50 PO il1*< * S K=O _ i what Kinds of =.......s em? . Dlittilg t** $C0**t* 1)****** at ***e eXPe*`****e**t e***** Another question concerns the comparison of the g fornia Hampshire-Piambouillet ewe lambs were 11sed m,wC0,m,,.S with thc Old ,.(,Sid(,HtS_ Groups A (Old ,` _ tm gt*Z***g AVe*`t*e *2****b E-*t****S *** P*****l**S Per **e*`e residents) and C (newcomers) were alike with regard for the three Ye***`S~ bY t*`e*ltme**t were **5 **)**0***; **"** to education. improved practice rating, income. work ** ti- *1`i'*g?~tt* and ****te*`t***Ze** 198: ***)**'l*`*`*g***e(* but fe*`t**` done off the farm. size of family, participation in social V p, iZd_287; **`*`*gt*te** ****** *****e*`t***Ze** 412: 9**** **`*`*g**te** organizations. and number of friends. The two groups and fertilized. 450 pounds. Expressed on a percentage (1i[1(,,.(,(1_ 1m,t,\,(_,,._ in ,.1,51;,1.11 to age <,wWcmm_,.S W(_l.1_ T * t>$t$ th'? 3}t`***` **Ve*`**gt` P*`******e***** et ***`Y *****t*e*` at younger), socio-economic status (newcomers had F1 Pt$tt**'*`$ *`eCe*V***l4 (1) **0 t*`e******e**t *e*`t*l*Ze*.~ lower statuses). and tenure. For the newcomers. 36 l*`f*gttt*O'* and fertilizer Plus *'Tlg**t*** was percent were tenants as compared with 10 percent of 100. 211. 248 and 306 percent respectively. In the 11,1,01d1.(,Si(1(,,ltS_ I', same order. the relative liveweight gains per acre were AS to 80,,,.u,S or {Mm m{:(,mmti(m uscdp thc m_w_ . 1*)*)- ***5 208 ****** 227 Pe*`ee**t ****** the e'e****Y$ at comers were similar to the permanent residents in the ," gmzmg Pe]. we were 100 169* 229 end 250 Pe*`ee**t use of the newspaper. radio. salesmen, experiment sta- 4,, Owing tt) hit? U`*`*\`i** **ttllt`liU*1l7$ 01 1954- hl<}l1`HSS tion. farm magazines. and friends as sources of in- 1 in the fertilized pastures was heading when the sheep ((;,,,,,i,,,,,.,] M, Img, 8) <, K1;xr11c:xr l`x1ix1 .-xxn lloxuc S(1llXN(IllSL'Xlfxllilt 1958 T