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3 > Image 3 of The Idea of University of Kentucky, Vol. 7, No. 22, February 25, 1915

Part of The Idea

- t1 - I I I turned from llonlson. _ _ University, Sackvillm N. ll., contrlhut The lmskct hull tzlrls Is-nw- Pr . 8 ed H20 to the Belgian relief, for l.oulsvlll ihi they play . --- At half time during the lh 4 l l' lr.lt_ fl. ' `ll l J et! I`1C\1ltL1I`&l et! esl "*"' " * ***~ 0* * PI l "` '`' '`' '. rnct-ton football game at Harvard Misses Mnruuritt >li.v.-nrs i. l mmmmm appointed by the Southern the Mens Association took a roller- Fnrolxn l.utkvnthing donated hy the fac- l ll. Kennedy. Kennedy is a Senior in \\ cannot help feeling elated overi MTHM y 8 0:t `l d { P f NNY and llll _1-k-*____ studentslenterlng the; Univszrsgty after forth; also E bird. The Bun burst mm The proceeds of one large Rugby game UKCEPT SAURDAVS y_ lll; "fs*=0*;r$;s0s;;:ttT; im r of a I radiance, the bird into song. My high- also went for relief work. I TllRKISH_SHOWER&pLAlN lt . - Bs I u Q M ly strung poetlcal nature was touched ___ .__,,,_______. ;_ G ,0 lstudent to complete and file wlth the by mgprmuon and gave muh the for | 4 | | Q | Q + | Q O Q 4 I O | ,, Bhlntn lg t anosr trl t l tt _ V Great interest was manifested in the Hsslslmr his Second Semester classs lowing tcnder and beautflul spring * #___W_ ____ winter sale of horses conducted at "stl" bsfms the M0"` f the mst thoughts, which l pass on for me ben-IA * * " * * '* ' ' s' awk"., pouch, Ppgpplgfurg 'Fattersalls all last week. A large ssmestsls clit of humanity: number of our students were able to A conditioned student must pa) an I Mrs. George Lewis, of Franklin, is, : {tend the sales, due to the courtesy his of $100 pm. semester for each com , Oh, dear and lovely springtime, A ms guest f hs" dsughtsn Miss Amis'! 107 South lg-LmI:|: gif':} k - .. - ' o on rr their instructors in amusing them dition turiied over from the previousl when the trees begin w bud, lthis week, ` Opposite tczxlngtxr: XKY . * I ' vom classes. llsms _ _ _ ,And the little flowers are peeping Miss Jsssls Fl"ss` was ms guest l FIRSTCLASS WORK GUARANTEED A great many high class animals A fee or $_"'00 for admission to en`; l~rom beneath their winter cud, f rslsuvss ln Cymhlsns last wsskw ..._ ....;.. -.- A ` 9|' sold, and 8,8 8316 OCCLITB trunve Qxamlllations after the regular; duds, jlld, mud, pud, tl cant null end. l MQ the Gam. at may once is year, it was an opportun- ""* ""*" 3 tt-md to rhyme with bud!) Miss Clara Chambers was the guest r , i y for our students to see some fine All students wh have not upon msi f Miss Elsls Hsllsr last 'k S " l :pecimens of horse flesh. l"`m Of lll? s";ge ;rAHtfin$l;u(;:,tr: When you see the golden sunshine sllss Tl""ls "`klm Istullsfgjir when all is wen md G00D_ _ ___ ___ ____ .nIl cntrnnte wor . u. ee 0 0. R, waking up me dormant me. town, is ;t xlsltoi nt the la >i ` ~ A H. F. s""'sts' ].~\lltl old lather Winter running 'k lHot Chocolate, Candy and lcs After ten days at fee of $2.00 lu, To mum me Coming mm knife. rmx Miss llslon .\gnw has ret-oitrcd __, ____ ,__ g g_ W___..-,,___ . - clnnigc from one college to another, I. yl-Um X Mtuck of appr-lltlltltls_ _ ` _ t __ I \\lI't, (Wife? Help!) lll tr ` . I ' 'lhe splendid record of H. l. Hryunt und a tee of titty tents for each change Miss [mlm Hurblson is visiting Miss ' V in acqultting himself so credltably ini in class. REGISTRAR. lwhen they Bay a young mans fancy lMyldrr,d Taylor this week r I ~ DEN"['[S'[' 1 --_t_>wd A ` R A ss M Mr MV MMR R A*wArM"4 Gently turns to thoughts of love: l Misses Elizabeth Booker and mma-I McClelland Blludillf ` ` ' _-"- beth Moore hav'? NUll'1P(l frmll il'---;"* 2 _ sb y lAnd he sees his dearest darling _ l { Lexington 8 B88t Store i Coming to return his dove Jove, visit in Louisville. GO TO *y' i i I above, glove.