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The Kentucky Kernel, November 17, 1922

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

The Kentucky Kernel UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY VOL. XIII LEXINGTON, KY., NOVEMBER 17, 1922 No. 9 KITTENS OBTAIN REVENGE CRIMSONS OF ALABAMA MEETING OF AMERICAN FROM CENTRE FROSH BY MAKE FIRST APPEARANCE ENGINEER ASSOCIATION AGAINST CATS SATURDAY HELD Dope Favors Kentucky to Win by Touchdown in Week-En- d Scrap Great Aid Shown Toward Engineering Graduates in Obtaining Good Positions. GOOD TEAM WORK SHOWN TEAM IN GOOD CONDITION MEMBERSHIP Both Elevens Fight on Even Terms in First Half; Tide Turns in Second Hollowell Will Again Hold Down End Position, While Brewer May Be in Backfield. Big Meeting Planned for Thursday Night, Nov. 23, Refreshments Served The Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama will make its initial appearance on Stoll Field Saturday when the Crimson eleven will furnish opposition for the Cats. As this is the first showing of the southerners on the local field no past scores can be avenged and the scrap will hinge on the desires of each team to win the opening contest between the two institutions. To those who predict the results of gridiron battles by advance dope the Cats will enter the scrap as favorites to win by one touchdown. As and Alabama fought a 7 tie and the Cats handed the Tigers a 0 trouncing; but the initiated who do not entirely depend on the previous scores of the scrap seem more complicated. Alabama defeated Penn. after the Quakers had defeated the Purp'les 27-- 0 The Wildcats, how ever, are not paying any attention to dope and while not overconfident will enter the scrap with solid determina tion to win and with the fighting Kentucky spirit that is not to be de nied. Chuck Rice, who was expected not to play against the Crimson, will not be able to don the moleskins for the contest, and Hollowell who has filled his position admirably will again get the call for the end position. With the exception of Russell, who suffered an injured hand in the Vandy scrap, but will play Saturday, the (Continued on page 5) The Universit' of Kentucky Chapter of the American Association of Engineers held its initial meeting of the year on Wednesday, Nov. 8. The following officers were elected fdr the year 1922-2H. L. Royden '23, president; R. E. Clark, '24, M. Alperin '23, secretary. C. S. Tucker, '25, was appointed by the preident to be chairman of the refreshment committee. The other necessary committees will be named later. The attention of the new men in the College of Engineering is called particularly to the following explanation of what the A. A. E. really represents and stands for: The American Association of Engineers is an. engineering society. Its membership to date is well over the 20,000 mark. The reason for its rapid growth is because it stands for everything that will benefit engineers. At the present time the society has chapters in every state in the Union, Alaska and Honolulu. A. A. E. stands for higher ideals in engineering, creates opportunities for the individual, and makes engineers professional men. Membership in the A. A. E. insures an engineer a postion at any time. The employment bureau is placing on the average 300 men a month in positions. An outstanding feature of the society is the fact that it is inducing engineers to enter public life. It advocates engineers for public office and gains universal recognition of the valuable services an engineer can render in public affairs. It is planned by the officers to have a big meeting for engineers on Thursday night, Nov. 23. Refreshments will be served, a good program is assured and all engineering students are invited to attend and partake of the hospitality of the A. A. E. Further notice of this event will lie given later. K GRAND SCORE OF 19 TOO Win First Victory Over Centre Eleven Since 1916; See Game. 3,000 Last Saturday was the first time that a football team representing Cen- "f tre College has been defeated on Stoll Field since 1916. This occurred when the Kentucky Kittens defeated the Centre College Lieutenants by a score of 19 to 0. The game was more than ordinarily interesting as it was not until the third quarter that the Kittens made their first touchdown. During the entire game the team worked as a unit and this fact more ii i' l the Lieutenants. tens did it: n.f jri. This is how the r Kit- First Quarter "r The Kittens kicked off to the Lieutenants who brought the ball back to the 30 yard line. Centre was then penalized five yards and IS yards for being off side and for holding. Centre kicked to the Kittens. A seres of line plunges by Evans and Kirwan gained ground for Kentucky. The Freshmen were forced to kick, and on the next play Summers made a 20 yard gain. Centre then Jumbled and King recovered but due to penalties the Kittens did not make first down. The Freshmen then kicked to Centre who tried a series of line plunges that failed to gain. They then kicked to the Kittens. Evans then made a 35 yard run around left end. A pass from Evans to Kirwan gained 10 more yards. A series of plunges by Tracy, Kirwan and Evans netted only nine yards. The ball went over to Centre. End of first quarter. Score, Ken tucky 0, Centre 0. Second Quarter Centre made 12 yards thru the line and was then held for downs and forced to kick to the Kittens who failed to gain. The Lieutenants then gained 35 yards on a forward pass and then tried to place kick a goal but failed. The Kittens kicked to Centre who returned the ball after failing to gain through the line. A pass from Kirwan to Evans gained 30 yards. Three other passes failed, and the ball went over to Centre, who could not gain through the line. End of the first half. Score, Kentucky 0, Centre 0. Third Quarter Centre kicked to the Kittens. Evans received the ball and han 50 yards before he was tackled. Centre then intercepted a forward pass, but failed to gain. As a result the ball changed hands. Two line plunges by Evans netted 23 yards. A series of line plunges by Captain Kirwan made the first touchdown. Score, Kentucky 0, Centre 0. The Kittens kicked to the Lieutenants. A fumble on the second down was recovered by King who ran 20 yards and made the extra point from placement. Score Kentucky 13, Cen- tre 0. The Kittens again kicked to the Lieutenants who were held for downs. End of the third quarter. Evans made 30 yards around left end. A series of line bucks by Captain Kirwan netted 21 yards, but lack- (Continued on page 5) KIRWAN Al Kirwan, product of Louisville Male High, is captain and fullback of the Freshman eleven. He is a player of great ability, hitting the line, skirting the ends and passing with equal effectiveness. He was one of performers in last the outstanding week's Yearling battle with Centre and was one of the main cogs in the Kitten machine. M'VEY CHOSEN HEAD OF UNIVERSITYJSSOCIATION Educational Body Confers High Honor on President of University President Frank L. McVey, of the University, was elected president of the National Association of State Universities at a meeting of that body Other in Washington last Tuesday. officers chosen were David Kinsly, president of the University of IlliHarry W. Chase, nois, president of the Unversity of North Carolina, secretary-treasureDr. McVey before his election to the presidency was secretary-treasurof the organization, and his promotion is undoubtedly the result of his ability and standing among the leading educators of the country. His selection as the head of America's leading educational body, besides adding additional laurels to Dr. McVey, begreat stows upon the University honor. GIRL SCOUT LEADERSHIP CLASS TO BE HELD SOON r. K MUSIC DEPARTMENT NOTES The members of the Men's Glee Club met last Sunday afternoon to discuss their plans for this year. Another meeting will be held Sunday, November 18, when Professor Lam-pewill outline in full the work for the year. Competition among the members is high since only 16 will be taken on the trips which are being planned. rt K Last year the girls of Patterson Hall and the other dormitories made $80, by dressing Christmas dolls for sale at the Y. W. bazaar, which they gave to the Near East fund for the support of an orphan. This year sandwich sales are being held in each of the dormitories every Thursday night at 10 o'clock for the benefit of the Near East. Eat that they may cat. mffmmlffmjKjlmj Principles of Directing Local Clubs to Be Taught by Miss Haney. Plans are being completed for a p course in training for Girl Scout to be given on the campus November 27 to December 9 under the auspices of the Women's Athletic Association and the direction of Physical Miss ElizaEducation Department. beth Haney, national community and educational worker, will have charge of the work here. This movement opens to the college girl a new and steadily growing proe fession in the or whole-tim- e career of a Girl Scout director or assistant. Leaders in charge of the local organizations are needed in growing numbers. These positions pay good salaries and compare favorably with teaching and other lines of social service in the advantages and interest of the work. In addition the course will be found of benefit itself to girls intending to enter constructive community work in any of its phases. Credit in the Physical Education Department will probably be given to the University girls completing the course. lead-ersi- part-tim- (Continued on page 5) mi iiiiW'ii..n .' J HERjfVEMBER 8 OVER 20,000 Get-togeth- er EVANS John Evans, hailing from Martin's Ferry, Ohio, and picked as High School quarter last year, is the Yearling pilot. His speed in action gives some foundation for the term flash. Evans is a wonder in snagging passes and rarely ever misses any forwards that come his way. All-Oh- 'DAD'S DAY ASIDE AT U WILL BE SET OF K CAMPOS of Every Student Urged to be Present Nov ember 25. Fathers is In honor of the fathers of the University of Kentucky students, November ?i, the day of the University of Tennessee-KentuckFreshman clash on Soll Field, has been set aside as "Dad's Day." In all the large Universities it is customary to appoint one day in the year when the fathers of all students who can find it possible come to the college where their son or daughter is in school and there, cele brate the day. It is well to hold "Dad's Day" at the time$3f some athletic contest because in every man there is the love of prowess and strength and a certain amount of hero worship. The Freshman game promises to be the most interesting of the year. Volunteer Freshmen have defeated both the Baby Tigers and the infant Commodores. This game will undoubtedly settle the question of the championship of the South and we are looking to our Kittens to bring home the victory. This is the first time that the University has recognized the custom of observing "Dad's Day" and it is the purpose of the promoters of the movement to make it a success and have the "dad" of every student who can possibly come to be present for the day and for the game. Many of the fraternities will entertain and they are planning to make it a one hundred per cent "Dad's Day." y K W. D. Funkhouser, head of the department of Zoology, happened to a very painful accident Monday afternoon while practicing with the Rotary Club for the inter-clufootball game to be played Friday afternoon. picture of the injury showed An split cartilage and torn ligaments at the knee. b mmmwmmwm'w'-- ' well-payi- NOTICE! The group pictures of the following organizations have been received by the "Kentuckian:" Senior Engineers, Junior Engineers, Sophomore', Engineers, Freshmen Engineers; Pan Hellenic Agriculture Society, Hoof and Horn Club, National Stock Judging Team, National Dairy Judging Team, Home Economics Club, Philosophian Literary Society, English Club, Henry Clay Law Society, Romance Language Club, Radio Club, Catholic Club, Junior Class, Patterson Literary Society, Rafiusesque Botany Club, Pre. Medical Society.. Presidents of the above organizations are requested to come to the "Kentuckian" office and arrange for the placement of pictures and page, names of officers or r of organization and such at once. JOHN WHITAKER, Campus Club Editor ros-te- msmwrv