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[34] > Image [34] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2002-09-oct29.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

PR 5 Office of the President October 29, 2002 Members, Board of Trustees: APPOINTMENT OF PROVOST Recommendation: that the Board of Trustees approve the appointment of Dr. Michael T. Nietzel as Provost, effective November 1, 2002. Background: When President Todd assumed office on July 1, 2001, he reorganized the University and created the position of Provost. He appointed Dr. Nietzel as Acting Provost. A committee was appointed last summer to identify and recommend qualified applicants for the permanent position of Provost. The committee included deans, a student, a faculty member recommended by the head of the Women's Commission and two faculty members named by the Faculty Senate Council. The search committee considered 37 candidates who were either nominated or applied for the position. The committee stated that the pool was broad and diverse in terms of race, ethnicity and gender. It also represented a strong mix of professional backgrounds, including current provosts, deans and vice presidents at other universities. The committee unanimously agreed to submit seven names to the President, four of which they stated stand out from the pool of applicants. In submitting the recommendations, the Advisory Committee asked the President to consider an appointment from these candidates. The committee noted that it was their unanimous belief that the University would be best served by the President making a decision at this point in the process. After a review of the recommended candidates' credentials and careful consideration, the President determined that Dr. Nietzel is the most qualified candidate for the Provost position. In addition, the President noted Dr. Nietzel's long service to the University, his intimate knowledge of the institution, and his high standing with his peers on the campus, all of which make him the right person at the right time to serve as the academic leader of this University. Dr. Nietzel began his career at the University of Kentucky in 1973 as an instructor in the Department of Psychology. In 1976, he was appointed Director of the Clinical Psychology Training Program. In 1987, he was named Acting Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Psychology and in 1988 was named Associate Director of Graduate Studies. From 1991 to 1997, Dr. Nietzel served as Chair of the Department of Psychology. He was named Dean of the Graduate School for the University of Kentucky in 1997 and served as Dean until 2001 when he was appointed Acting Provost.